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>try to read the Quran
>get angry at the preface written by some western revisionist (probably one of these weird non-white muslim people in the west who try to syncretize a radically traditionalist religion with an incompatible modern neo-liberal ideology, out of a weird racial/ethnic loyalty they perceive is attached to Islam, when juxtaposed to white non-Muslim groups)
>paints Islamic expansionism as 100% self defense situation
>Sassanid Persia you're an alpha male, I defer to you *BLAM BLAM BLAM*
>Visigothic Spain, if I encountered you and I felt my life was endangered I'd *BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM*
>Arab Pagans were all just evil monsters who couldn't help themselves oppress Muslim dindu nuffins
>unironically 'Look how tolerant we are to other religions! You can pay the Jizya in Islamic countries! We want to marry your women as interfaith dialogue!'
>close book

I want to read it bros, but Jesus Christ (pbuh). Historically did Muslims honestly believe all of their violent imperialism was in response to aggression? The Romans did interlope in Arabia a fair bit, that is true. Everything else, just no. I'm gonna guess they dismiss it with "Humans are flawed, don't blame it on religion" while ignoring the state that was carved out from imperalized nations was the Caliphate - an Islamic, theocratic society.
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History of Yellow Fever

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My best guess is that the phenomena of Western men sexually fetishizing East Asian women has its origins in 18th century, a time when Europeans and Asians began to have greater contact with each other. I think our modern understanding of "Yellow Fever" really ramped up post-WWII with the Americans basically running a PR campaign to rehabilitate the image of Japan. Events like the Korean war and greater numbers of Asian immigrants to Europe and North America further contributed to improve Western men's perceptions of Asian women. In the 21st century, the commonness with which White men fetishize Asian women (Yellow Fever) or at the very least have a "preference for" Asian women is likely a way of lashing out against Western notions of feminism and greater female agency. Many of these men view the East and Eastern women as better potential wives than their White counterparts, citing the propensity of Asian women to be more traditional, family-orientated, and modest.
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Historical music of the common people thread

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ITT: We post music that common people often listened to or created (preferably before the 20th century). I'll start.
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How do we get rid of the eternal /pol/?
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Did he speak Latin? Is the Vetus Latina the original New Testament? What's the evidence for or against this?
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Before Liberals.

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The Second Coming

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And so God-Devil came to Earth, fixed your physics errors,
showed His Artifacts locations, activated Bluestones healing,
And left the Solar System on a Business Trip to 10^24 planets,
saying, "Sorry that you missed it. Better luck next time." G-D

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Ten archaeologists and historians set out their views on a heated debate: should "Anglo-Saxon" be dropped as racist and divisive, or is it a historic term impossible to replace?

Have your say.
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I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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Reminder this is the person telling you to go back to pol
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