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What's the Big Deal about Helestone?
I mean, Hey, its Just a Rock, yo.

B O N D ... James Bond
King James VI and I

Bond ... JAMES Bond
King James I


Sources relating to Brown v. Board

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I'm working on a history essay exploring the idea that Brown. v Board was actually a disaster, and some discrepancies in mostly black schools & white schools can be traced back to that. I've heard that it really was a backfire.
I'm looking for some primary sources that either support or oppose this idea.
Can anyone help me out?
Thank you

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What are some nice events from history?
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Why was Churchill so unreasonable towards Hitler? He seem to be willing to forget and abandon any other obligations or ambitions to ensure the destruction of Hitler's Germany. Why did he hate him so?

>If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favorable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.
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Are large nordic skulls the reason why Germans dominated history? Most of the sciense was done by Germans, not to mention it took entire World to stop them twice
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Did the racism African Americans faced in law and in public shock you when you first learned about it? How did you feel when you first learned about the huge disparities that followed between minorities and whites?
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Is it true Hitler viewed Arabs as the master race and superior to Slavs?

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Heard an Arab claiming this, he said Arabs controlled the Ottoman Empire and Nazi Germany and killed Slavs and Jews at the Arabs demand.
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>absolute power corrupts absolutely

where in history has this actually been proven to be true
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What's with the Confucian emphasis on rituals?

What's the point of having rituals?
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So, how was it manufactured before the industrial revolution and chemistry? From where did they gather the ingredients? What methods did they use to mass-produce it?