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>moral philosopher
>eats meat
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The history of the world is the history of europe

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First aryans spreading all over the world building the ancient world
Thens greeks and romans building the base of the clasical world
That europe as a whole would embrace it later to built the modern world
From the begining to the end
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>What do you have when you have one German? You have a fine man. If you have two Germans? You have a bund. But three Germans and you have a war.

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Did the Yugoslav partisans commit a fascist genocide? Around 100,000 alleged fascists were thrown into pits.

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What's the feneral concensus on this book?

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I’m going to post this every day until you remember it
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This is how the Cheddar Race of Britain actually looked like

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Where did the myth of the Blemmyes come from? They seemed to be reported by multiple civilisations, tribes of headless men

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These battle flags the Japs used seem pretty rad. How come Europeans never did anything similar?

>inb4 regimental standards

I’m talking individual flags for each soldier, not a flag for each unit.
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