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Prussian Krautism

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>Slavs are inferior animals that we must conquer and destroy as superior German race!
>Gets eradicated from the face of the world forever by Slavs
Was there ever more ironic fate in history of mankind?
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Why did England turn it's back on Germany in favor of France? Willy felt that Germans and Anglos were "brothers" and Germany's primary imperial target was France. Prior to 1904, England had been much more at conflict with France than Germany(Like in the Fashoda Crisis)

/secret societies/

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Have you ever been invited to one?
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mods, please ban ww2 threads cuz they be shitting up the board it's getting worse day by day.

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Why did the Roman Republic fail to start the industrial revolution? If any ancient civilization could have pulled it off, it should have been them.
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I’m going to post this everyday until you remember it

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What if Hitler invaded the JewSSR in the summer? Woukf that be enough for the Whermackt to push on and take Stalingrad and Moscow without having to worry about the Mongol hordes zerg-rushing them too much?
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How do we know how many Jews were murdered in the Holocaust?

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Pls no bullying, racism or anti-semitism.
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How do race-believers explain semitic peoples of middle east looking more as Europeans then an "indo-european" pajeet
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