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If you went back in time and told ancient people about people from the future, who would they find more interesting?
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Why should the State of Israel *not* exist?

Let’s discuss.
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Were the vandals just LARPing as Carthage?
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Ju-just give me one scenario were Saddam wins!
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Does Anyone know about any decent databases online for European propaganda during World War II?

In other news: „Zur Vereinfachung wird in der Folge nur jeweils ein Durchgang des Lichtsignals berücksichtigt, die jeweilige Rückbewegung also außer Acht gelassen.”
How do you consider the concept of spacetime? Has it drastically changed as you've aged?

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What were the elite/heavy infantry of ancient mesopotamia?
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All of human advancement stemmed from this one continent, even the egyptians count as they are not really native to Africa they migrated there. One fucking continent determined everything really makes you think doesnt it?
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How could the Holy Roman Empire have realistically united under a centralized state?

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I know at points France was pretty much as decentralized as them

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What’s the point of preserving historical artifacts if they will all one day be lost?

Why not just take a picture and then destroy it to hinder illegal markets from cropping up?
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Who is the best Presidential assassin and why is it Leon Czolgosz?