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Do you want to know the truth? Do you want to know what really happened in Rwanda?

It's really simple. What happened in Rwanda in 1994 never happened. That's right it never happened. The so-called "Rwandan genocide" did it happen and it was actually hutus killing hutus instead of the so-called famed documentation which claimed that hutus were killing Tutsis. The truth of the matter is it did not happen. Now why would they say that a genocide happened? It's really that simple Rwanda did not have a Rothschild run Bank in 1994 so the globalists needed a way to demonize a country that was trying to become independent of the West.

yes the president of Rwanda that was killed was anti-communist and thus he was on the side of the West. True. But at the same time it was the very globalists the Rothschilds the Soros the Rockefellers Etc who backed the Tutsis when the Western Global imperialists were imposing their Western model on Rwanda favoring the Tutsis over the hutus. the hutus fought back in 1994 and since then they have been demonized by the globalists. All because they did not have a Rothschild Bank Run by the globalists and by the American Financial Elite. Isn't it such a coincidence that the Kagame regime today is pro-israel and it's Israel and the zionists would like to talk about the fairytale genocide that are that apparently occurred in Rwanda but no evidence has proven otherwise? I'm just asking questions.

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Does /his/ really care about true history? I defy anyone here to refute any of these posts.

Do you know how did Anne Frank died? Pic related.

The US had their own interment camps for US Japanese.

Jews died. From best we can can tell around 300,000-900,000.

There was no large scale extermination. The gas chambers are obviously a lie.

The deaths were via starvation and typus (what Anne Frank herself died of in April 1945 at the end of the war).

Germans could not feed and provide material for themselves, much less their jew POWs. The same thing would have happened to the US japaneese POWs had the US mainland came under such massive duress.

When you are shown pictures of the dead jews the allies found at the end of the war, those are typus (mostly) and starvation victims. Gassing does not somehow magically make you emaciated and skinny.

Their emaciation clearly indicates they were kept alive for as long as possible.

They were treated extremely well (by POW standards) until the last months of the war, when Germany was cut off from material and fuel due to allied bombing and the two fronts closing in. When they couldn't even take care of their own citizens, of course the POWs were going to get the worst of it.

e.g like it was pointed out above, Anne Frank (a child) was still alive until April 1945, literally weeks before the end of the war, and she died of the TYPHUS outbreak that plagued Germany throughout the war. Even the jews admit this. And her father survived the camp... living until 1980, becoming wealthy telling her daughter's "story".

It's a shame Germans didn't take precautions to prevent the typhus outbreak that plagued Germany thoughout the war... e.g. disinfecting people with the primary typhus treatment at the time, the pesticide Zyklon B which kills the insect that causes typhus, and burning typhus diseased corpses and clothing etc. like the British did when they liberated her camp.

Oh wait...
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Is calling a neoliberal a marxist, similar to calling a neocon, a fascist?
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Ask a Civil War reenactor anything: April Fools Edition

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tfw got stuck with #TeamChocolate
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>hear that carter is called a bad president in part because of the "malaise speech"
>look the speech up
>everything he says is accurate
>he lost to a senile sociopathic b-movie actor for telling the truth

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How do I into Hinduism?

Pic related made me realise the divine is real.
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Why did some gladiators put a big weird hook blade hand arm cap on their left arm?
Like, what are the pros other than not being able to drop it?
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What exactly was the Japanese strategy in the Pacific to defeat the US? I've read that they understand a total victory over the US was impossible, so they sought to invade and occupy key islands in the Pacific and cripple the US Navy before they could be sent to attack their defensive positions, hence Pearl Harbor.
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Catholicism: I have some questions

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I never had a confirmation but I was baptized and had my first communion. Am I still Catholic? I was raised Catholic but I feel pretty agnostic, I don't really go to church except for Christmas and sometimes with my grandparents in the summer when I visit them, I'm not sure I want to be part of the church but for some reason not being conferred really bothers me. How do I go about learning more about Catholicism, just read a Catholic bible? I don't think I feel comfortable talking with a priest or anything like that at the moment.
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