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ITT: blonde historical figures
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>he believes George Washington was the first president

Peyton Randolph says hi.

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Does American Imperialism really exist?
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Is it worse to grow up in poverty or to become poor later on?

Would the suffering of someone who grew up poor be less than someone who became poor after being reasonably well off?

Is it okay to lessen the worth of others suffereing simply because "theyre used to it"? Wouldnt the person who became poor eventually get "used to it" as well?

Can all suffering be written off because eventually one will "get used" to his wretched state? What do you think?

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Can any one tell me about the Nahuas outside of Mexico? I've heard and read that Nahuas reached different parts of Central America. Pic related is the culture of Ometepe Island, supposedly Nahua.

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Why is japanese considered in the altaic language tree? Didn't it came from mandarin in the first place? İf so what makes languages in the same tree?

Also a general language thread
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I tried so hard

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Would it work?
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Renaissance Art Memes

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Gotta love Hironimus Bosch

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How come the Iroquois were the only Native Americans to have something close to a nation or empire? Why didn't other Natives try to do the same?
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