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I was told that the Inca empire was a communist utopia, but then I read this.

>In the ancient empire of the Incas, sex was a heavily regulated industry. The sun-king Atahualpa kept fifteen hundred women in each of many “houses of virgins” throughout his kingdom. They were selected for their beauty and were rarely chosen after the age of eight—to ensure their virginity. But they did not all remain virgins for long: They were the emperor’s concubines. Beneath him, each rank of society afforded a harem of a particular legal size. Great lords had harems of more than seven hundred women. “Principal persons” were allowed fifty women; leaders of vassal nations, thirty; heads of provinces of 100,000 people, twenty; leaders of 1,000 people, fifteen; administrators of 500 people, twelve; governors of 100 people, eight; petty chiefs over 50 men, seven; chiefs of 10 men, five; chiefs of 5 men, three. That left precious few for the average male Indian whose enforced near-celibacy must have driven him to desperate acts, a fact attested to by the severity of the penalties that followed any cuckolding of his seniors. If a man violated one of Atahualpa’s women, he, his wife, his children, his relatives, his servants, his fellow villagers, and all his lamas would be put to death, the village would be destroyed, and the site strewn with stones.
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Which terrorist organization had/has the best aesthetic? Pic related ETA certainly had a unique look
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Sexy /his/torical facts, parte dieux

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As the first thread was a resounding success, I will start another.
This is a thread for scandalous, prurient, erotic, or otherwise sexy historical anecdotes, tidbits, or events, along with tasteful artwork that depicts them.
I would be greatly honored if the based drawfag responsible for the attached image were to make an appearance.
Original thread here: >>2559219
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Why do so many Turks deny the Armenian Genocide?

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Is Alcohol evil?

Should Alcohol making and drinking be outlawed ?
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In the end, did it even matter?

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Suppose that you are a Jew in Germany, 1939 and you can't leave a country. How would you use your historical knowledge to survive?
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Could Boudica have won if she had listened to her generals?
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What ISN'T a spook?
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