A new search server has been setup. Multiple terabytes of hard disk storage was also installed.

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What's your favorite movement/style of architecture? I'm in favor of neoclassical.
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Soultrean Hypothesis

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Does it carry any weight? Any anons knowledgeable about this subject?
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Persian demographic changes after mongol invasions

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How did the genetic and cultural makeup of persian lands change after the mongols and tamerlane wiped out a large portion of their population? Who settled in the genocided cities and lands?
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Was this the single most useless empire that ever existed? Not in terms of being the worst but just being pointless. The places it ruled would have been better off ruling themselves.
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Why is sub-saharan african architecture so stunning and fascinating?
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Ancap "Manifesto"

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Is there any historical equivalent to an ancap "manifesto"?
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>had the largest city in east africa
>had connections going as far as china
>wasn't sacked by the portugese empire
>minted it's own coins
>used hydraulic engineering
>it's castles still remain
why isn't this discussed here?

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Would Latin america be better of if They were unified like Portuguese speaking Brazil is? why did they get balkanized/partitioned to begin with?
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Are the Kalash people really descended from ancient Macedonians?
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Canonization of the Romanovs

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Do you agree with it?
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