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Let's face it, Jesus Christ is the dragon, the beast,
and the false prophet in the Book of Revelation.

Not one of His prophecies came true,
we were duped by Satan Himself.

SATAN the Devil

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Father of Texas
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Christians and Muslims are Stalking the Messiah, Jesus Muhammad Christ.
(a confederate). Evangelists are Guilty of encouraging Others to Follow me.
Wankers who Do not CEASE and DESIST stalking me WILL BE arrested.
(felony crime). Close ALL Churches and Mosques: Effective Immediately.


Jesus Muhammad Christ

Hannibal Barca – How One Black Man Brought Rome To Its Knees

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>Hannibal of Carthage was one of the baddest Black men to come out of Africa. His military conquests are still the stuff of legend more than 2,000 years later. Most Black men and women have never heard of Hannibal, and those who have do not realize that he was as Black as the soil of the Nile.

>While others mentally masturbate over movies like 300 and Troy, the story of one of the most epic military geniuses of all times goes untold. Until now.

The African Kingdom of Carthage
The city-state of Carthage was founded on the North African coast in 814 BC by a mixed population of the survivors of the Saharan ecological collapse and the Nubians (meaning the people of Carthage were Black). Anthropologists argue that the people of Carthage were actually Phonecians, but genetic evidence suggests otherwise. The Carthaginians were no more Phonecian than the Ancient Egyptians were Arab.

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Communism as the Next Step for Democracy

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If you think about it, Marxist dialectics are the natural progression of enlightenment ideals.

They were no more radical than early republicans who believed that the """human nature""" of monarchy and divine ordination for governance and law weren't justified. That the people should naturally have a say in their nation and laws and be able to elect representatives on their behalf.

They came into power through armed conflict via the American and French Revolutions as well as the Spring of Nations and the like. Many early iterations like the first French republic failed and were universally opposed and condemned by the rest of Europe who wanted to preserve the old order.

It is only natural the next step to giving the ownership of nation and society to the people, that the material wealth and economy be the collective ownership of the masses and allocated democratically and not by 'meritocracy' which falsely assumes that everyone starts off equally and thus only the most fit and able get to prominence.

It may seem like a Utopian ideal that people could own the means of their own production and that the common good as a defining principle could motive people to be great rather than greed but it is no more utopian than the idea that all men are created equal and that they should be free and have a say in government. Electing a ruler is far more a leap than electing a boss.

Stalin is to Marxism as Napoleon was to Republicanism: Ergo, a despot who ultimately lead a failed iteration of his ideals that nonetheless laid important groundwork for those ideals and showed it was viable and even superior in certain aspects. This is ignoring even that Stalin actually succeeded and it was only later on that the USSR collapsed.
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Is the turn towards pious ignorance in academia and education institutions in general partially caused by the lower intelligence of the students and academics since the Flynn effect started being overwhelmed by mutation, lower intelligence breeding, and assimilation of lower intelligence populations?
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How true is this pasta? It keeps being spammed on /int/ but I don't want to give in to memes.

The History of Vietnam:
>Enslaved by China for 1000 years
>Vassalized by China for the next 1000 years
>Half the "native" dynasties were founded by Han Chinese immigrants
>Enslaved by Ming China
>During military "victories" the capital was destroyed and the main "strategy" was to hide in the mountains while the invaders suffered from heat, bugs and disease and eventually left
>Begged Qing China for help against France
>Colonized and enslaved by France
>Vietnamese were called "Annamites"
>No such thing as "Vietnamese culture"
>Literally invented nothing
>Pho was created by Chinese immigrants
>Eats rats and monkey brains
>Vietnamese "traditional" clothing isn't traditional or even indigenous
>"Vietnamese" alphabet and Vietnamese "calligraphy" are ugly
>Vietnamese language is ugly
>The epitome of Vietnamese culture is the rice hat
>Traditional Vietnamese dance is a rice hat dance
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Where did the Yaoi-Japanese come from? Korea? Or China maybe?
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Why is it a crime to deny or even investigate the holocaust?
Why despite Hitler making may hundreds of directives, orders and decrees has one never been found relating to the “final solution”?
Why (if it was even real) is such special significance placed on it despite numerous other genocides that killed more people and happed at the same time, like those committed by the bolsheviks in the ussr, being ignored.
Why after all these years is a ridiculous amount of propaganda still whig pumped out and anything but a ludicrously biased view on Hitler and the Third Reich so taboo?
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The issue of Slavs

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No such people as Slavs existed in Bronze, Iron Age. Slavs are result of East Germanics getting Sarmatized/Scythianized during Chernyakov Culture period.

Corded Ware were Proto-Germanic as well. One may also argue that the Slavic languages are result of Proto-Germanic Corded Ware mixing with Globular Amphora farmers.
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