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This is how the Cheddar Race of Britain actually looked like

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Where did the myth of the Blemmyes come from? They seemed to be reported by multiple civilisations, tribes of headless men

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These battle flags the Japs used seem pretty rad. How come Europeans never did anything similar?

>inb4 regimental standards

I’m talking individual flags for each soldier, not a flag for each unit.
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>I like history even though I think are races and cultures are the same and need to be mixed into oblivion and then the mongrel society be heavily injected with my personal subjective ideological values all while I simultaneously virtue signaling about how I’m totally not a nazi

What’s wrong with /his/ these days?
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Is Marxism defensible as an economic model?
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Like, dude...
Listen, man....
Just flank them, bro
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American history

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Where the founding fathers really benevolent dictators like they are portrayed in the TOTALLY NOT BIASED American school curriculum?
Or, as one would suspect, they actually to just be the guys on top. Did Liberalism for them mean what it means for us, or did it mean freedom of the elite to lord it over the non-landed poor people?
I think the different stance on gun rights (wrt Europeans) really shows the true history. The founding fathers were so sure they were going to lord it over the whole of American society that they wanted everyone to be armed so that they could raise their fief armies to fight against each other for their own American fiefdoms and they tried (in vane) to prevent the creation of a federal government that would dilute their power over Americans.

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Why do communists tend to be mentally ill freaks throughout history? Or bourgeois sissies like all their thought-leaders, Marx, Engels, Lenin, all were middle class at the least or outright big capitalists. Some even aristocrats. Is it just a feminine rich boy's game? No working class people can stomach half of that word-salad ideology. The best the big capitalist leaders can do is string lumpenproles on, appealing to their fellows-in-pathology.

Also why do they rename perennial concepts just to fit their LARP? E.g, Aristocracy = Vanguard? It has the aura of millenarianism.
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