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Why are christcucks so fucking obsessed with death and suffering? Look at christian paintings, they're always super dark (literally and figuratively speaking) all the characters look like they're in constant pain, everything is a tragedy
Historically speaking why are they like this?
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>GOD tells Jews where He buried His ark of His testament.
Jews tell GOD to go fuck Himself, let Hele Stone crush it.

>GOD tells Christians where He buried His ark of His testament.
Christians tell GOD to go fuck Himself, let Hele Stone crush it.

>GOD tells Muslims where He buried His ark of His testament.
Muslims tell GOD to go fuck Himself, let Hele Stone crush it.

What do?
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Why is he so hated?

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Out of all the Apartheid South African leaders PW Botha is often cited as the evilest one. Why? What did he do that puts him lower than say Vorster and Verwoerd?
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Why do right wing chuds consistently vote against their economic interests?
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"Diverse" Historical Programs

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>Traditional Englishman? There is no traditional Englishman! Look at this black Knight of the Round Table, England has always been diverse!

Looking worst examples of race swaps in historical tv/movies. From whitewashing to "diversification"
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anyone mind explaining appeal of right wing shit to me?
>woah rich become richer and church is part of government I'm fucking lovin it!
why so many jobless young adults pretend to align with this?
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How exactly did they think taking pictures of dead nuns would turn the people to their cause? Were the anarchists, dare i say, dumb retards?
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Stonehenge carpark postholes: Mesolithic coalfields map; Oldest known Coalfields Map on the Earth

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How much did the Holocaust impact German war effort?
Did they fuck up their army on the eastern front by wasting logistical machinery like trains and personal for transporting jews or was it not that big of a deal?
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