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History speaking, why are dragons so fucking awesome? In Asia they thought dragons were fucking benevolent creatures associated with water. In Europe they were literally satanic beasts that only killed and horded treasure because they were a spawn of satan. But motherfuckers, dragons are fucking cool. Post some pics of history related pictures of dragons from Europe and Asia.
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>Be Jewish
>Never been into a church in my life
>Visit a Catholic Cathedral in Washington DC
So... is it all Christian groups who like ridiculous opulence, or just Catholics?
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/his/ I demand you, give me ALL the information on Kim Il-Sung's North Korea you can. Books, statistics, whatever.
I've become very interested in it lately but unfortunately the place is so isolated the only information that consists of it are like mythical unicorns.
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ITT: Historical characters who were big guys

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was Cesar Chavez the most important leader in latin american history?
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Who approved the design and construction of the pyramids?
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"Hellevik, being exposed to the highest pressure gradient and in the process of moving to secure the inner door, was forced through the 60 centimetres (24 in) in diameter opening created by the jammed interior trunk door by escaping air and violently dismembered, including bisection of the thoracoabdominal cavity which further resulted in expulsion of all internal organs of the chest and abdomen except the trachea and a section of small intestine and of the thoracic spine and projecting them some distance, one section later being found 10 metres (30 ft) vertically above the exterior pressure door."

Do you find that to be a horrible way to die? Is it more horrendous than, say, getting stabbed in the stomach with a sword in the middle of a battle, in your opinion?
If you had for some reason to sentence a (innocent) person to die in one of these 2 ways, which one would you pick?
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Normally I go to r/cmv for this sort of thing, but for some reason the moderators don't trust the account I''m currently using, so I'm gonna ask you guys.

What was so bad about McCarthyism that distinguished it from the current discrimination against conservatives in Hollywood and Silicon Valley?

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Has there ever been a more autistic concept in history than an elective monarchy?
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