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What does religious art music mean to you?

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Can someone explain Peron to me? On paper he seems like a terrible leader who destroyed his country and yet Argies treat him like a national hero.
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Post your favorite generals from your country

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Why do all leftists hate white people?
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Naval Battle of Myeongnyang

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Is it possible? This is ridiculous..

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Which is worse, communism or fascism?
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History moments that triggered you

About Kalmar

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What happen if Kalmar Union hadn't been decommissioned ?

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>tfw wealthy, educated reform Jews with an average iq of 130 will never truly accept you as one of their own no matter how many BBQs they invite you to
>tfw you will always be a stupid goy and the only shot you have at marrying a voluptuous 130 iq Jewess is if you are a literal self made millionaire and even then marrying a goy is still a shonda

why live?
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