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Panzerkampfwagen IV was the best tank of WWII.
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ITT: Time periods/regions that genuinely bore you. I'll start:

>Pre-colonial Sub-Saharan Africa
>Pagan Northern Europe
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childhood is liking classical music
adulthood is realizing that romanticism is better.
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/his/ memes

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post your best historical memes faggot
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Would Marxist change their opinions on marx

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If they really saw the true side of him
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Historical figures who did nothing wrong

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I'll start with the obvious one
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Barring the brief Macedonian Empire, Romans and Conquistadors; European history in general isn't very interesting until the 1700's. Central Asia + MENA is much more interesting.
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>rampaged around for a few centuries
>destroyed or severely impeded various civilized societes
>faded into obscurity
Were Mongols/steppe people in general the most "evil" force in human history?
I really can't find a single positive side about them.
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MorphThing thread

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