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Why are walls in South American Countries often painted bright colors?
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What has /his/ been reading?

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Hey /his/, haven't seen a discussion of what people are currently reading for a while.

>Primary Source currently reading/recently read
>Secondary Source currently reading/recently read
>Opinions/planning to read next

I'll start:

>Primary Source currently reading
The Patria (Accounts of Medieval Constantinople)
>Secondary Source currently reading
Kaldellis, Anthony - Streams of Gold, Rivers of Blood (2017)
>Opinions/planning to read next
Only got my hands on this two days ago - like most of Kaldellis' stuff, it is 'iconoclastic' in its approach to Byzantine historiography. But his handling of the idea that Byzantium was 'feudalized' in the 10th-11th centuries by means of conflict between 'Anatolian landed magnates' and the state is excellent - he shows that this HUGE historiographical 'truism' needs burying. There is simply no evidence for it. After this, I've been meaning to read Robert Bartlett's 'Why Can the Dead Do Such Great Things? Saints and Worshippers from the Martyrs to the Reformation' (2013).

What are you reading /his/?
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Does Africa have any actual history outside of the Mediterranean/Arab colonies? What about places like Congo, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Angola, Namibia, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Cote D'ivoire, Togo, etc... ? Surely they must have done SOMETHING within the last 50,000 years, right?
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Lost history

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Is America a forever lost part of human history?
I am amazed by how much is unkown about the history of the american civilizations, their great battles, feats and conquests, their thinkers and poets, even their names are lost.
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How accurate is this to German history?
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Hernán Cortes did nothing wrong
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What if Oskar Schindler had non-consensual sexual contact with Anne Frank?
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>what is /his/ currently reading?

I saw an anon mention this book a while back and it intrigued me since I know absolutely nothing about this area of the world during this time period (or colonial Britian/Russia). It's really been interesting so far.
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>Childhood is idolizing Justinian's reconquest of Italy.
>Adulthood is realizing a romanized Ostrogothic Kingdom, with Roman institutions and Latin as their language made more sense.

The so-called "Fall of Rome" has more things in common to a civil war rather than an "invasion" or a conquest by the "barbarians", whose only dinstinguishable difference to a Roman citizen of the time was their forename (even Theodoric named himself Flavius Theodoricus), but is there really a difference or can you really state that an Illyrian peasant is "more Roman" than a Pannonian Magister Militum?

To sum up what Justinian basically did was to allow the muslim conquest of North Africa, and the retrogression of Western culture in Italy due the weariness of both the Ostrogoths and the Eastern Romans, which made possible the L*mbard conquest of Italy.
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