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Historical memeballs

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Historical memeball thread
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Historicity of Jesus

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Hey /his/, do you know of any objectively written books on the historicity of Jesus and/or bible? Specifically ones that try to come at it from a third party perspective and report the facts without taking a stance. I've read the bible, so please don't suggest that.

Also looking for any and all first hand accounts of Jesus/Bible events.

I don't want this to devolve into a "The bible is fact" vs. "Jesus isn't real" so please keep it to books and discussion of the contents of the books.
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Why do they think they're superior when they stole their entire culture from the Chinese?
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>There's this thing called the general will
>It is the will of the people when taken collectively
>It is distilled virtue
>Except when it does things I don't like
>Then it's not virtue
>It's actually bad in that case

Why did anyone ever take """"""""enlightenment""""""" philosophy seriously?

Even a pseudo-scientific rambler like Aristotle could have destroyed this navel-gazing French faggot.
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Is there a good book or volume of books on American history that covers everything from the Revolution to more modern times? Looking for something without a modern liberal "evil white colonialism" bent, if possible
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Child Soldiers in History

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Have there ever been any historical example of children actively fighting in war Pre-WW1.
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>they wouldn't possibly invade through belgium!
>well they wouldn't possibly invade through belgium a second time!

Was it autism?
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why aren't there many comprehensive books about art history?

in comparison, philosophy has lots of different series about various fields and individual philosophers

you can find dozens of academic books about say, Kant or Aristotle or phenomenology but very little about Rembrandt or Poussin or impressionism

for art, there are a few textbooks for art history as a whole, but that's about as much depth as you can get
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Was the First World War truly an unjust war?
I'm very new to The Great War, but it seems to me that the English defense of Belgium was perfectly warranted - but again I'm totally new to this.
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