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Why do some people still deny that Ancient Egyptians were white?
I mean, it's pretty obvious when you look at their achievments
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Time Travel

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If you were offered the chance to go back in time and become a noble from the 1100's would you do it and if yes what rank would you be willing to settle for (Count, Duke, king ect.)
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Is there any advantage in history to being landlocked? It seems like a great disadvantage in almost every respect. Also,
>Poor Moldova
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Ottoman Italy

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Could the Ottomans have theoretically held Southern Italy after Otranto had Mehmed the Conquerer not died? Given the fact that the Ottomans were one of the strongest powers in Europe at the time and were led by a militaristic zealot who felt it was his destiny to establish an Islamic Roman Empire, I feel it's at the very least plausible.
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Julio-Claudian Dynasty

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I've been trying to redpill myself on the Julio-Claudians, /his/, and this is what I've concluded thus far...

A hardworking guy that lucked out and ultimately won it all, but gets too much credit for bringing peace when he was only delaying the inevitable confrontation that would end the principate.
Stannis-tier autism, probably wanted to bring the Republic back as Sulla did but was so bad at interactign with people and found himself dealing with such a spineless bunch of senators that he ultimately tapped out of the game and left them to their own devices.
A traumatized kid who wanted to live up to his papa and found himself fucked over by everyone from his uncle to his allies and, ultimately, his own family. Found himself so disgusted by the treatment he received that he ended up treating everyone with a high-handed cynicism that made him despised beyond measure.
An absolute cuck that never stood up for himself, and though he'd somehow end up living the high life if he treated the Senate better, only to find himself removed like the beta that he was.
A visionary and quite possibly the greatest emperor of all time. Under his guidance, Rome could've become the unparalleled zenith of civilization. Like Caligula, everyone tried to undermine him, especially the bitch mother that was jealous of his genius and his cock. Quite possibly the most unjustly treated and misunderstood person in all of history.
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Hi /his/, /k/ here. What was ownership of weapons like before enlightenment ideas/Americanism? Was the average European farmer or cityfolk permitted to own or even carry their rifle/pistol openly? Or was everything confiscated, even swords and knives?

Iassume there weren't really laws in place but what was it like generally speaking?

Pic is unrelated
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Are some individuals just naturally drawn to the darker side of humanity? How does one explain the fascination from otherwise "normal" individuals for true crime literature and documentaries, ultraviolent film (say slashers a few decades ago), or even graphic texts on the Holocaust or Unit 731? Is there redeeming value to this material?
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ask for literature recommendations in here, some other anons may know some good reads

is this a good introduction to ancient rome?
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Were ridiculous fashions like pic related the neon hair and drawn on eyebrows of their day? Did anyone recognise how truly absurd these people looked?
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Will we ever have their quality?

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