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Is Christianity becoming Judaized?

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>rise of Christian Zionism
>rise of dispensationalism (Jews saved without Jesus just because they're "the chosen people")
>supercessionism becoming unpopular
>rise in Jewish iconography, rituals, clothing, holidays, etc in churches
>calling Jesus "Yeshua", "Yehoshua", "Yoohoo", etc.
>downplaying the role of Jews in Jesus' death
>increasing skepticism over traditional doctrines like the Trinity
>increasing preference over the "original Hebrew" instead of Greek text

I wonder who could be behind that.
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Model Minority

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Why are Indian Americans the highest earning minority in the US? Clearly it's not Confucian values, as you might expect if talking about East Asians.

And more broadly, what do you think of model minorities?
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What is Sufism?
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Thread on revenge

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Here's a question for you, /his/:

Why is revenge that bad, as some philosophers, sociologists and thinkers say? Are you against revenge, such as death penalty and why?

I'm not sure if I'm favorable or contrary to revenge and death sentences, so I'd like to have a chat about it to enlighten me on it, but right now I don't have anyone to debate with me about that.

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He was too good for this world

How powerful are they?

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ITT: Most aesthetic sounding city names of all time

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>inb4 "You mean Istanbul, right?"
Istanbul sounds good, but it doesn't quite roll off the tongue like Constantinople.
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How do I into Taoism?

I read Tao Te King but was not able to make head and foot out of it. Any help there?

Also in general what do Taoists believe, practice and think? Is it correct to describe it as religious stoicism?
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