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What was the comfiest historical place and time to live?
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Was the Treaty of Versailles too soft?

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is pic related perfect Europe?
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what does /his/ think of the ancient Germanic people?
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Atheism leads to Totalitarianism

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Over 130 million people have been killed in state authorized purges by a long line of atheistic leaders: 72 million people killed in China, 40 million in the former USSR, Hitler 15 million, 2 million in North Korea, 2 million in Cambodia, 1.7 million in Africa, 1.5 million in Afghanistan, 1 million in Vietnam, 150 thousand in Latin America by leaders such as Mao, Stalin, the Cambodian communist leader Pol Pot, the Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha, Prime minister of Cuba Fidel Castro, Romanian president Nicolae Ceausescu, Kim Jong-il

… On and on the list goes.

It is understandable that atheists are not at all comfortable with these facts of modern history. They shy away from such conclusions and tell us that the evils done by such leaders were, in fact, merely secondary to their atheism, and not because of it. In other words, the fact that these leaders happened to be atheists had little to do with the evils that they perpetrated upon the church going. This is the false and deceitful claim that Richard Dawkins champions. It is an argument without any basis or grounding in history but is rather pure atheistic fictional fundamentalism.

Atheistic philosopher Nietzsche was the first to say that God is dead and not long after that a bloodbath ensued because in a humanist system there is no law above man and no one to be ultimately accountable to. As one man put it: “In the 18th century, the Bible was killed; in the 19th century, God was killed; in the 20th century, man was killed.”
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The Serbs

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What do you know about the Serbs?

Based documentary on them:
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What ruined the Soviet Union?
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Library of Alexandria

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Howdy /his/

Remember a couple months ago when some anon posted a thread titled "Library of Alexandria?"

Well I'm trying to get that started up again. I've developed a how-to guide for making your own collection to share and for downloading and reading items from the collections. Which I will Share below, along with a couple of collections. My hope is that some enterprising historian/librarians will create their own collections of stuff that interests them and share them with us.

My how-to guide to creating and viewing your own library!FvpAgZJZ!Xfx4XouW4LNHl6328EOORsYRsCN7_o0cY56nXFhVGl8

My .txt of a (very) few online libraries I have turned up!AnhxyaoB!HC1_SbBWbgN64pVZJ7AcBVDqcVAL7Vb8mAjKtVFh0do

My Personal Collection of mostly legal and constitutional stuff so far:!oi42zIZA!BbeLbcpDzUwOxoYC7PJBHw

General History and Humanities:!eB5mDCiL!H19t9YGBPd1EBsuTnZgk9A

Military Books:!vF4SRbwQ!3ZHHS6U6ANqIGgcpOi6ehw
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Did Kaiser willy deliver justice to Belgium by making them answer for their crimes in the Congo?
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Philosophy was always here to help us find The Truth but now we live in the post-truth world and our search is basically over. Is there any reason to even bother with philosophy anymore?