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Are the American natives doomed?
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Anyone down for a map thread?

I was wondering if I could find one from the age of exploration, not relating to Indies but the whole rough draft of the globe and perhaps some cool ones of afrika

>here is my contribution
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What are some examples of civilizations sharing some aspects of their mythology. The greeks and egytians both had sphinx's.
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ITT: Borders that would make the world a better place

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Imagine that Diogenes somehow managed to shitpost his way into transcedence and ascension as an Olympian deity, gaining an official place in Greek pantheon (this is important: he ascends as a god, not retroactively becomes one).

What are his designated domains, powers, mythos, champions and relationships with other Greek gods and supernatural beings?

Personally, I'm pretty sure he would be bros with Dionysus and Eris/Discordia.
Also, probably a patron of something involving both madness and wisdom at the same time.
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his, what is art? Is it a meaningful concept? Why is this can of shit considered art?

The problem is this one: For the last century artists have constantly tried to undermine the concept, resulting in urinals and pic related being considered art.

So the concept is obviously open, changing, and determined by social factors, there is nothing within the art object itself that can be used to tell if something belongs to the category of art or not.

But this doesn't help defining the concept of art at all; if something is art because someone considers it to be art, who decides, and who decides who decides?

The concept does not seem to be purely about describing objects, it is also normative: "This is not art because it is not good enough to be art", or "this is so good it's art".

If art critics/museums/scholars are to say if something is art or not, this means art outside of institutions cannot exist, which seems stupid. It also gets weirdly circular: X is is art because it's in a museum, and it's in a museum because it is art. Also, shouldn't art also be considered so by the public, not only by the institutions?

Frost g*ant hate thread

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They come to Midgard.
Ravage the farms, drink the rivers dry.
Do not integrate.
They have go back to Jotunheimer.
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Was Pearl Harbor really that injurious? Even today, americans talk about it like one of the most perfidious attack ever. We know the tensions were high and that the americans knew the japanese were about to attack.
This "day of infamy" just seem huge propaganda to hide the fact the Japanese scored a huge tactical victory over the US, and that american intelligence had completly fucked up. So why so many people still believe in this myth?
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>Primitive steppe nomads.
>Suddenly, Genghis Khan!
>Go full khorne.

What went right?
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>Best empire ever
>Everyone hates it
Let's change that
Ottoman achievements thread
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