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Paranormal is normal.

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Is or was there a Catholic order of which the testaments of the bible are interpreted as histories of interactions between humans who had technology to live eternal life and those who were other-than/not possessing technology to live eternal life?
I am a Catholic, and though I'm spiritually starving for some community realism.

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Why it is okay to deny most Gods but deny just one more and you suddenly edgy atheist? The real Faith was always about keeping your heart to be open to all divine beings. Modern atheism is the most direct logical conclusion of the most faithless crusade that is the monotheistic battle against human nature of polytheistic spirituality.
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>every Polish hero is German, Jewish, or an expat

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Childhood is idolising Rome.
Adulthood is realising Byzantine made more sense.
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Every single time I see an ethnic map, I can't help but not notice that there is no apparent difference between a linguistic map and an ethnic map
So what's the fucking difference between ethnicity and language. And I don't mean conceptually, I mean in reality
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>Vikings were undeveloped nigg...
The swedish Viking age village of Birka was rich, flourished in trade and was one of the most developed areas in the whole baltic
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How would Romans solve the immigration crisis in they are in modern times?
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How /fit/ were people in the Middle Ages? I assume knights were generally in decent shape, but what about peasants, nobles, kings and queens?

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How should an individual live in a crazy and messed up world?
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Did the Celts actually practice human sacrifice?
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