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Hey Anons, just a reminder that time is a flat circle.

Have a nice Saturday night that you will repeat without you knowing. You aint gonna do shit.
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>When you realize every conspiracy theory throughout history has literally been formulated by Capitalists to distract from their dodgy backroom dealings
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What are your personal favorite historical books
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>European civilization was built on the teachings of a sandnigger's wife's son

What did whites mean by this?

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If God and Allah are the same entity? Then which side would he support when two sides are battling with each other?

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>muh constitutive lack
>muh traumatic kernel

Memes aside, what do you think of Zizek as a philosopher? Thinking more his ontology than his critiques of ideology
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Was he the first degenerate performance artist?

>Can't paint or draw for shit
>Takes his anger over his inferior draftsmanship out on the art world
>Large theatrical performances and speeches
>Art as communication
>Art deals with theories of life and ideals, i.e. ideal states
>Addicted to drugs
>Initially a socialist
>Alienated close friends
>Killed self

Did we just not get it?
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What's so hard to believe that modern Egyptians are the same as ancient Egyptians?
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does /his/ support their local museum. I'm thinking about buying a $55 dollar membership to my local history place, here is some shit they have planned
Second Wednesdays: Historical Lecture Series
August 9 - Two Days That Shook Kern County: The 65th Anniversary of the 1952 Earthquakes
September 13 - The Ku Klux Klan in Kern County
October 11 - The Photographs of Christian A. Nelson: 1889-1913
November 8 - Bakersfield's "Map to the Stars" Homes
Third Wednesdays: Artifacts Come to Life Series
August 16 - Colonel Thomas Baker
September 27 - California Indian Artifacts: Charmstones, Shamans, and Warfare
October 18 - The 'Oh Be Joyful' Trip from Bakersfield to Mt. Whitney 1883-1904
November 15 - World War I: The War to End All Wars

I could also get free admission to the local zoo and natural science museum included with my membership.

Am I getting screwed out of $50

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>US history

Even as an American, I find US history to be extremely boring.
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