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Why didn't Stalin and Hitler personally met before Nazi Germany declared war on USSR? Was Hitler afraid?

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>yfw you realize sparta actually existed
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Why did the Nazis perform so badly in Bavaria? Wasn't the Nazi movement literally founded there?
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Haplocancer aside, is there actually ANY proof of Scythians speaking an Indo-European language?
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Meanwhile on bizarro /his/
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What is your interpretation of hell? Pretty sure it is crowded by now, but at the same you will feel eternal loneliness once there. Pretty fucked up.
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Why gulags are depicted as some huge attrocity? even US uses prisoners as cheap labor. I know that in gulags conditions were very bad but so they are in US prisons
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African Masks

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Why are masks an ubiquitous cultural feature of traditional societies on the African continent? Did any other continent-wide civilization compare to that trend?
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so which bits of history are "yours", /his/?
>alright so , are there really many "histories"? if so, how are lines drawn between them?
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Is this the most horrendously Bastardized song in history?
Originally a Polish Nationalist Revolutionary song in the mid 19th Century but was later used and twisted into a socialist song, removing all mentions of Poland and the struggle for National Sovereignty replacing it with 'red flag' over the Polish flag.
It is a wonderful song, which is mostly why it became so popular and many countries had their iterations.
Sadly, the latter is recognized a lot more than the former.