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What's the deal with liturgic languages, /his/?
With Catholics with their Latin/Koine Greek, Orthodox with their Koine Greek, Folk Chinese religions with their Classical Chinese, and Islam with its classical arabic, why were many religions prone to stick with ancient languages as time marched onwards?
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Many things remain the same throughout history, but just as many - items of culture, perspective, grow entirely alien as time goes on.

Humor seems to be in the exact middle.

Has anyone given serious study to the change of humor through the passage of time and culture - and the real driving forces behind these changes? That would be incredibly interesting to read.


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Post your favourite /his/torical artwork ITT.

It can be anything, preferably realism or pre-realist but again - anything goes.
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>No armour thread
Armour thread or I shiggidiggi.
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Who killed JFK?

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Why was John F. Kennedy and his brother assassinated? Was it really Lee Harvey Oswald?

I always sort of assumed it was the mafia that did it as revenge for JFK cracking down on organized crime after they went through the trouble of helping him rig the 1960 election, and that LHO was either framed by the mafia to take the heat off or was a patriot trying to prevent the killing. The fact that LHO ended up getting whacked as well only furthers my suspicion.

What do you think?
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Why did democracy originate in Greece and not in say Africa or China or Scandinavia? And why did it take so long — 2,000 years! — until another nation (the USA) adopted it?

Nietzsche gives a hint when he talks about the quantity and quality of Greek personalities — unrivalled in all of antiquity — before which even the Renaissance pales. So, first off, realize that, after removing women, children and slaves, only about 10,000 Athenians voted. Athenian democracy was not about empowering the weak, but about a very powerful average people whom no one was strong enough to bring to heel and rule. Democratic tendencies — when they appear naturally, through the will of the people, as in America and France, not imposed on them by outside as in the third world today — are a symptom of advancing civilization, and of a plurality of wills and voices that are becoming increasingly harder to control. In Greece this occurred 2,000 years before anywhere else simply due to how absurdly civilized that nation was compared to any other. So educated, inquisitive, multifarious and demanding that, at times, there was simply no one around strong enough to control them, and that's when and why democracy was instituted — not as an ideal solution, but simply for lack of a better one, to avoid a complete disintegration of society. And that's why Sparta never became democratic. Sparta was strong, but stupid — almost uncivilized compared to Athens. Even in Rome republican tendencies would take centuries to evolve, and would never get anywhere near how far in this direction the Athenians went, simply because the Romans — even at the height of their powers — were nowhere near as civilized as the Greeks had earlier been.
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Memeball Thread
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>pre-Islamic deities of the Middle East
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*turns your brick city into marble*

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Why is China the most autistic country on earth? They have autistic philosophies such as Daoism, and they are shit at waging war.
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