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Anal where the girl does the work

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Not just any anal thread, this is the thread for girls doing all the work with a dick up their ass. You know, all the Abella Anderson's, Krissy Lynn's, and Luna Starr's of this world.

Bonus points for:
>mounted dildos

There shouldn't be a single girl bent over with a dude doing all the plowing in this entire thread thread.
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Really hot Javs

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The Single Hottest Thing You've Ever Seen

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it was fun let's do it again
robbers robbing
bullies bullying
cops... you know what they do
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Blue haired girl

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Let's see what you got on this rare specie
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Black On Black

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black women and black men
bonus points for anal
bonus points x2 for femdom
bonus points x3 for femdom without anal
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MMF gifs that make you want to suck cock

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> Be me
> Match hot blonde on Tinder two miles away
> Says hi to me first :O
> Says she has bf so is being discreet but fools around occasionally with bi male friend
> Wants to meet up that night. Holy shit
> Me unsure if hard cock means straight or not
> She is a real smokeshow
> Creep her on FB with first name and occupation
> Sure enough real grill
> Ask for pics to prove is actually real
> She emails me pics with her and him doggy style
> Still not sure if real but want to fuck bad noe
> Be me and ask if I can just Eiffel tower her with him
> She says I have to help with blowjob and lick him clean, cum swap etc
> Be me again, man up and shave pubes. March to car with strong resolve
> "Do it for the pussy"
> Show up at his place
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Webms that make you want to eat cum
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Let's have one for the slow, close-up and intimate blowjobs. Because deepthroats are boring and facials are pointless.
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The Cowgirl

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Lets see them girl work.

>No interracial
>Preferably normal, not reverse
>Preferably girl-next-door types, none of that fake plastic doll looking girls
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