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Some of these out of place artifacts are really, really weird. How did ancient humans JUST SO HAPPEN to create figurines that look exactly like aeroplanes, or analog computers that could pinpoint astronomical occurrences with incredible accuracy (Antikytheria Mechanism)?
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Let's say in an alternate history, Germany doesn't sperg out before WW2 and just stays within its borders. If Poland had been invaded by the Soviet Union around that time, how well would they have held out? This includes any military support that other nations might lend them.
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Truth or false

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Does this have any truth to them or is it just another /pol/ack? Overall, does what this 2 people wrote have any merit to them, considering how much they obsess over Evola?


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Is this the ultimate philosophy and most superior metaphysics? Not only it can adapt to any culture, it's notion of shunyata seems the most accurate description of a higher reality, and also it's approach to mind phenomena.

Perhaps it has a lot of superstition from the cultures it absorbed but its core concepts seem pretty solid and compatible with science

What do you think /his/torians? Both in favour and against are all welcome
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Sudanese Lost Boy AMA

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For some basic info I'll greentext it
>I was about 9-10 when I was brought into my village's militia which was a few years into the conflict so let's say 1985-86
>I lived with mostly Muslims and needless to say they were African
>I was involved in the conflict for roughly 2 years give or take
>I remember various battles but can't honestly tell you if I was involved in any major offensive since it was all confusion
>I came to the states in 1990 and they put my birthday as March 3rd
>I studied at ISU for Business, go redbirds.

also pic isn't me, but still proud of them.
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s there any more overrated military unit in history than the Waffen SS? They were terrible in combat, and were meant to be Germany's elite troops. They performed worse than the regular Wehrmacht by far, and all they ever managed to do was commit atrocities that pissed off the locals into the arms of the partisans.

>3rd SS Division
>Fight in France
>Everyone else is kicking France's ass, and the 3rd SS division's greatest contribution was machine gunning 97 British POWs
>Lose 300 officers in the campaign
>Invade Soviet Union
>Everyone else is kicking the Red Army's ass all the way to Moscow
>3rd SS division gets encircled in Demyansk and lose 80% of their men

How about the 36th Waffen Grenadiers? Dirlewanger Brigade
>Biggest contribution to the war was a massacre of Polish women, children, doctors and babies in Wola
>Have a 315% casualty rate fighting Polish partisans, not even a real army
>The entire unit is replaced by reinforcements 3 fucking times fighting the Polish partisans

>The war in the Soviet Union proceeded well at first, but the cost to the Waffen-SS was extreme: by late October the Leibstandarte was at half strength due to enemy action and dysentery that swept through the ranks.[69]
>Das Reich lost 60% of its strength and was still to take part in the Battle of Moscow. The unit was decimated in the following Soviet offensive.
> The Der Führer Regiment was reduced to 35 men out of the 2,000 that had started the campaign in June.[69]
> Altogether, the Waffen-SS had suffered 43,000 casualties.[69]
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>The shroud of secession has fallen.

>Begun, the Civil War has.
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Little Augustus

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This is Romulus Augustulus, he is disputed to be the last legitimate Emperor of the Western Roman Empire.

Say something nice about him :)
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4CC Winter survey poll

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The Winter cup will be starting in 3 months.

Suggestions on which new players should be added to the team, new music and other things
should be posted in this thread. Poll will happen next week

If you are new to all this and have NO idea what this whole thing is all about, go

For information about the team, go here-
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