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>Be Caesar
>pacifying Spain
>Sickly nephew comes to Spain to support you
>Your right hand man Antonius comes when the fighting is already over
That's when Caesar decided to make Octavius his heir and that's when Antony fucked up

ITT: Figures who knew only suffering

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Hard mode: no Christ, No Uncle Dolf.
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why niggers and norcis were so inept?
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Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

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How the fuck did this guy manage to bamboozle so many? I mean, I know his is a unique one- unlike Jesus or Muhammad or other prophets, we don't get that many FULL accounts of him from the opposition/benign.

But come on, the guy has to fuckin' read the scripture through a hat so that no one else can see it? It's just so ridiculous. And why are all of them so weird anyway?
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/his/ Book Thread: Quran Edition

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Previous Thread: >>4297360

/his/ Book Thread; come discuss what you're reading, ask for recommendations or recommend some books to your fellow anons, ask for opinions on some books you've been thinking of reading.
>Hundreds of book lists for research into numerous topics, with explanations of each recommendation

>Compilation of Recommended Reading Charts from previous threads:

Mega libraries of free e-books suggested by kind anons:

>2,000 World History Books

>Temple of Solomon (Mysticism/Occult Books)

>Introduction to Buddhism

>Some 150 pdfs of history, religion, philosophy, and other stuff

>45gigs worth of mostly Military History

>Philosophy Collection

>Some drawing and art guides


>8GB of Books


>Moundbuilders/Mississippians of North America

>E-book/Audio book sites:


>Other Recommended Reading Resources:
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Why is cumskin history so boring?
>muh castles
>muh paintings
>muh slavery
>muh dumb ideologies and religions that killed hundreds of millions
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ITT: descriptions of sieges and sackings of various great cities

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Sack of Rome by the barbarian hordes (410)

> "the eternal city" and a spiritual center of the Empire. The sack was a major shock to contemporaries, friends and foes of the Empire alike.

>This was the first time in almost 800 years that Rome had fallen to a foreign enemy. The previous sack of Rome had been accomplished by the Gauls under their leader Brennus in 390 or 387/6 BC. The sacking of 410 is seen as a major landmark in the fall of the Western Roman Empire. St. Jerome, living in Bethlehem at the time, wrote that "The City which had taken the whole world was itself taken."

>On August 24, 410, the Visigoths entered Rome through its Salarian Gate, according to some opened by treachery, according to others by want of food, and pillaged the city for three days.

>Many of the city's great buildings were ransacked, including the mausoleums of Augustus and Hadrian, in which many Roman Emperors of the past were buried; the ashes of the urns in both tombs were scattered. Any and all moveable goods were stolen all over the city. Some of the few places the Goths spared were the two major basilicas connected to Peter and Paul, though from the Lateran Palace they stole a massive, 2,025 pound silver ciborium that had been a gift from Constantine. Structural damage to buildings was largely limited to the areas near the old Senate house and the Salarian Gate, where the Gardens of Sallust were burned and never rebuilt. The Basilica Aemilia and the Basilica Julia were also burned.
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Will we ever have their quality?

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You know it's something I've always noticed but don't think of much. Why is it that images of battlefields, regardless of the era, like to represent groups of soldiers with T's? I mean it's not like formations are always rectangles.

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Were ridiculous fashions like pic related the neon hair and drawn on eyebrows of their day? Did anyone recognise how truly absurd these people looked?
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