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What is this facial expression trying to convey?
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Is he /ourguy/?
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Post your best

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>you will never fuck her while her child is popping out
why even live?
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>be culture with beautiful art and temples
>at the same time practice cannibalism and child sacrifice
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Why are they so nationalistic?

They can't stop talking about Pakistan even when they do unrelated things. Do they really have something to be proud of?
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>invaded by indo Europeans
>invaded by celts
>invaded by romans
>invaded by anglo saxons
>invaded by Danes
>invaded by Normans
Brief period of dominance under French rulers

Why is the history of Britain a history of near endless foreign invasions?

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Alesia. Home.

Great Vietnamese famine under Japanese and French occupation

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>The Vietnamese Famine of 1945 (Vietnamese: Nạn đói Ất Dậu - Famine of the Yiyou Year) was a famine that occurred in northern Vietnam in French Indochina during World War II from October 1944 to late 1945, which at the time was under Japanese occupation from 1940. Between 400,000 and 2 million people are estimated to have starved to death during this time.[1][2] The demographics vary from French estimates of 600,000-700,000 dead, to official Vietnamese numbers of 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 victims.

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I have a serious question about Africa and colonialism. The concept of colonialism is painted as a one way street where the enemy “invades” and tries to impose their own rules and essentially take over. However, if you look at China’s recent colonization of Africa, it’s obvious that the relationship is a two way street between the governments. The issue here is that both parties know that Africa will end up defaulting on their loans and then China will end up owning a ton of infrastructure in Africa. How is that colonialism? That’s just Africans being retarded and I’m sure they’ll do everything to not take responsibility and just blame evil imperialists. It makes me wonder how much of Africa’s history has absolutely nothing to do with evil infiltrators and everything to do with African governments not being able to manage outside prospects.
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