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Alternative history

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How could you get federal france and federal UK?
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German empire thread

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Itt, we talk about the 2ND REICH aka, the best reich of Germany, including its emperors.
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Is the English flag an nordic cross from back when we vikings conquered England?
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Has spying made any meaningful difference post WW2? Did it actually affect anything in the cold war, or was it a waste of the lives lost due to it?
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>tfw Maronite Catholic Lebanese¨
>original people of Lebanon before dirty Mohammedans showed up
>first Christians (Syriac church of the levant)
>descendant of the Phoenicians
>Stupid Berber Tunisians claim your ancestry
>Dumb niggers claim your ancestry (Like with everyone else)
>Stupid germanic barbarians claim your ancestry

Phoenicians aren't even that known to normies, i honestly can't even imagine how bad you Greeks and Italians have it.
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be careful of who you call retarded chink in school

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Why do psychologists get to decide whether a person's gender is legitimate and not philosophers?

Psychologists don't even know what diachronic identity is.

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I found a copy of Jnaneshwar's Gita at a library book sale for fifty cents.

How did I do? Has anyone read into this? Normally I would prefer a regular translation of the Gita to accompany my religious texts, but I figured that I may as well impulse-buy this and see how it is.

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Without lendlease of U.S. of A. soviet union definitely would have been lost to nazis
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