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World History

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My teacher brought up 4 things needed to Industrialize. Let's use Great Britain as an example.
1) Natural Resources (To Build and To Fuel) Historical Evidence: Iron, Sulfur, and Cotton
2) A Decently Sized Population Historical Evidence: Population of London
3) Political Stability (Needed people to organize and manage economic growth, and to create a sense of nationalism) Historical Evidence: Calico acts, Tariffs
4) Capitalist Society (Money needed to invest into the system) Historical Evidence: British East India Company
He asked "do you believe there are any countries, out there today that meet all of these requirements to industrialized, but both were and currently not developed since the Industrial revolution?"
I've done research, and I believe not as most undeveloped countries are low in Natural Resources and political unstable.
I would like to hear your opinions, and if you oppose I'd be happy to hear the country that fulfills these requirements but are not developed and evidence to prove so.
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What the fuck was his problem?

Caligula literally did NOTHING wrong
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So who do we think the greatest orator of all time was? Or the top 5?
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H.R. 676

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Call your local representative to vote on this bill!
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So were they raped by Ancient Greeks or were the ancient central asian Aryans literally Aryan?
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Race Of Ancient Eygyptions

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What race was responsible for building one of the most complex super structures of the ancient world? Using in depth mathematics and precise measurement. Today, eygypt is an Arab country with no ties to its past but what is its racial past? Were they Africans or middle eastern? If there is no definite answer, what is the most widely accepted theory?
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Any books to read on the Persian/Greek wars in the 400s BCE.

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I have an exam on this soonish, but my teacher was away for this topic. I'm kind of panicking- does anyone have recommendations?

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Which nations would be the THAT GUYs of a zombie survivor/horror movie group?

As in, the ones that would either die first, or create more trouble and drama than originally before.
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Who is the greatest modern artist of all time?

My choice is Dali, followed up by Max Ernst, Joan Miro, and Pablo Picasso

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>ayo white boi, can you tell us why da fuck Khrushchev gave the Crimean Oblast to the Ukraine through formal decree in 1954

what say you?
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