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>/his/ wants to firebomb this
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What happens if Germany doesn't start the war in 39?
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So let me get this straight. Western writing from Greece and Rome was only preserved by:

>Irish monks

What in the actual fuck were Europeans doing where they couldn't save their own writings?
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>bans western music during ww2
>closes down dance halls in the 1930s and 40s
>tries to suppress western culture during the militarist period
>considers western hair styles "haram"
Where the Japanese ultranationalists secretly Muslim? with the exception of Japanese culture they looked like they were against all sorts of fun during the 1930s in 1940s. Was Emperor Hirohito Muhammad and Allah? Sounds like Islam to me.

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Why did the English despise Mary, Queen of Scots so?
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Now, thanks to me, people talk about Hiroshima, Auschwitz, and Dresden; all in one breath.
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Abraham Lincoln: Savior or Tyrant?

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Was Lincoln the savior of the Union or a tyrant who couldn't allow the South to defy his will? Was John Wilkes Booth justified in what he did?
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You have 10 seconds to explain 1 (ONE) unique invention or accomplishment by the Roman Empire, or this angry businessman will hit you with a bat.

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Was William Lyon Mackenzie King Canada’s greatest leader?

Also Canadian history general
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modern art bad
baroque and neoclassic good