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after a month of reading, I am starting to believe that the Bolsheviks make ISIS look like a group of small innocent kittens

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How were medieval European cities designed? What facilities would be on what streets and what would be in the center of town? Where would the castle go? I'm trying to build a city in minecraft.
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Childhood is idolizing Japan.
Adulthood is realizing China makes more sense.
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>Please, lee me alone. I just want to be left alone.
>Do not bother me! I just want to be left alone.
>I tell you "Lee me alone", and you still bother me?! Why you do this?
>Now lee me alone! You try to give me this? I don't want this! I want to be left alone!
Which philosophy does this passage best encapsulate

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Most evil people in history, I'll start.
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Why didn't Byzantines just retake all of Anatolia when Ottomans were small?

Did they fear the Black warrior?
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What is the right answer?
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It is clear that all "modern" art has no purely aesthetical standpoint. What do I mean? Futurism had an idea about a new time, about machinery and man and so on. The same happened with Cubism and Dadaism. although the ideas behind were different.

It is clear that "fascist aesthetics" and the art of the third Reich had the same background. They were intertwined and interconnected with the political frameworks of these ideologies. But is it possible to have these aesthetics, to see them as an influence and to like them, while not necessary being someone who is a fascist or national socialist. Can the aesthetic and art of these times be "saved" and even reused as an influence today?

You may call me a total pleb, but the works of Arno Breker to me seem a lot more like art than anything the Dadaists did. It seems that futurism, as an example, is only excommunicated because it gets connected to fascism. It is hard to say that Italy even had something as state art, Mussolini himself said that it is a thing of the individual. (One could exclude Romaboo architecture). So, do you think that these art styles are "redeemable"?
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Boris Yeltsin

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Was Boris Yeltsin /Our guy/ /his/

>Made Russia into a democratic nation

>Transform Russia's socialist economy into a capitalist market economy.

>Made the right choice in bombing and storming the Supreme Soviet of Russia Stopping Alexander Rutskoy
and Ruslan Khasbulatov from turning Russia into a fucking communist state again.

>Finally allowing privatization of Russia's state-owned assets, ensuring a quick dismantling of the Soviet-era command economy to make way for free market reforms.

>Is loved by all people except commies.
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The Deluge

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How did PLC fuck up this badly?
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