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Epic feeling shit thread

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post stuff that makes you feel energized or inspired. dosent matter if its wierd or somthing that only you find gives you that feel.
shit that sends chills through you or triggers Adrenalin. can be anything as long as it is energizing stuff
>Inb4 Hitler_speech_full.webm
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Nicki minaj thread?
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Let's play a game, /gif/.

Name something to do with bdsm/torture, and I'll try find a webm of it.

>Only legal. Only girls. Sauce is in the file name.
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cool/creepy/weird sounds pls
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Fat Asian Thread

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FAT #13

All kinds of overweight Asian girls are welcome itt. JAV idols, cosplayers, amateurs. Fat, sort of fat, very fat. It's all here
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hentai webm's / gifs

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Let's get a spit roast thread going

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throatrape thread, especially with the girl tearing up/crying
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Sexy Music Videos

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Seeing as how Iggy Azalea just released a video yesterday with a lot of ass shaking and showcasing of her big hips; I thought I'd start a thread for this.
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