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Historically, why was gambling always so looked down upon and outlawed by governments?
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I have termed these colorful flowery robes "Bible Clothes". Most modern religious literature depicts them wearing the same kind of clothing, northern European looking people with colorful robes.

What did ancient Jews actually wear?

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Which European countries have been under non-European control?
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Why do people on the left and right still desire to build walls when they are only effective, not completely, for prisons.

The border isn't far right, it's just a dumb ineffective idea that would be a huge flush of cash. Most illegal immigration comes from people visiting this country legally but overstaying their visas.

It's a stupid antiquated idea. Yea it worked great for China, back when there weren't visas or air travel coming and going continuously. It's tantamount to bringing a flashy expensive bow and air to a modern day battle field.

Clinton was stupid for proposing it and so is Trump, I don't know about other people, but for me it's not about left or right, it's just that it's a really idiotic idea. It's a simple solution for simple minded people fo a complex problem with a multitude of variables.
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What would America be like now if he had won?

Kill me, please.

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I JUST got into philosophy.
I wish that I had all of these interesting thoughts, these interesting ideas when I was young.
It has really reshaped my life.
10/10, would recommend.

Also, while we are at it, what theory/ what philosopher is you favorite, if you can come up with one.

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Is this the most overrated military force in history?
>can only overrun smaller countries like Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Greece, etc. with ease
>Poles manage to hold them off for almost 2 months despite them being invaded from all 4 sides
>Only worthy achievement was their victory over France but that was more of French leaders incompetence and low morale among the French soldiers than due to their skill and tactics
they couldn't defeat fucking Soviet Union even though Soviet army was dogshit in 1941
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Why did African-American family values decline so drastically? They used to have higher marriage rates and lower divorce rates than whites.
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Globalism is a relatively new idea, but can capitalism and isolationism work in today's global economy?

I know there is a movement now that is very pro fre market but also is very anti-globalist. It would seem to me that's like using a type writer to compete with computers.

Wouldn't isolationism only work with socialism or a feudal system, the latter which would definitely lead to war and being taken over?
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Remodelling British Empire

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When the Roman Empire conquered new territory, they were quick to integrate it into the Roman system and treat it's citizens as Romans (assuming they co-operate). This system kept the Roman Empire together for a long time.

In contrast the British Empire did not integrate it's colonies into the British system and didn't treat the colonists as equals. Naturally this led to revolt and nationalism.

What if...
What if the British followed the Roman model and Industrialised their colonies after invasion and treated the people as equals? Short-sighted wealth gains stopped united efforts such as this.

Would it have been better for Britain and the world if it developed it's colonies.
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