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Her lewdness is a great nightmare.
Her anus is defenseless.
It contracts every time I move, looking like a second reproductive opening.
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>everyone in ancient Greece and Rome were degenerate pederasts
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What were the people of Sumeria like genetically? Are there any groups that exist today that are similar to them?
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Mexican Reconquista in America is possible?

Considering that Iberian Reconquest from Umayyads take about 781 year since the enter of first muslim in Spain and leave of the last of moor from Iberia was in 1942

Looking that white are becaming minority in the US and others etnicity are growing more than whites, and enter in America many other non-white people, latin from south america, asians, chinese, and so on.

And even mexicans within of former Mexican States that US take from Mexico, like California, New Mexico, Arizona growing up more than whites, so in 700-1000 years in future, Mexico maybe will take this land back and take more US lands like Nebraka, Kansas, and so on...

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Where did she go?

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Why did the French revolution fail where the American revolution succeeded? Both were in many ways similar, specifically being pro-Enlightenment revolts.
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I do not defend the brutality perpetuated against slaves in the United States, which was inexcusable and altogether unchristian; Saint Paul held nothing objectionable about slavery, but he does assert that masters are to treat their slaves humanely. Slaves are humans, not animals, that must always be kept in mind. I endorse Edmund Burke's suggestion for a "Negro Code" which would prohibit brutality against slaves and give them a method for earning their freedom. However I do think slavery, if its conditions were much more regulated, would have been worthwhile to keep. It kept blacks out of trouble, though of course slave trafficking is what forced them over here to begin with (I am referring to blacks once brought here, after the slave trade was abolished, most descendants of slaves). Many readers will snarl in disgust at how I just spoke of blacks, naturally, it smacks of "racialism". Surprising as this might be to you, I don't subscribe to racialist theories, and I have no fetish for "IQ", which is really nothing but a fungible quantification of potential for technical expertise; an ideal society would probably see equal IQ distribution among all the classes. But today we see a society in America where blacks are largely helpless and victimized by each other in crimes and many are recycled through the prison system. They are a dysfunctional demographic, perhaps that is simply because of their history in this country. It would have been preferable if a path to emancipation were opened for blacks, and those who could earned their way out; as slavery became less and less lucrative (as some argue it would), then slaves would find more and more
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Who would win in a street fight?

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both at their physical prime

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how common was horse bestiality in medieval times?
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