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How true is it that Italy was unable to defeat Greece without Germany's help in WW2? How much of that was because of allied involvement, as opposed to the power of Greece alone?
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Brutally torturing and then murdering pic related on national television is justified both in terms of retributivism and utilitarianism.
Prove me wrong

Saddam Hussein

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Can someone objectively tell me what he did that was so wrong and why it mattered to the West?
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How can you defend let alone support such a system when we know for a fact that it killed millions through famine alone? At some point the central government even deliberately targeted an ethnic group for destruction, with local produce being exported and foreign aid getting diverted as people died of hunger by the thousands in the street. In the end, one fifth of the total population was wiped out by failed policy and outright persecution. Is this what you want?

(Pic unrelated, I'm talking about the Great Irish Famine)

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what was his problem?

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Is there any semblance of truth to the theory that Egyptian civilisation was created by Africans? I thought there was a recent DNA sample taken from King Tut that showed that 70% of British men shared DNA with the young king and less than 1% of modern Egyptians shared his DNA.

Lost & Found

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Anyone in the mood for stolen and returned artworks?
>NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — A rare 6th century mosaic depicting the St. Andrew that was taken from a looted church in the Cyprus' breakaway north has been returned after four decades, the head of the island nation's Orthodox Christian Church said Monday.
>It is among only a handful of mosaics to have survived a period during the 8th and 9th centuries when many Orthodox icons were destroyed.
>The mosaic showing a bearded St. Andrew — among Christ's first Apostles — was one of several that went missing from the Church of Panayia Kanakaria after Cyprus split into ethnic Greek and Turkish sides in 1974.

How true is this statement?

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"The greek elite all had slaves do everything for them. So basically, they lived like a post-scarcity communist society where everything was provided to them for free. So they had all the sparetime in the world to wrestle, workout, talk about philosophy, discuss politics and shit. Also, all their food was clean as fuck and they fasted regularly." -/fit/izen, 2018
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What would America be like if he had gotten to be President?
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"Christianity built Europe!"

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No, it didn't. In fact, Europe's arguably most fruitful period (the Renaissance) was entirely based upon reinterpreted/discovered texts of the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans (who were Pagan).
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