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What are some nice events from history?
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What interesting historical sex stuff is there? Any stories are welcome.
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Just what were the ANE/EHG? An ancient race of Eliot Rodgers? How did they come into existence? They are the result of caucasoids and mongoloids mixing, but when and where did this mixing take place?
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1 word essay on Plotinus due in Theology class next Sunday

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Haven't even started. What do?

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What would the world look like if WW1 and WW2 never happened?
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What if WW1 never happened? Would AH be replaced by a Central European confederation?
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When did you realize the Aurelian campaign in Rome 2 is the best /his/ game ever made?
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What is the most "pro Human" school of philosophy and what is the most "anti Human" school of philosophy?
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What do I need to know for my essay on the influence of the Punic Wars on Rome?
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Was there any way for Germany to take Paris on the western front?
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