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Are we witnessing the collapse of western countries similar to what the romans lived through?
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Zeus answers my prayers. Christ does not. Why is that?
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God remembered The Alamo
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Say! should Stonehenge Altar Stone (80) be returned to Stonehole 96 where it was located
originally? After the Tabernacle of God and Heel Stone over Mishkan are moved of course.
Note: Altar Stone (80) in pieces (broken by Great Trilithon); larger piece to Stonehole 96,
smaller piece to Stonehole 97, original Hele Stone location. (pic related, map to follow)
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Yugoslav female partisans (Serbian) torture and castration of male prisoners in World War II

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I've read accounts of Yugoslav female partisans, Serbian women in particular of torturing and castrating enemy men in World War II from Hungarian, Bosnian Muslim, Italian and Yugoslav Partisan sources themselves. At first I came across a Hungarian account of Hungarian priests being subjected to a BDSM femdom like torture session by Serbian female partisans which ended with his dick cut off and thought it was Hungarian propaganda. Then I read Italian sources mentioning Yugoslav partisan women castrating Italian soldiers, a Yugoslav partisan admitting the women castrated prisoners and a Bosnian Muslim saying his uncle was kicked in the balls by Serb female partisans. All of them from different sides in the war accusing Yugoslav female partisans of castrating prisoners.
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Why do leftists attack the white working class?
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What will be the strongest defense of the cops who killed George Floyd?

As a legal case this will be very difficult to defend.
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This is what white liberals get

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Not even your nigger pets like you boot licking faggots, wrapped up in a ball and sent home like a little bitch

Imagine the identity crisis he's going through right now
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So Turkics are the descendants of Mongols mixed with Scythians ??

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Reminder levitation of Helestone and the Tabernacle beneath Isa Go.
Equations (gravitons) G*power=c^5 and G*force=c^4 the Science.
Vector remote. Stonehenge June Solstice livestream's: Watch.