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How come there aren't any nigh invulnerable heroes like Achilles anymore? Did the gods just stop liking sex with us?
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Post more pics like this
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>Plate Armor wasn't common and used in Medieval times
Why do people still parrot this blatant lie?
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I used to make fun of the French for surrendering until I learned about WWI and how bravely they fought, now hearing people make fun of the French surrendering makes me angry because of how many millions of young French men died like cattle.
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According to liberals the Crusades happened because Christians were jealous of the peaceful chill Muslims who discovered algebra and smoked marijuana. The Christians were jealous of how big the Muslims' penises were and wanted to compensate for this by spreading their Dark Age mentality of oppressing science, women, and racial minorities to the Muslim world. When in reality the First Crusade was a Catholic counterattack against Muslims for invading Jerusalem 400 years earlier.
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Do you think that our scientific and technological achievement could be further accelerated had the western world adopt chinese-style abacus into mainstream during the renaissance?

Seems like abacus (and not the ones used by east asian countries) only have a very limited role in 15th century all the way to, well, today. Imagine its application in all thing related to mathematics, especially stuff that require number crunching like in surveying, astronomy, navigation, book keeping, even calculating trajectory of a cannon

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Is taxation theft? What are the legitimate arguments for taxation as theft? What are the arguments against it? Do you personally feel either side has produced a definitive answer to this question?
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Charlemagne was the greatest king of all time
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*unironically causes both world wars*
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