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History noob trying to get started, I've been listening to some of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. I'm not sure about /his/ disposition towards him so forgive me if I unwittingly unleash a shitposting frenzy. Finding them really interesting and the in-depth analysis he goes into is great. Downsides being, they're long as fuck and I also feel you need at least some basic background knowledge on the subject to fully appreciate the content. On top of that, he doesn't cover a massive amount of topics thus far.

Can you guys recommend any Podcasts, Audiobooks or Youtube channels that are of similar quality that are maybe more noob friendly and perhaps start's with basic foundation level shit and then builds on it. Not fussed what era of history at the moment because I'm not too sure what interests me yet. I'm just dipping my toes in. Maybe a broad selection would be good to explore.

Would also love something similar on Politics & Philosophy if you know of it. Cheers lads.

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How was the life of a poacher in the middle ages?

Specifically were poachers part of a bigger gang or whatever constituted as a gang back then?

Did they have families, and if so how did their families lived compared to the families of serfs and or freemen.

What type of Range weapons did they most commonly used?

And finally what made them into Poachers?
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You have 10 seconds to name one significant Ottoman contribution to the world.
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Is it valid to compare Kurdistan to Quebec?
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I know it's unrealistic, but what would have happend if this was actually implemented?
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What does /his know about conquistadors
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Why is the Reichstag fire the only historically accepted proof of a false flag happening? Every other false flags in history seems to be either "alleged" or dismissed as "conspiracy theories".
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so 17,000,000–22,000,000 chinese die at the hands of the japanese but OY VEY REMEMBER THE 6 BAJILLION FIRST!

what the HECK is that all about.
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What's /his/ opinion on him?

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