Louie XVI

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Was he really that bad? It seems like his trial was a sham and he never really deserved it. did he do anything illegal? He accepted the new constitution and used his (legal) veto power and got executed? Seems unnecessary tbqh.
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Why did China started to stagnate so badly after being the world's leading civilization for millenia? During the Song dynasty they were on the verge of industrialisation - centuries ahead of Europe at the time! - but then it all just kind of fell apart. Why?

A second question related to this: Why did it take them so long to reassert their old place of major importance after getting their wake-up call during the 19th century? Japan managed to catch up to the European powers just fine, to the point they were called in for the international coalition meddling in Chinese affairs. China should have initially been in a far better position than Japan to close the gap, yet they were utterly humiliated.

It's kind of crazy if you think about it. An impartial observer during the first millenium AD would have reasonably expected for China to be the country that could most likely dominate the Earth. But then their trajectory just changed for the worse until very recently.

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Post autism

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Who is more enlightened about the true nature of the world: historians or philosophers?
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How come Protestant countries are better than Catholic ones?
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What's the worst torture case study in history? Has anybody been kept alive in daily physical torture for decades or lifetimes?

Post any you know of and we'll try to find the unluckiest friendo to have ever existed.
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Why can’t capitalists into aesthetics?
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Last known living member of Sturmbrigade SS-Dirlewanger Unterscharführer Ruppert Z (last name not revealed for family security).

He died last month in a village near Hannover at 95 years.

SS-Dirlewanger was infamous for burning women and children alive and feeding captives to starving dogs.
They very frequently engaged in mass rapes and large scale killings.

Sent to Sonderkommando Dirlewangers as a punishment from SS-Totenkopf in late 1942 Ruppert Z remained with the unit till March 1945.
Records show he was in Warsaw along with his unit which committed brutal massacres there.

In an interview with Spiegel in 2008, he praised Oskar Dirlewanger and said he always lead from the front and was never behind.

After remaining a POW till 1949, Ruppert worked as a Personnel Superintendent in a German port.

Unfortunately he was never prosecuted for war crimes despite efforts by Prosecution office and Polish gov't.

What do you think?
Was he a hero that fought against jewish oppression and bolshevism?
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Spain conquering the Aztecs was the same as the Allies toppling the 3rd Reich.

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What was the purpose of the Tumblr blogger inventing this story?