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El, Yahweh, Asherah and other gods from the Levant

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Who were they? What influence did they have on Christianity, Islam and Judaism? What arcane knowledge do you have about these Bronze Age and possibly Neolithic gods from the Levant
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Were the Israelites genetically European as this study says

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Seriously, how did Judaism create two world religions when it's so small and ethno-centric?
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Are there any more samples from Ancient India?

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Getting tired of wewuzzery by Nordcucks on this board about how ancient India was full of blue eyed blonde haired Andronovo who established the caste system but then it fell apart and the Indians mixed and then somehow the caste system came back which plagues India to this day.

I found a PCA of a sample of Swat Valley graves from modern day Pakistan, near Gandhara Grave Culture, marked as "post Steppe Herder expansion South Asia", likely from 1500 BCE - 1000 BCE, which clusters perfectly with North West Indians and Pakistanis.

But are there more?
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Do christians (and theists in general) have any explanation for all the suffering in the world other than "it's beyond our understanding?"

Even if you argue that some suffering is needed for us to fully experience life, atrocities like the Holocaust, Holomodor, Slavery, Rwandan Genocide, Rape of Nanking, the Armenian Genocide etc are definitely overdoing it. Not to mention all the suffering Africa and Asia have always gone through. How can a God watch it all and not move a finger to change things?
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Why were Americans in the 1800's and early-1900's so vitriolically-racist against East Asians? They seemed to resent and attack East Asians in a way that rivaled their treatment of blacks.
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Versiegelt 1886 den Namen "Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft" für alle Deutschen für alle Zeiten, Denke ich.
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Why do American evangelicals and protty fundamentalists hate Catholics so much?

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Does China’s army suck?
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>"People say to me, 'Mr. Irving, do you believe in the Holocaust?' I say that I mistrust words with a capital letter! They sound like a trademark, don't they? They do, it's true!"
-David Irving in speech to the IHR

Is the sentiment correct here that the Holocaust has been used and exploited for financial gain by subsequent generations?
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