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Is it due to a remnant of their Denisovan heritage that cues our brains into seeing them as the most genetically distinct (and thus best for breeding disease repellent offspring) options? Is it their neoteny? Why do I feel such a burning desire to BLEACH scores of Japanese buttholes?
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Why are there so many retards on this board?
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Why are there so many commies on this board?
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why do we have to deal with this subhuman constantly shitting up the board, posting the same pictures over and over again?

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What’s the worst genocide to have ever occurred?
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The German Soldier

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I hate how in every piece of media (movies, videogames, books etc) the german soldier is show as a bloodthirsty monster
Is a germanon around here who want to discuss this matter?
How are the soldiers remembered in germany?
Do you have any relatives who fought in WW2?
Germans enjoy movies like Saving Private Ryan?
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>Gale Ann Benson (1944 – 72) was a British model, socialite and daughter of Conservative MP Leonard Plugge.
>she started a relationship with Black Power activist Hakim Jamal
>associate of Michael X
>She changed her name to "Hale Kimga"
>moving later that year to the commune of Michael X in Trinidad, who had fled the UK while bailed on charges of extortion and robbery
>a group of men including Michael X took Benson out for a walk outside the commune
>Arriving at a hole in the ground, they started digging until it was about four feet deep
>They pushed her in, two of the men attacking her with a cutlass, badly wounding Benson in the chest and throat
>She was buried alive, some of the men jumping on the soil to keep her down until she succumbed

>Malcolm Caldwell (1931 – 78) was a British academic and a prolific Marxist writer
>He was a consistent critic of American foreign policy, a campaigner for Asian communist and socialist movements, and a supporter of the Khmer Rouge
>In December 1978 Caldwell was a member of the only group of Western journalists and writers invited to visit Cambodia
>The three visitors were given a highly structured tour of the country
>On 22 December, Caldwell had a private audience with Pol Pot
>After the meeting, he came back to the guest house in Phnom Penh where the three were staying in a mood described as "euphoric
>that night Becker was awakened by the sound of gunfire. She stepped out of her bedroom and saw a heavily armed Cambodian man who pointed a pistol at her
>She ran back into her room and heard people moving and more gunshots
>An hour later a Cambodian came to her bedroom door and told her that Caldwell was dead
>He had been shot in the chest

more stories like this?
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is this Europe perfect?
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Here I hid Tabernacle.



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Arizona State University (1984), Indiana University Pa (1974) and Kaiser Wilhem Society (1886) core samples at Stonehenge Heelstone confirm Laurence Washington, Esq (1656) and Sir Laurence Washington, knight (1653) core samples at Stonehenge Helestone; gold, silver, brass, iron, wood, bone and concrete 1.2m (4ft) below Stonehole 96, and no Coal in cores.

What do your Heel Stone cores show?
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