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How do race-believers explain semitic peoples of middle east looking more as Europeans then an "indo-european" pajeet
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Is Augustus of Prima Porta the most aesthetic statue ever created?

Post beautiful statues.

ITT: Post people who started a world war

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I start
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Exterminations except the jewish?

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So, are there any other great exterminations like the jewish that people are likely to forget? Im asking because my friend thinks its unacceptable to joke about jews just because they were "Systemically exterminated" while I personally hold the stance that you can either joke about everything or nothing.
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So was Atlantis just the lost civilization of the Minoans? Destroyed by a volcano, but did the island actually sink or was it just destroyed by the eruption, and the sinking myth just tacked on later?
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What is a good book on Jewish history?
Mainly interested in the early bronze age stuff, but anything is good too
Don't give me any of that /pol/ shit or pop-history garbage either.
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*arrives outside your walls*

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And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
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