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This is true Christianity /his/.
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What are your personal favorite historical books
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Friedrich Hayek

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>Read Road to Serfdom
>Guys, any minimal involvement of the government is the first step of a Totalitarian State that will enslave us and even tell us how to breath.
>Communism=Fascism=Everything except the wonderful "Liberal" England of the Industrial Revolution

Now I see how this delusional zealot is the idol of libertards

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Which US president has bedded the most women? And how many?
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Mid-Century Modern Architecture

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What makes this American style from the 1950s and 60s so interesting?

inb4 Googie

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>Tactile Dinner: A multi-course meal featured in Marinetti's The Futurist Cookbook. Pajamas have been prepared for the dinner, each one covered with a different material such as sponge, cork, sandpaper, or felt. As the guests arrive, each puts on a pair of the pajamas. Once all have arrived and are dressed in pajamas, they are taken to an unlit, empty room. Without being able to see, each guest chooses a dinner partner according to their tactile impression. The guests then enter the dining room, which consists of tables for two, and discover the partner they have selected.

>The meal begins. The first course is a 'polyrhythmic salad,' which consists of a box containing a bowl of undressed lettuce leaves, dates and grapes. The box has a crank on the left side. Without using cutlery, the guests eat with their right hand while turning the crank with their left. This produces music to which the waiters dance until the course is finished.

>The second course is 'magic food', which is served in small bowls covered with tactile materials. The bowl is held in the left hand while the right picks out balls made of caramel and filled with different ingredients such as dried fruits, raw meat, garlic, mashed banana, chocolate, or pepper. The guests cannot guess what flavor they will encounter next.

>The third course is 'tactile vegetable garden,' which is a plate of cooked and raw green vegetables without dressing. The guest eats the vegetables without the use of their hands, instead burying their face in the plate of vegetables, feeling the sensation of the greens on their face and lips. Each time a guest raises their head to chew, the waiters spray their face with perfume.

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*blocks your bus seat*

Psst.....nothing personnel.....whitey

/his/ video games

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What are some /his/ approved games?
I've been having some free time lately so I picked up Ultimate General: Civil War. It's fucking great. There's some bugs and weird shit (it's still in testing phase), but completely playable, and also the best AI I ever saw in a video game.
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ITT: Huge historical misconceptions you've heard or believed

I'll start

>Forgot Portugal even existed until we covered the spice trade in middle school, for some reason thought the entire Iberian was Spain
>Thought Islam was some super cool religion that was uber pacifist and respected women heavily (watched a misleading documentary in our Gateway world history class)
>Thought the ancient Egyptians were black (Blame living in Louisiana)
>Thought that the Byzantine Empire was just the Turks wanting to imitate the Romans (Middle school history teacher explained the split horribly)
>Thought there were only 3 crusades
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