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>before Rome: spears dominate
>during Rome: swords dominate
>after Rome: spears dominate again
Explain this.
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When did the stereotype that leftists are weak, easily offended college students and trannies begin? What happened to chads like Castro and Sankara and Jumblatt?
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Morality of Eugenics

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A leftist democracy decides to forcefully edit the genes of the next generation to erase Right Wing Authoritarian traits.

How the experiment will end?
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Why is eastern communism so masculine and trad but western leftism is mostly associated with femininity and homosexuality? Where do the two ideologies diverge to cause this discrepancy?

Compare the USSR, Vietnam, China to CHAZ for example.
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What's your opinion on the so called pagan revival?
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What happens when you die, /his/? I dropped some acid about 3 weeks ago and I've been plagued by pretty intense existential dread ever since. The idea of my identity and loved ones ceasing to exist for all eternity is pretty terrifying, and the Nietzschean idea of just constantly reliving your life is also pretty terrifying when you consider all the suffering many innocent people have to endure. I basically conclude that Heaven/Hell absolutely needs to exist or else we're fucked.
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This board sucks
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>used this site for all my life
>only place i felt home
>ended up turning me into a brony
>just lost my job
>probably dyslexic as well wouldnt surprise me
>smoked spice/k2 by accident
>cant even do quick math anymore
>mom is disabled
>father is a meth addict
>younger sister started an onlyfans
>have lost all connection to my family
>never attended college
>no hope, just always demoralized 24/7
/his/, thanks for always being there for me, but im cutting the loose ends now.
I'll be live streaming my suicide in approx 15 minutes.
>"dont do it bro"
ive already made up my mind, sorry.
>"how do i watch the stream??"
Once you're in the server, join "Live", and ill be in there, will also provide time stamp etc etc before I do it.
>"at least go for a high score faggot!!!1"
No, I'm not going to ruin anyone else's lives.

Stream + quick rundown:

One last announcement before I go. fuck jannies fuck kikes fuck trannies fuck faggots fuck spics and fuck niggers.

Goodbye fourchin. I will miss you.

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Why foes this book make /his/ seethe so much?
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Salisbury Plain Coal Mining District

Wilsford Shaft Wally?