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How important was the USA to WWI? I know the war ended a year after it joined, but didn't it end specifically because the United States joining when it did made the war unwinnable for Germany?
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How was this guy able to undermine the nazis and not get caught?
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Why do so many just ignore, or outright hate, this fascinating, powerful and diverse empire?
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On what historical basis did Tom Clancy think that Russia would be more closely aligned with American interests than China when he wrote this book, when in fact the exact opposite has come to be true?
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How shitty was it to be a German soldier on the Eastern Front?

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Are there any good books/sources on the daily living and combat experiences of the German soldier on the Eastern front during the last year or so of the war (spring 1944 to 1945)? Seems like it would be a never ending struggle just to survive and keep moving west in the face of massive and unrelenting Soviet offensives.

Some examples from Operation Bagration, the Soviet offensive against Army Group Center in the summer of 1944:
>Ten Soviet divisions had closed the pocket. Two corps, a total of 70,000 German troops,
were trapped in and east of Bobruysk. In the city thousands of leaderless troops milled about, panicky and confused.

>On 28 June the Fourth Army staff moved from Belynichi to Beresino over the road the army would have to take. The 30-mile trip lasted nine hours. Columns of barely moving trucks choked the road, and between daylight and dark Soviet planes attacked the Beresino bridge twenty five times. During the day two corps commanders were killed. To move at all the army staff had to organize details to clear burning trucks and dead horses off the road.

>During the day of the 29th a Soviet plane scored a hit that blew away thirty feet of the Beresino bridge. After that was repaired, another hit knocked down forty-five feet of the span. Truck columns two and three abreast lined the road for thirty miles to the east.
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>this guy comes up to you, grabs your arm and says “have you ever been fucked up your ass, my boy? You will be. You’re coming to my villa tonight.”

What do you do?
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Andrew Jackson

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>inflates the value of a vote
>begins the trend towards mob rule

Thanks, Jackson.
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Daily reminder that Rhodesia Never Died, it is just currently occupied by enemy forces
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WW 2 German tanks that make you cream your pants

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Face it, the master race knew how to build kick ass tanks and exploit uncut girth like nobody's business. Hitler was to blame for the loss, not German industry.
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