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>people used to kill each other with these
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Been reading some Epictetus. The man seems like an absolute genius.
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On a scale of 0 to 0, how many kangz lived in Viking Age Northern Europe?
>b-b-but by grasping at the broadest of straws and theorizing with the least amount of evidence we can conceive a scenario where some may have ended up there despite being as unlikely as winning the power ball. therefore it must be true. WE!
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Quick hypothetical: What would the Japanese soldiers do in WW2 if they captured a Japanese-American soldier?
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Is Democracy the best system?
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Without religion, what are some legit alternative to nihilism?
Serious thread and no religious proselytism please.
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What do you consider to be the turning point of the 2nd world war?
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The Ottomans actually made multiple attempts to join the Entente before entering the war on the side of the Central Powers. The Ottomans were absolutely terrified of Russia at this point in time, they were hoping that if they could join the Entente, Britain and France would force Russia to back off, just as they'd done during the Crimean war. When the Ottomans attempted to approach a French diplomat with their proposal, they were sharply rebuffed. Attempts to contact the British government went about as well.

Running out of options, the Ottomans did the unthinkable. They went to the Russian embassy in Istanbul and asked the Russian ambassador there if he'd be willing to promote the idea of an Ottoman-Russian alliance against the Central Powers. The Ottomans promised that they support the Czar's war against Germany if they received some assurance that the Czar would respect Ottoman territorial sovereignty. Specifically, the Ottomans requested that Russia stop trying to create an independent state for Armenians in East Anatolia. In exchange, the Ottomans would enter the Great War on the side of Russia and the Entente.

The Russian ambassador responded with surprising enthusiasm, and he contacted the Russian government with the proposal. The answer that he received was only that Russia would respect Ottoman neutrality during the war if the Ottomans agreed to remain neutral. The Russian government did not entertain even the vaguest notion of a military alliance, and they made no promises that Ottoman territorial sovereignty would be respected after the war. With no other options, the Ottomans turned to Germany as their last hope.

However, even the Germans weren't entirely sure that they wanted the Ottomans on their side. In the end, Kaiser Wilhelm II himself made the decision (against the predominant opinion) that the Ottomans should be accepted into the Central Powers.
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What happened to the Turkic people in the Ottoman Empire?
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