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Violence in History

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On average, what portion of adult males in classical antiquity would have ever killed another person?

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What stopped Europeans from inventing tattoos?
What made tattoos popular in Western World later in history?
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Was Germany considered part of the West before NATO? Or were seen as something diferent

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>tfw Nords defeated Frieza, Cell AND Buu
How can medcucks even compete?
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Why is the west (look, I mean Greece to Atlantic; stop being retarded)undeniably better at music, painting, sculpture pretty much throughout history...

Globalization Thread

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What will a one-world government look like? Are we getting there with globalization? How long until borders are abolished? What kind of government will it be? What issues will be debated and targeted? Will we look to the stars?

Hitler's Regrets

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In February 1945, Hitler discussed his regrets. The things he would have done differently, had he had a second shot.

Hitler regrets supporting the right-wing in Spain:

>I shall never forgive Franco for not having reconciled the Spaniards once the civil war was over, for having ostracized the Phalangists, whom Spain has to thank for such aid as we gave her, and for having treated like bandits former foes, who were very far from all being Reds. To put half a country beyond the pale of the law while a minority of pillagers enrich themselves, with the blessing of the priesthood, at the expense of the rest is no solution at all. I am quite sure that very few of the so-called Reds in Spain w^ere really Communists. We were badly deceived, for, had I known the real state of affairs, I would never have allowed our aircraft to bombard and destroy a starving population and at the same time re-establish the Spanish clergy in all their horrible privileges.

Hitler regrets allying with the French bourgeoisie:

>Our obvious course should have been to liberate the working classes and to help the workers of France to implement their own revolution. We should have brushed aside, rudely and without pity, the fossilized bourgeoisie, as devoid of soul as it is denuded of patriotism. Just look at the sort of friends our geniuses of the Wilhelmstrasse have found for us in France- petty, calculating little profiteers, who hastened to make love to us as soon as they thought that we were occupying their country in order to safeguard their bank balances — but who were quite resolved to betray us at the first possible opportunity, provided always that no danger to themselves was involved!

If Hitler in 1945 "loaded" his 1933 "save".. How would history change? We would definitely see a more left-wing Hitler, although equally anti-semitic. He would have never killed Strasser. I think the night of the long knives would have never happened.
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What are some proven historical examples of controlled opposition?
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1. How much land were the Oprichnina granted?

2. How was life as a Russian Boyar/Noble from 1400-1800? Was it all cash money, vodka and animalistic fuckings then Church next day?

3. How common was it for Russian settlers to give Siberian, (Volga?) Finnic and Aleut girls a good ol' dicking?

4. I know that the Aleuts somewhat happily were converted to glorious Eastern Orthodoxy but what about the mumbos that lived in Siberia and the Far East?

5. Who exactly was granted the newly acquired land in Siberia? Did they just hand it out to some random guy or was it granted to nobles and or their offspring? And what was the first course of action when they were granted this land?

Thanks in advance for your solid answers.