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Is pic related a modern burst or is ancient?
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>be Latvian
>join the Bolsheviks
>be literally the first commander of the Red Army
>be commander of the Soviet Air Forces in 1930s
>be responsible for killing millions of Russians
>later join the Nazis and continue killing Jews and Russians
>out of 95'000 Jews, only 5000 were alive at the end of the war, one of the largest percentage of jews killed in any WW2 country (all thanks to the local collaborators like Viktors Arājs)
>Nazis take all the blame so you don't have to
how can one country be so based?

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were Ottomans gay?
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Why wern't Russians using bear cavalry during ww1?

Horses were almost useless in snow
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What's the obsession with Vikings?

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They're over-glorified savages.
>inb4 muh long boats
>inb4 muh America """""colonies""""
Savages that have a cool piece of technology are still savages.
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>Wake up tmrw
>You're Philip II

Fix this shit now.
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What if the 2nd reich annexed Austria?
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What is the most irrelevant piece of soil in the Mediterranean, and why is it Cyprus?

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Why were Jews so often hated and persecuted since ancient history? Whether it's ancient pagans like Romans and Babylonians or other Abrahamics like Christians and Muslims or modern ideologies like communism and nazism, someone always had some beef with the Jews? What's the common denominator here? Saying that they're just the goto scapegoat seems like a cop out and doesn't account for why it all started or why there aren't more groups in a similar position.
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