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>wake up
>brutalism still exists
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>japan dude like stop genociding chinese people and supporting germany who genocides people too
>we will make you stop doing these crimes against humanity dude by genociding two of your cities

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How hairy were they "back then."
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In what ways were the Anglo and Saxon tribes who invaded Britain in the 5th century different from the Danes who invaded in the 9th?

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>wake up
>you suddenly realize you're Charles the bold in 1465

wat do?

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When it's all said and done, feudalism wasn't all that horrible for the average peasant right?

>in b4 feudalism was inferior simply because they didn't have electricity and modern dentistry
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Did ninjas exist?
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What really ruled the Germany after ww2? Yes, it was divided into blocs but were there still the Nazi's who were just controlled by the other nations because even though you couldn't mention them, Nazi's couldn't just dissapear and it went on for as long as student protests in 1968.