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I am doing it for you guys

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hard fight I lose territory and regain it, support churches and food for the people, my first boy and only heir was just born. I was reconquering Italy when a vassal of the sasaanid empire declared war on me, my armies are doing a slow and long march home to an uncertain future, wish me luck.

Roma Gypsies in India

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How were the Roma Gypsies treated in Northern India before migrating to the Middle east, Eastern and Central Europe, and now Western Europe and the Americas? Are their descendants still in that region? What made them different from other Indians

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What does /his/ think of Horrible histories, in particular the goat songs?


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Roman "allies"
>provide troops and taxes to Rome
>no citizenship or political rights, have to start an open war to get those
>"but hey at least you have freedom you stupid serve... i mean my valuable socie :DDD

Why were Romans such lying cheating cunts?

say sorry

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We didn't deserve this. I don't mean to be a "kraut-nigger" but can we atleast talk about this.
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For me, it's the Kopis
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Which is the most genocidal country?

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