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The Seas have eyes

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I really want some actual knowledge on the Sea People!!!

...But I can go read a book for that. LET ME HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SEA PEOPLES /his/
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Is Charlemagne the spiritual father of France or Germany ?
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I know this is going to sound dumb, but what do you think was 'the' turning point in WWII? I always hear people yammer on about Stalingrad, but what about El Alamein? Or Kursk? Is there a single point that could be considered 'the' turning point for the Allies?
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I keep hearing sexual majority was fluctuant threw History. We use to believe having periods was the "legal" age for sex but during some centuries, having a 12yo wife was unimaginable even for a king ( king John was mocked a lot for this very reasons) and we are getting the idea things wasn't si different and sex with kids wasn't the norm.

But rape was. During antic or medieval wars, rape was everywhere and genetic pools were heavily modified by this. Now don't tell me when warriors were raiding a village they would rape the mature women and wait in lines for their turn while the young preteen girls just watch
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That zozzle moment when people consider Montezuma a great aztec leader only because he is the only one we know when he actually fucked his entire empire to some shiny looking people with a boat
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Is technological development the primary catalyst for cultural change in societies?
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I want to see your favorite/most aesthetic military uniforms from YOUR OWN country. I'll start with some from burgerland.

Hard mode: no Napoleonic War or Nazi uniforms. We've all seen them before.
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>the south began the war to preserve the institution of slavery
>the north fought the war to preserve the union

Is this something we can all agree on?

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Reminder that Constantinople would had been a major Christian city today were it not for the Perfidious Albion
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Underrated roman emperors
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