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>used this site for all my life
>only place i felt home
>ended up turning me into a brony
>just lost my job
>probably dyslexic as well wouldnt surprise me
>smoked spice/k2 by accident
>cant even do quick math anymore
>mom is disabled
>father is a meth addict
>younger sister started an onlyfans
>have lost all connection to my family
>never attended college
>no hope, just always demoralized 24/7
/his/, thanks for always being there for me, but im cutting the loose ends now.
I'll be live streaming my suicide in approx 15 minutes.
>"dont do it bro"
ive already made up my mind, sorry.
>"how do i watch the stream??"
Once you're in the server, join "Live", and ill be in there, will also provide time stamp etc etc before I do it.
>"at least go for a high score faggot!!!1"
No, I'm not going to ruin anyone else's lives.

Stream + quick rundown:

One last announcement before I go. fuck jannies fuck kikes fuck trannies fuck faggots fuck spics and fuck niggers.

Goodbye fourchin. I will miss you.

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Why foes this book make /his/ seethe so much?
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Salisbury Plain Coal Mining District

Wilsford Shaft Wally?

What is the solution to the Jewish Question?

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Who are the chosen people of history?


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here are more coal exploratory shafts mapped in wiltshire near stonehenge.
the coal shafts are an "astonishing" mystery to uneducated britons.
why are there no educated archeologists in 'great' britain?
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Aerial of Ancient Astronaut
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Why did Hitler kill ximself?

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Let's settle this once and for all, where is it?
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I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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