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Was Stalingrad the the beginning of the end?
Eastern Front thread
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How did such a country with an organized meritocratic bureaucracy, a wealth of natural resources, a shitload of manpower, and goods that everybody wanted to trade for, somehow manage to never amount to anything in shaping history until the last three or four decades? What were the Chinese doing wrong?
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Mexican National Identity

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When did the Mexican National Identity change from one based on association with Iberia/Spain to one based on LARPing as Aztecs?

I've heard it was the indigenismo movement that pioneered this in the 1960s.
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If you are a theist how do you explain the suffering of animals and babies?

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This would always give me a headache as a Christian. So if you are a Christian, or believe something similar, how do you explain it?
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Who is the worst President in history?

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And why do you think so?
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Alternate History

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Tell me about your alternate history autism.
I don't care if it makes sense or not, just share how you imagine different versions of history, and maybe we can debate it.
I'll start with one alternate version of history that imagine in which the Byzantine Empire doesn't fall. What follows is essentially the same thing that happened with the rest of history - a medditeranean empire centered around Anatolia is established, there are wars with Russia, WW1 involvement with Germany, Cold War allignment with NATO, etc. -, the difference being that, through history, what we called Turkey would be called Byzantine Empire/Republic, its capital called Constantinople, it would be an Orthodox-Christian nation, composed of a mix of Medditeranean and Slavic ethnicities, speaking some language related to Greek and Russian. And no Armenian genocide by the way.
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Why do they claim to be such a great mix of culture when vast majority comes just from the British culture?
(Having a Irish/German/Italian ancestor 150 years ago is not a cultural influence}
Do they even realize how wrong they are?
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Tell me the history of this state, /his/. The Good, Bad, and the Neat.
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I have proven the existence of God.
I have done so using abductive reasoning.
The argument is broken into four parts : Fine-Tuning Argument, Soul Hypothesis, Biogenesis, and Human evolution.

It is a lengthy read. Take your time.
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Howdy folks, I'm looking for film recommendations. The topic is African conflicts. Rhodesia or Congo is preferred, but any high-quality films will make me happy. Thanks.
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