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Why is everyone on this board so fucking retarded?
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Why were the Nazis so good?

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It's no secret that the Nazis were decades ahead of the allies during the war when it came to military technology and other knowledge. My question is this; Is this a result of the mainly unethical society the Nazis fostered or was it something else entirely?
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Why did Westerners create 300 years to make themselves seem relevant?

Charlemagne didn't exist, he's a legend, also majority of early Frankish and German history is madeup bullshit.

Why did he stop his conquest instead of taking Rome?

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Rhodesia thread

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Seems fitting
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Nuking the Nazis

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Let's consider this alternate scenario for WW2: It's 1945. Barbarossa worked and the Nazis are occupying the USSR, fighting partisans. Britain remains unconquered (there's simply no realistic way I can imagine that the Nazis could have seized it). North Africa has been seized by the Allies. However, there has been no invasion of Italy. In the Pacific, Japan has been beaten by the US, as in the real timeline, and has driven back almost completely to its home islands.
The Allies have just developed nukes and want to start using them against the Nazis.
In this alternate scenario, the Nazis have a more powerful air defense grid than in real life, since they don't have to focus on the East Front.
How do the Allies go about employing their nuclear advantage?
How many nukes can they crank out starting from 1945 onward?
How do the Nazis react to Allied nukes, and how does the war go on?
Also, a potentially important question: what would have be the dangers of the Nazis gaining possession of an Allied nuke that malfunctioned and failed to trigger? I'm assuming that this would not have given the Nazis any serious benefit, since they'd still be lacking the whole production chain and associated knowledge, but would this have been a dangerous enough scenario that the Allies would have wanted to create some sort of self-destruct backups for their nukes?

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"The paranoid, tyrannical Abdul Hamid II, who while admiring Japan to a certain extent, was obsessed with the fear sparked by popular rumors that the Meiji Emperor would convert to Islam and proclaim himself Caliph, thereby displaying him as the object of veneration from all the world's Sunni Muslims"

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Good versus evil. Where do you stand /his/ ?
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