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Shoah Stories

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What was it really like inside a concentration camp? Does anyone have relatives who have witnessed it themselves? What did they say?
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Of the three "greatest of the greats" of the arts, who was greatest?

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Pajeets finally recognize where the Aryans came from.

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>For Shinde and his team, the entire process has been rather arduous, from finding these remains and extracting DNA to involving researchers from across universities and have the samples analysed in multiple laboratories. The findings of this study are currently being drafted, and according to Rai, a paper will soon be put up online before it is peer-reviewed and published for other scientists to discuss and comment on. “It will be an important paper,” Shinde says. “Because this will tell us for the first time conclusively who the people of the Indus Valley were and also who we are in connection to them.”

>While Rai and Shinde are tight-lipped about what the DNA samples extracted from the Indus Valley remains show, Rai does reveal that the R1a genetic marker is missing in the sample. This is a significant revelation. R1a is believed to have originated sometime between 22,000 and 25,000 years ago. According to some, the split likely occurred in the area of present-day Iran.

As Rai points out, the analysis of the DNA sample they will present will be of a period before the Steppe people supposedly arrived in India. If R1a is absent in the Indus Valley sample, it suggests that it was brought into South Asia, perhaps by a proto-Indo- European speaking group, from elsewhere. “How do I say it? See, I am a nationalist,” Rai says over the phone. “People will be upset. But that’s how it is. All the studies are showing that people came here from elsewhere.”
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Is it real?

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what do you think
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What's the oldest state/empire that you're aware that you can understand a dialect of (as it was then) without any academic study, just good knowledge of your native language?

>Parthian Empire, 247 BC. See picture.
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Why is /his/ so anti-comm?
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why were North American natives absolutely abo tier? Almost no permanant structure building, primitive agriculture, very low population density, no written language.
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HRE fanboy thread

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This is what peak performance looks like!
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Ballet thread? Have you seen anything lately, live, in movie theaters, or on other media? Anything in the announced 2018-2019 seasons that interests you? What is your take on the latest spark in the "are the 32 fouettes in Swan Lake necessary" controversy?
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