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This thread is just about how one cultured viewed other cultures and historical figures for example this Persian Depiction of Alexander the Great who is depicted here talking to Elijah the Hebrew Prophet and Khidr the Immortal Saint while Jinns build the Great Wall of China for him to keep the Gog And Magog in Mongolia
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If it weren't for shit like the Zimmerman Telegram and Franz von Papen fucking around in the USA, would they have stayed out of WW1?

Discussion Thread: The Troubles

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What does /his/ think/know about the Troubles?

Whose fault was it?
Who was the worst? IRA? RUC? UDA?
Alternatively, do you think they could come back?

My family are all eiraboos (American, obviously) so it'd be interesting to hear from anyone who actually knows what the hell they're talking about
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its no wonder people converted to islam so quickly the feats of their first empires would have made anyone think god truely was on their side
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So exactly what the hell were Europeans doing during the Bronze Age?
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Communist Russia=Evil Empire
Communist China=Good fren
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how much did muslims really contribute to technological advancement?

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they had a number of good scientists that i know of like al-khawarzmi and al-idrisi etc
but how much did it really matter in terms of advancing human knowledge?
all answers i got were nothing europeans invented everything hurr hurr or it was all in the quran my brudda
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Opinion of this guy /his/?
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What was religion for the first humans and protohumans like?

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ITT: BASED Monarchs
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