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What was the worst battle of World War 1 and why? When I say worst I mean in terms of the levels of misery and horror, not quality of tactics and fighting.

Bring on the nightmares.
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Are most Christians aware of the fact that Jesus (pbuh) was a Muslim?
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Would the 15th Alabama launching the assault on Little Round Top ten minutes ahead of schedule and causing the Union's left flank to collapse after beating the 20th Maine in the race to the top of the hill result in Otto Frank not busting his load into Edith at the exact right second in September, 1928 to conceive Anne the famed diarist?
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Dubs decides my persuasive speech topic

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Gotta be relevant to college age audience.
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Why didn't Europeans kill off the natives of Africa like they did with Native Americans and Austrialians?
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You can't say the Qing dynasty will be the last Dynasty in china.
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How much would have WW2 have changed if a nine month pregnant Anne Frank somehow got hold of a bar of Panzerschokolade and an M16A2 rifle fitted with an M203 grenade launcher (along with a US Marine Corps TM 05538/10012-IN Technical Manual, repair kits, STANAG magazines, several thousand rounds of 5.56mm NATO ammunition, and an assortment of 40mm grenade launcher rounds) in June, 1944?

Will the Germans be saying hello to her little friend? Will the world be hers?
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