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You have 10 seconds to name one significant ancient Persian/Iranian contribution to the world.
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Welsh nationalism?

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Talking to a Welsh nationalist for a film project, and he's been telling me a lot of stuff that sounds like revisionism. We were never really taught English history in American schools.

Is this true?

>What is now the UK used to be populated by native Britons, mostly pagan and rural
>Anglo-Saxons come in, conquer most of the land
>What is Wales now was the last stronghold for the native Britons
>Legends of King Arthur portray a Briton/Welshman fighting the Anglo Saxons, which is thy Welsh love their red dragon symbolism
>Welsh language is actually the remnants of the language spoken before conquest

I know it sounds like bullshit but it would be so cool if true.
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Why didn't Muslims in Egypt practice iconoclasm against temples, the Sphinx and the Pyramids which were all symbols of cult following and paganism? I thought Islam hated Idoltry.
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Sociocultural Anthropology

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What are your thoughts on sociocultural anthropology? Does you have any favourite anthropologists or texts?

/his/torical fashion thread:

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When did the stereotypical Bavarian/South German clothing and culture emerge in the historical scene? I would love to know the historical evolution of that type of clothing leading to its current form. Pics would be nice.

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Was the destruction of gender roles inevitable in the West, or was it a directed effort? Up until the 60s most women were taught to be housewives, and then it seems like society just decided to throw them into the work force. Even then a good deal of women preferred not to work but once a critical mass was achieved it was impossible to resist.

I just want a nice girl with a liberal arts education to keep house and be my companion, but they all fell for the career meme.
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perro caca
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The Inca

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Share what you got. There is something relaxing about their constructions they were great builders and stonemasons.
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Memes aside, is Macedonia actually macedonian?
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general mcclellan

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Why was he such a piece of shit? All he did was bitch and make excuses.