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ITT: historical moments you wish you had witnessed
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ITT: Post famous animals from history

pic related, a stray mutt from the streets of Mocow who became the first creature on Earth to go into space
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How did they turn from the most militarily advanced in europe to least advanced ones?
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Royal Navy

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It was big
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Deutschland Über Alles

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The Germany-hatred meme is getting pretty old, desu. The Nazis may have been shit-tier, and Kaiser Willy was an autist, but let's not ignore the fact that the Germans are a people with a rich, fascinating history consisting of innumerable contributions to the arts, philosophy and science.
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>byzantines were roman
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ITT: Hilarous historical moments

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>that time when the French conquered Mexico for the lulz, and then withdrew because the US told them to
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Now that the Albanians are chimping out about the 10 year anniversary of this shithole, let's have a thread related to it's history.
>All is welcome from illustrations, stories, monuments and general fact.
>25 year rule stands so exclude anything recent
>preferably medieval history and anything before that
Refrain from turning this into a balkanigger shitshow, this is not /pol/ or /int/, try to restrain yourself from namecalling, blaming or shitposting in general
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Violence in History

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On average, what portion of adult males in classical antiquity would have ever killed another person?