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old flags are always look better.
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Thread stolen from /r9k/

>But there's also a big problem. There are no people of colour in the game beyond people from the Cuman tribe, a Turkic people from the Eurasian Steppe. The question is, should there be? The game's makers say they've done years of research and found no conclusive proof there should be, but a historian I spoke to, who specialises in the area, disagrees.

>"We know of African kings in Constantinople on pilgrimage to Spain; we know of black Moors in Spain; we know of extensive travel of Jews from the courts of Cordoba and Damascus; we also know of black people in large cities in Germany," the historian, Sean Miller, tells me. Czech cities Olomouc and Prague were on the famous Silk Road which facilitated the trade of goods all over the world. If you plot a line between them, it runs directly through the area recreated in Kingdom Come. "You just can't know nobody got sick and stayed a longer time," he says. "What if a group of black Africans came through and stayed at an inn and someone got pregnant? Even one night is enough for a pregnancy."

Is this true /his/? Should this game be patched to fit in more historical accuracy?
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Ancient Egyptians

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Were they genetically White Europeans?
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>Average middle class Roman house
>Average middle class modern house

What went wrong?
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This is the greatest building the richest man in history could come up with (because of IQ reasons)

Say something nice about it
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Even after the bombings, were the Japanese ultimately grateful to Americans for liberating them from their tyrannical, imperial regime, and progressing them into a proper first-world developed country?
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Why did it fail /his/?
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If paganism was so great, why did it get completely subsumed and replaced by Christianity?
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How come Orthodox slavs post-Medieval times were so against writing? Even muslims slavs such as Bosnians had dictionaries before Orthodox slavs such as Russians and Serb.
Not hating on anything, but really just interested, because the argument of Ottoman empire being invader can't be used on Russia too

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>black history month
>no threads about black history
wtf /his/?
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