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Should the UK be considered a one time tributary of Qing China? Despite the fact that officially the "tribute" the UK provided was a "gift"

Or was there a second tribute that the British paid, aside from the official ceremonies held at the opening of the first diplomatic mission in 1793??

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>Zeno of Citium's "Republic" lost
>Epictetus' fifth book of Discourses lost
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Worst performing armies during ww2

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What were the worst performing armies during ww2? The French? The Italians? Norwegians?
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WW1 Separate War Scenario

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I've been wondering about an alternate history scenario lately.

What if for whatever reason, Russia and France were not Allied? Maybe they never made the alliance, or the French decided not to back the Russians.

My thoughts, tell me if you think I'm right or wrong.

>Austria-Hungary Declares on Serbia, Russia backs them, Germany follows through.
>Bulgaria and the Ottomans join roughly at the same time OTL, and do better without having to worry about the Brits or French.
>Extra states opportunistically pick on Russia, probably Sweden, Japan and Romania.
>Russia does much worse since the Central Powers can focus fully on her.
>Probably a little bit earlier than OTL, but the equivelant of the September Revolution leaves Democratic Whites in charge. War ends 1917.
>Serbia is partitioned between Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary, Sweden annexes Finland, Japan seizes all of Sakhalin, possibly chunks of the Russian Far East, the Ottomans annex or puppet Caucasian States, the Baltics, Ukraine, and Poland become German and Austro-Hungarian puppets.
>Modernized Warfare still takes its toll, demonstrating military weakness in Germany and Austro-Hungary, and Political Weakness in the Ottomans.
>Now sensing blood in the Water, and still suffering the pre-war vices that led to WW1, the Brits and French likely find themselves at War with Central Powers in the next couple of years.
>Bulgaria likely bows out without much to gain, Japan may wish to take Anglo-French asian possessions, Ottomans bow out from political instability, and weak military, Sweden may or may not stick it out depending on if they think the war will be worth it. Italy may honor tripartate pact if the Central Powers are declared upon.

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When did the Egyptians deities appeared for the first time?

I hope you understand my question, so I will give an example in order to clearer my question.

For example, did the Egyptians believe in Horus in 3,500 BC, in 4,000 BC, in 5,000 BC, when did the Egyptian deities were created?

sorry for my English.

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ITT: People who did literally nothing wrong
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ITT great men whose son's achievements overshadow their own
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Let's say UK with her dominions and France didn't declared war when Germany invaded Poland. Do you think the Western front of WW2 would have been none existing and Hitler would only focus on the USSR and the Eastern front?

Or would he eventually brought UK and France in too the war anyway because "muh versailles treaty"?

From what I understand Hitler and his Germany only wanted to be at war with the filhty Bolsheviks, at least in the beginning. UK, France and rest of world wasn't that interesting but he knew they were going to declare war once he attacked Poland. But if they didn't, could the WW2 have been avoided?
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Was Charlemagne really that big or were churches just smaller back then?
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Western European culture vs Chink culture

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Disclaimer :I am literally retarded.

What are the main differences between Western and chinese culture and family structure?
I was reading a bit about Confucius and other chinks and they seem to have a lot of things in common with western culture (mainly protestants) .I see a lot of stuff about first improving yourself and the main thing you should do to better society is to improve yourself .The main difference I see is the fact that chinks are more about bending over and getting fucked in the ass by the state and Westerners have a bit more respect for the individual in society(maybe because of the part of the divine in all of us meme they got from christianity).Any thoughts?
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