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Book lists

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I found this on another board and was wondering if there were more since it says "Start with the Greeks"
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>*blocks your path
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Could Tenochtitlan have been saved?

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Serious question, I mean it seems that the moctezuma guy had submited to Charles V and the spanish were well treated until the spanish chimped out and killed their main people in a party.

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Why do so many different cultures have beliefs of ancient man-eating giants?
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what kind of books do jewish chads read?


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I think we need a nice Ancient Egypt thread. I rarely see any discussion of Ancient Egypt that isn't just the same Kangz jokes.
Spill your Egyptiana, /his/.
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Did the Greeks worship the Titans before the Olympians, or were the Titans just backstory that was created after the fact?
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Roman Multiculturalism and Imperial Multiculturalism

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Did Rome ultimately do anything particularly wrong when it came to its multicultural policies? That is to say, had they gone about things differently, is it likely that the empire could've endured all the invasions and problems that arose in the latter centuries?

As a second question, I'm wondering if you think it's possible to create a multicultural empire without undermining the values and traditions of the founders or force-assimilating those that come under your rule. Could there have ever been a Roman Empire without extending the rights and citizenships to others? Could you ever grow and keep it a closed circle? If so, by what kind of rule? Of course, I'm talking about a scenario where you're ruling over others in a peaceful way, without keep them in a retarded slavish state or watching over them like Big Brother.
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What's your opinion on the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, /his/?
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When will we start hanging revisionists?

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>Well known historical fact
>"No dude it was actually the truth is THE EXACT OPPOSITE of what you believe lmao"
>"Well maybe there's some truth in both views"
>NO, the old belief is 100% wrong, while my new REVOLUTIONARY theory is 100% correct and will remain so for eternity"
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