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how did Luther destroy European Civilization?

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i keep seeing this meme, which is essentially the "Germany destroying Europe" meme that is tossed around here

i get the other 3, but Luther?
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Was USSR peak of human civilization and humanity?
USSR thread
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Why was Germany unable to force a favorable peace to WWI?
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ITT: Historical figures who deserved better endings

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I'll start with Hannibal
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>be /pol/tard
>go on /his/
>expect others to be likeminded to your ideology
>instead get assblasted by ideological enemies
>all this time you thought you were popular
Many such cases!
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How the fuck did Singapore become so powerful economically?
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>Furthermore, I consider that Carthage must be destroyed

What did he mean by this?

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What are some good literary works to aid in removing preconceived notions and prejudices from the human mind? I believe, after years of browsing /pol/ and accepting all statements at face value, that I am troubled by severe cognitive dissonance. What books can aid in becoming more receptive and questioning? Pic unrelated.
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