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Could Nazi Germany in 1941 defeat 1914 Soviet Unions?
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ITT: "historical events" that actually did not happen

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I'll start with an obvious one.

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Hi /his/ what do you think about Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn and his analysis of jewish involment in bolshevism and political circles in Tzarist Russia/ early USSR in the book 200 Years Together? Was he right? discuss
Solzhenitsyn is considered by many to be the biggest comtemporary russian historian. for the first time an english version of his work has been fully translated in english and is available below
PS: for faggot leftie mods, this is /his/ related

What did the ancient Egyptians look like.

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What ethnic groups embody the most similar aesthetics to ancient Egyptians.
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Reconstructions of Ancient Life

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We've had historical photos and waifu threads. Lets a thread with art (mostly modern) that recreates the life of the Ancients. I'll post what I have.

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What's the historical equivalence of pic related?

Roman Empire Questions

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How multi-cultural was the Roman Empire?

How multi-ethnic was the Roman Empire?

How multi-religious was the Roman Empire?

How much did each of these contribute to its fall?
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>Invented farming
>Invented slavery
>Invented warfare
>Invented complex hive structure
>All done millions of years ago while humans were just apes throwing poop at each other
Are ants the smartest beings in existence? And if so why did they stop advancing and get overtaken by ape people? were they too small to domesticate animals?
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teleports into your attic*

"Oy Vey! Hello anon. It's your baby I've got growing inside of me. Won't you be a loving father to it? Let's play a game. I've got this old diary with some empty pages in it. You can tear out a page, write a name on one side, I'll write a rebuttal on the other, and then we'll switch. Maybe once my father's workers have all gone home, we can cuddle together in the moonlight. Come on, it'll be fun."
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