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Is he not the greatest threat we have ever encountered? He is the only individual in our entire existence that will sentence us to enternal torutre indefineltly. He makes Hitler seem like a puppy. I'm not even sure Hitler encompassed that much rage.
>Hi JEsus
>Hi CHild
>No offense but i politely do not agree with your kingdom, can you send me somewhere else to live instead of hell
>go to hell child
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Okay, /his/. I have an embarrassing/retarded request of you guys. I'm thinking of a book on historiography or historical theory, with a blue and black picture of a boat on the cover. It's by a famous -yet obscure to the layman- historian. No older than the 1970's, and no newer than 2000. If I remember correctly it has to do with perspectives on civilization. Frustratingly, I remember that this book was important, and highly recommended, while I forgot everything about it, from the actual subject matter to the author.

Can anyone help me out?

Pic unrelated, it's someone I saw on the street.

/his/ meme thread

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It's that time again, post em.
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Dumb shit

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Just dumb stuff you used to think about history. I'll start, Up until 7th or 8th grade I thought Alexander the great was Roman.
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Did they truly do anything wrong?
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Why is human nature a spook? For example, almost everyone likes sex. How is liking sex not evidence of human nature in a universal sense?
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Has there ever been a bigger load of crock than the idea of "natural rights"?
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Why did natives all around the world (Africa, Americas, Oceania, Europe) convert so readily to Christianity? Surely if you've been worshipping grandmother willow for millenia, you're not going to give that up because some dude in a robe tells you about some guy in a place you've never heard of hundreds of years ago. Why are so few people left that worship their pagan/traditional religions?
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>spanish ancestry meme
how did this start in the Philippines; a country that is pretty much 100% indigenous people? this doesn't happen with its neighbors, Malaysia and Indonesia, and they've experienced the same length of colonization from Europeans.
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Burno Murs fhilsophical bread

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Talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me
Tell me what's on your mind

Hows it goin /his/?