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The Han Chinese are the purest race on Earth, even Nordic Europeans are mongrelised

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100% continuity from CHN_Tianyuan. No Steppe-derived genes.
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Why did Americas murder rate explode in the mid 60s?
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I read The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital and honestly he comes off as culturally right wing. I think he'd probably have been a nazi if he was born in early 20th century Germany.

I say we start calling him /our/guy.
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Jc 3rd coming, Y'all missed it.

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Racism is believing in race
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Is that centre rock at Stonehenge called Altar stone from Gobekli Tepe as they say at Stonehenge Visitor centre?
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IF the Christ split the Earth as the Prophet split the Moon would you Convert to the One true religion, CatholicismIslam?
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Why on earth are these guys so different from the other south east Asian countries? (except Singapore which even a real country in a way)

Like in terms of culture they're 90% Chinese. You can't say it's just because they're next to china because so is Burma and Laos.
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Falklands War

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What the fuck?
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>before Rome: spears dominate
>during Rome: swords dominate
>after Rome: spears dominate again
Explain this.
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