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*hides in the middle of your path*

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Tell me about "Papa Doc" Duvalier

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What historical tragedy brought you to the brink of tears the first time you read about it?
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Can Africa be ecologically engineered, with enough help from outside nations? Could politicians and decisionmakers of the first world actually improve Africa, not through sending food grants, but through actual solid efforts?

The Sahara being somehow turned into lush grassland would increase arable land by seventy percent. Imagine if the Kongo was repurposed for the same ideal, or if the Amazon was, for that matter.

There's two counterarguments I see to this.
>My Country(tm) would be better off ruthlessly impeding nations from economic sovereignity for their own gain
>The animals that live in these uninhabitable biomes are more precious than Human progress
Both arguments are either heartless or too emotional and I'm going to ignore them. Name ONE way geo-engineering 3rd world biomes are bad. "lolniggers" isn't a valid argument either.
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Why is that only Europe developed small local identities? I use the HRE as an example because it's borders help me with the point I'm trying to make but the same could be applied to larger European empires like the British, French, Spain they just accepted to unite under their common identity quicker then the Germans. Now try to find the idea of local identities in the Ottoman empire, whatever Chinese empire, what evidence is there of any sort of patriotism for ones town, village, city etc, it's non existent.

Is this what made Europe better than the rest of the world?
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Assumption thread

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Which era/war
Which army
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What side would you join?
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Anyone in /his/ care to help me figure out a little ontological(?) issue?
Take a look at [pic-related].
The correct solution is B, but I'm having trouble formulating exactly why it's B. An intuitive explanation would be that B is the odd one because it's the only one that doesn't have a unique visual property. However, the ability to visually determine that B is the odd one out necessarily implies that it does have a unique property, and that this property pertains to vision, therefore one could legitimately claim that B DOES have a unique visual property. B is clearly still the odd one, but one has to account for what makes the unique visual property of B different from, say, the unique visual property of C (i.e. being pink), and logically justify making a distinction between the (supposedly) different kinds of visual properties.

The best I was able to do is this: the unique property of B is the property of sharing every other property (except for itself) with at least one shape in the set, making B the only object with a self-referential unique property. Is this reasoning correct? What does philosophy have to say about different kinds of properties?
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In your opinion, what nation had the greatest mythology?

Based on narrative and aesthetics, I'd say Rome.
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How would a large-scale conflict be fought today? I imagine close air support and other sorts of indirect fire would play a greater role.

Also, should I evade the draft if such a conflict did break out?