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Why do people think this is true?
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Does /his/ also include discussion of various historic tornadoes?
How about the Tri-State Tornado. Deadliest tornado in U.S. history. Traveled three states or up to 235 miles and killed 695 people, the deadliest in U.S history.

Another Marxist thread

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Has Communism ever been implemented in a First World Late Stage Capitalist country like Marx said it should be?

Seriously now before all the /pol/kiddies come crying about the "not real communism" argument, to be fair it was Marx himself who said that Communism can only be implemented in a developed Capitalist society for it to succeed, which possessed the advanced infrastructure that could be provided only by late Capitalism to support it.

To me it makes a lot of sense, hence why in history underdeveloped countries like China and Russia which had their own revolutions inevitably had to implement Capitalist measures to be able to economically compete with the other highly advanced Capitalist nations of their time.
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You have one week

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Prevent Me
7 moves i will make
1st day = one week

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What is the closest thing in human history to an Apocalypse with a complete downfall of civilization?
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>By late 1241, Subutai was discussing plans to invade the Holy Roman Empire, when news came of the death of Ögedei Khan. Over the objections of Subutai, the Mongol Princes withdrew the army to Mongolia for the election of a new Great Khan. The death of Ögedei effectively put an end to the Mongol invasion of Europe

What would happen if he beat the HRE?
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ITT: Huge historical misconceptions you've heard or believed

I'll start

>Forgot Portugal even existed until we covered the spice trade in middle school, for some reason thought the entire Iberian was Spain
>Thought Islam was some super cool religion that was uber pacifist and respected women heavily (watched a misleading documentary in our Gateway world history class)
>Thought the ancient Egyptians were black (Blame living in Louisiana)
>Thought that the Byzantine Empire was just the Turks wanting to imitate the Romans (Middle school history teacher explained the split horribly)
>Thought there were only 3 crusades
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How did Noah repopulate the earth after everyone died from the great flood?
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Wht didn't Rome just take all of Africa?

Did they fear the black warrior?
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