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ask for literature recommendations in here, some other anons may know some good reads

is this a good introduction to ancient rome?
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A /his/craft server?

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Would any of the historians here be interested in a /his/ Minecraft server?
The game has passed its golden age but there should be more than enough people still interested in RP and history related shitposting within the game.
Anyway, I'm in the first stages of building such a server. I want to know what /his/ wants to see included.

>pic related is the current area that I plan to model a world from
>Factions plugin
>Religion/Piety Mechanism
What game version is preferred? Some anons have suggested that I go for 1.94 or 1.8 because the game became shit after that.

Italy-Germany war in 1934.

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In 1934 after the assasination of Dollfuss in Austria, Nazi Germany tried to do a coup in the country to install a pro-German regime and annex Austria into Germany.

Mussolini didn't like this and positioned troops along the mountain passes between Italy and Austria. The Nazi coup failed and Hitler denied involvement.

What if the coup succeded and Germany annexed Austria and, with the remaining Austrofascists fleeing to Italy Mussolini decided to declare war on the Germans; citing the treaty that prohibited Austria from reuniting with Germany?
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So, as muskets were useless weapons, what then led to the dropping of noble blade based armies and the generalization of gay wigs and Cuck Armies?

Is there any other coherent explanation besides and sudden rise in faggotry and goyimism?
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What is the most realistic medieval movie?
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How do we fix democracy?
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Why exactly is Carter considered a bad president?
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What kind of gommie are you? Also leftist history discussion

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Who were your favorite Civilization from antiquity (4000 BCE - 500 CE)? Mine were the Hittites, primarily because of their uniforms and rivalry with the New kingdom.
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What made Russia so adversarial towards the West? They seemed to be friendly with other Europeans up to WWI. I know gommies were a mistake, but Putin still decided to antagonize the west even after they went away.

Not that I dislike Putin, wimpy western leaders could learn a few things from him. I just don't understand what happened to make Russia the """bad guy""" again, even though they aren't the world power they were during the USSR days.

Bonus question: would the world would be a better place if someone time traveled and killed Marx before he wrote his thesis, or was a US-Russia conflict inevitable once Russia industrialized and became a world power?
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