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What are the best arguments against libertarianism and anarcho-capitalism. My friend got into libertarianism pretty heavily and his ideal vision is the abolition of government. I'm pretty politically undecided but I i'm interested in good arguments against my friend's world view.
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Is this (((edited))) or was he that retarded?


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>be Nazi at Nuremberg trials
>get convicted of using atomic death rays to evaporate Jews
>there is no Proof, that’s because it was so advanced
How can someone believe in the hoocaust?
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100 years ago today Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg were brutally murdered by the Freikorps.
Say something nice about them.
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Was the British blockade during WW1 as decisive as it's made out to be? It seems like Germany declaring war on her largest trading partners and diverting labor and resources from its agricultural sector had a greater impact on the economy.
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Filipino history

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What are some interesting things about the history of the Philippines?

Is it true that they are the most powerful race in the world?
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Why were the vikings able to easily conquer the Saxons yet couldn't conquer the Irish, Welsh, Scots and Picts?
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>tfw ENFP from age 0-13
>become depressed
>go from ENFP to INFJ
>only time I can turn myself back into an ENFP is if I have sex or drink alcohol

Is there any other way to get back?

Western africa

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How does one region cause so much asshurt?
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