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Why can't anti-communists fight?
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*overthrows your government*
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Where is written in the Bible that the Earth/universe is 6000 years old?

How did the biblical "scholars" reach that conclussion?
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Are there any Cossack experts here?

I have a few questions as it’s a topic I’ve recently become interested in.

>Were the Cossacks comparable to American frontiersmen, as a “live frontier,” or were they more of an auxiliary force that could be called upon by Russia in war when required?

>Did they establish something of a “mythic” status over time, like knights and/or samurai?

>was their repatriation into Soviet Russia after WWII essentially intended to be a series of executions?

I’d appreciate some input on these areas as well as any other information that you consider to be interesting/important.
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Why did the Nazis perform so badly in Bavaria? Wasn't the Nazi movement literally founded there?
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>literacy rate of the Byzantine empire in the year 1000
>literacy rate of the Ottoman empire in the year 1850
>less than 10%
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I need some recommendations for books on Southeast Asian theatre of WW2. Particularly what was going on in Burma during Japanese occupation.It is a topic that I've become interested in as of late, and want to expand my knowledge of it. What are the best sources of information for this chapter of the war?

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Why are Europeans white but the native (north) americans brown?