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What would you do- as a enigmatic, prolific and wise /his/torian with infinite retrospectful thoughts, if sent back into history where you could implant yourself in society successfully, where would you go? What Would you do? Who would you influence? What would you try to do? Assuming culture and language weren't a barrier, what would you make happen and who would you rally with against whom?

Asking for a friend.

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Why are the crusaders glorified here when they were basically ISIS-tier fundamentalists who didn't achieve anything besides murdering a bunch of civilians?
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Hi /His/

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New on this board, just got one question as a Swede. Was Rurik Swedish? I know the Varangians were Swedes who ventured through the Baltic and then into Russia to rule them and settle down (Varjager in Swedish).

But the man called Rurik, was he Swedish? Can't see any other explanation, are there any bodies to take DNA tests from, perhaps the Tzar of Russia or some older descendant along his lineage?


My take on Hell

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God is omniscient, so he should be an idealist. If there is Divine Justice, it will be the Christian Hell. Hear me out :

Sin is destruction of God's will. According to the dictates of justice(where like begets like to restore equilibrium to a system), the sinner should likewise be destroyed. The destruction should be complete. How do you destroy a human being? You do so with pain, the dissonance of the soul. It should be maximum pain, as if all pain signals were sent to every body part to the fullest degree. This absolute torture is perfect in its idealism. It fulfills the idea of destruction which is implied by justice.

So basically, the time you spend sinning, would be equal to the time you spend in hell. (WIth the most difficult demons to conquer being lust and greed.)

Of course, God offers a way out of justice while still fulfilling it, with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. However, to just forgive everything would be supporting crime (which is a lack of valor). He rectifies this by making unrepentant sinners be held accountable for their crimes.

If one understands the idealism that should exist in a divine system of retribution, surely all signs point to Christianity. What are the chances that Jesus just guessed and got it right?

"And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out: it is better for thee to enter into the kingdom of God with one eye, than having two eyes to be cast into Gehenna : Where their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched."
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How genius/wise people (prominent scientists, philosophers, etc.) dealed with the depression? All this wickedness and suffering in this world and human existence but they overwhlemed their emotions thus became succesful. If you can recommend some literature on this issue would be great.
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Disregarding fantasy elements, what aspects of ASOIAF are unrealistic?
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I have a hard time understanding (not a native speaker) one of the definitions of the word "army" in the Oxford English Dictionary. It's:

"(fig. from 3.) A marshalled host. "

and the examples of sentences are as follows:
1593 Shakes. Rich. II, iii. iii. 87 Mustring‥on our behalfe, Armies of Pestilence.
1611 Bible Joel ii. 25 The caterpiller, and the palmer worme, my great armie.
1845 Whately Let. in Life (1866) II. 77 It is time that these two armies [the two opposed parties in the House of Commons] should as soon as possible be disbanded.
1857 Livingstone Trav. v. 104 An army of locusts.

I get that "marshalled" means something like "organized", but can't figure out the meaning of "host" here. At first I though it must have something to do with vermin, but the 3rd example sentence doesn't fit that (I think).

Can anyone help?

Times when /his/ and /x/ have crossed paths

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Post 'em
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what if Sweden joined the central powers
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I literally do not know dick about the Ottoman Empire. Where do I begin?