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Any fans of alternate history here?

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What is your favorite AH timeline? Mine's Monarchy World by Tony Jones
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Based Stalin

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the god-tier guy who plotted against almost everybody including some of the most sneaky and ruthless motherfuckers of the 20th century, like many of the old the Bolsheviks and NKVD chiefs, and yet nobody dared to try assassinate him for once throughout the 30 years of his based rule
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Why did people stop using biplanes and move on to monoplanes, why did they use the Biplane design in the first place?
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>mfw 2017 and still to Emperor in sight

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why did people(wh*Tes) wh*Tewash pirates when most of them were BLACK & MUSLIM?
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How effective were slingers?

I don't think I would be bothered being hit that much by a stone, anywhere but the head.

And if I wore a simple helmet I wouldn't care about being hit in the head either.

Why use these instead of bows?
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Historical manlets thread

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Sure, Jews discovered YHWH, but what other role have they played in Western society that makes it explicitly Judeo-Christian?
From what I see, it's only Christian based, every town/city I've been to and walked around in(extensively, at that) has only had Churches, no Synagogues.
I can't even think of any Hospitals or Universities that are based off of Jewish origin, but I can think if many that are based off of Christian origin.
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VIETNAM WAR (1955-1975)

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EU friendly link for the new Ken Burns doco :

the Vietcong perspective of Cu Chi :

All discussion about the tragic and aesthetic war of Vietnam goes in here
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History speaking, why are dragons so fucking awesome? In Asia they thought dragons were fucking benevolent creatures associated with water. In Europe they were literally satanic beasts that only killed and horded treasure because they were a spawn of satan. But motherfuckers, dragons are fucking cool. Post some pics of history related pictures of dragons from Europe and Asia.
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