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This is for raiding /pol/
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he saved millions...
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serious question: is low intellect partly to blame for all the polticial break down and horrors faced by russians in the 20th century?

just relistened to a course on the topic and in lenins time it seems like political leadership has the implicit task of overcoming peasant stupidity with their large scale policies, and by kruschevs time the idiocy has permeated the upper levels (pic related, how fucking stupid were people to trust this guy?)

not asking for political opinions or an assessment of socialism, i simply find it striking that the history of this era seems replete with facepalm level stupid mistakes
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Will we ever have their quality?

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Is there any advantage in history to being landlocked? It seems like a great disadvantage in almost every respect. Also,
>Poor Moldova
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The Dome of the Rock is cool, but I like this
Stone best. Prolly since I am just Pagan.
What's your favorite religious Rock?
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How and why did the Old Left die? (Leftism that's purely concerned with economic matters and doesn't give a fuck about immigrants or homosexuals).
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What was the historical relationship like between the trans community and leftism? Did progressives like lenin accept transgender people, and did they become socialists en masse, or is it a recent phenomena?
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Century of Humiliation

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How did China come back from this? Do you think the Chinese psyche and government wants revenge over it?
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