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>Hello, i'm tunisia, i'm a mix of semites, berbers, africans, southern europeans and nordics

just what the fuck are tunisians?
are they, dare i say it, the real ubermensch?
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Mao Zedong

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Mao Zedong is literally the worst human being in all of mankind's history, just a daily reminder.
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Why can't athiests beat him? The debates are boring since Craig dominates every single time.
>inb4 he just repeats himself
Because the athiests never refute his arguments.
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ITT: World leaders when they were young
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who or what is the reddit of history
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>If Germany didn't invade Poland the UK and France could have declared war on the Soviets when the Soviets invaded
>If Germany didn't commit genocide on the Jews the State of Israel wouldn't exist
Has an ideology ever strengthened and empowered it's own enemies to the degree the Nazis have?
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Tell me about the Siamese and later Thai kingdoms /his/. How did Thailand manage to escape colonization like Japan without the natural defenses/borders? Also, why is thai fashion so based? pic related
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Are Judaism, Christianity and Islam just offshoots of Zoroastrianism?

>Ahura Mazda (God) and Ahriman (the Devil)
>belief in a Sashoyant (Messiah)
>Zarathustra preached that only one God should be worshipped
>Kabaye Zartosht, a proto-Kaaba that Zoroastrians circumambulate
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