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The oldest songs

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What are the oldest songs that we know how they sounded?
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African History General

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who else here /afriking/?
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Were most of viking warriors women along with their high ranked ones?
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What was the most helpful Commonwealth nation during WW2?

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>The Christian doctrine of the Trinity (Latin: Trinitas, lit. 'triad', from trinus, "threefold")[2] holds that God is three consubstantial persons[3] or hypostases[4]—the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit—as "one God in three Divine Persons". The three persons are distinct, yet are one "substance, essence or nature" (homoousios).[5] In this context, a "nature" is what one is, whereas a "person" is who one is.

I think it is fair too say that Christians are retarded.

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what was life like here?
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Looking For Books On The Holocaust

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So I spent my time in /pol/ and came out doubting a lot of details about the holocaust. I still doubt them to some degree, but I've also grown to trust pol much less and I've acknowledged that a lot of what got me to doubt the holocaust was good memes that aren't necessarily based on anything true.
I would like to come to a more reality based view of the holocaust, whichever position that ends up being. What books can I read that deal with this from a critical view on both sides? Are there any books which are in response to each other dealing with each others assertions? I don't want to just read up on one side of the issue and act like I've tried to research the problem, but I also feel like if it's just me deciding which books best represent both sides then I'm kind of deciding which view I want to take by choosing the books that are most likely to affirm that view.
Any help is appreciated
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>"yesterday I read an article… if was as if she'd addressed it directly to me…. (it) says that during puberty girls withdraw into themselves and begin thinking about the wondrous changes taking place in their bodies. I feel that too….Sometimes when I lie in bed at night I feel a terrible urge to touch my breasts and listen to the quiet, steady beating of my heart. Unconciously, I had these feelings even before I came here. Once when I was spending the night at Jacque's, I could no longer restrain my curiousity about her body…I asked her whether, as proof of our friendship, we could touch each other's breasts. Jacque refused. I also had a terrible desire to kiss her, which I did. Every time I see a female nude, such as the Venus in my art history book, I go into ectasy…"

>the Definitive Edition, the Diary of A Young Girl, Anne Frank, edited by Otto Frank/Mirjam Pressler, translated by Susan Massoty, published by Anchor Books/Doubleday, 1st American Edition 1995: pgs 161-162

Obscure battles thread

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post obscure or lesser known military confrontations of history. I'll start:

>Battle of Lepanto (Holy League against the Ottoman Empire)
>last major naval battle fought mostly by galleys
>commemorated in a catholic feast day (Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary)
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