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Muhammad in Islam

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Why is Muhammad so important in Islam, I haven't really been able to find a straight answer, why is he so revered if Jesus is the Messiah?

Why is the Quran mostly filled with his stories? How come he didn't go the way of moses?
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*blocks your development*
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Anyone of you fellow burgers out there know any cool folklore? Local legends and all that
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How really big the USA's industrial output compared to each other single participant in WW2?
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What was the greatest time in European history?

Most people tell me between the Frano-Prussian war and WWI
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Is Germany a cancer to Europe

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What was the worst ivention in the history of mankind?
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Medieval Helmet Styles

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What is you favorite medieval helmet style? Pic related, is late 16th century Italian Armet.
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He was right about literally everything, wasn't he?