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Who was the greatest evil during WWII? Britain, America, or the USSR?

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Which nation was the perpetrator of the most heinous acts again peace and humanity during the Second World War?

For me it’s Britain. In 1939 the UK declared war on Germany completely unprovoked (citing a duty to “protect” a manufactured Polish state created after WWI, a state which no longer existed). After being soundly defeated and driven into the Atlantic Ocean, Britain AGAIN refused to entire negotiations for peace in the war they themselves started, even going as far as to imprison Rudolf Hess, a civilian government peace emissary who traveled in good faith to try and end the war.

Britain proceeded to fund all manner of terrorists, partisans, cutthroats, and mass murderers all over Europe (in violation of the Geneva Convention), to wreak havoc on the peaceful people of Europe and German peacekeeping forces.

It gets even WORSE.. The RAF, not content to simply terrorize innocent people by proxy, began firebombing cities and towns throughout Germany, even destroying Dresden, the most beautiful city on earth, and murdering uncountable numbers of women and children for seemingly no reason other than to tickle the fancy of their obese dictator Winston Churchill. I know that the USSR is often considered the most evil nation during the second world war, but I believe that England is responsible for the most extreme and senseless acts of barbarity relative to its small size.

What do you think?
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America belongs to the Queen

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Say something nice about HM The Queen

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Pic related was taken at age 17.
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Well, my father was a mechanic, his father was a mechanic, my mother's father was a mechanic, my three brothers are mechanics, four uncles on my father's side are mechanics; and if Popular Mechanics say so; "It's a fact."

Mona Lisa
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this was one of the hilarious moments in history. lol
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NAZIES GTFIH Im debating a holocaust truther

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Share the best info/points to disprove the holohoax fairytale
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Why is chink history so fucking crazy and entertaining compared to other countries? Or am I just a chinkaboo?

Also any good documentaries on the Taiping Rebellion?
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The defeat of the Indo-Europeans

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As many of you may know the Indo-European invaders replaced most indigeneous European paternal haplogroups in Continental Europe with that of their own. Some exceptions were places like Scandinavia, Finland, Greece and the Balkans.

Under what circumstances were I1 and N1c males able to avoid going extinct and instead managing to breed the Indo-European women as evidenced by their very high maternal steppe admixture? How does one actually fight the Indo-Europeans? Or was this done peacefully?
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Manchu women of the late Qing court and their Han Chinese eunuchs

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The Qing dynasty was ruled three Manchu women, Empress Dowager Ci'an, Empress Dowager Cixi and Emress Dowager Longyu from 1861-1912.

The last two Manchu Empress Dowagers, Princesses and female attendants commissioned these photos showing them with their Han Chinese eunuch slaves. All the boys and men in these photos were Han eunuchs and the women were mostly Manchu. Some of the named women were Empress Dowager Cixi, Empress Longyu, Fourth Princess (Yikuang, Prince Qing's daughter), Yuanda Nainai, Junshou, Rongling, Deling.

Qing dynastic law said that eunuchs must be Han (non-banner), palace maids must be Manchu or Mongol banner, while concubines and Empresses must be Manchu Mongol banner or Han Banner.

These Manchu Empress Dowagers began the practice of marrying their Han eunuchs to Manchu palace maids. Cixi married off Hešeri Ronger to a Han eunuch surnamed Liu as a present when Ronger turned 18 and there was another couple encountered by George Norbert Kates.



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Hero or villian?
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