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I hope this the board for linguistics.

Ich hätte eine Frage an die Linguisten,
wieso bekommen manche Verben im Konjunktiv (der indirekten Rede) ein "t"?
Wie z.B.
"Wir freuen uns über unseren Erfolg."
Sie sagte, sie freuTen sich über ihren Erfolg.
"Wir müssen uns mit dieser Thematik beschäftigen."
Sie sagten, sie müssten sich mit dieser Thematik beschäftigen.
Danke im Voraus.

How big of a role did Lend-Lease play in the Soviet's victory over Nazi Germany?

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I often see very conflicting info on this topic. Some I hear say that the Soviets would've won anyway without it. Some say that it was the sole reason for the German defeat in the East. What do you guys think? How big of a role did it play really?
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Why would any sane person want transhumanism to become reality.
Reading through history made me realise that the more technology advances the less people's freedom become.
I'm not even an anarchist or anything btw.
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Why is this man so based?

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>be a nobody
>joins some shitty militia
>proceeds to start a massive war to remove the French from North America
>once done, proceeds to start another war, this time to remove the British
>mfw a nobody cucked the two mightest european powers in his era and birthed what would become the greatest world superpower ever in the process
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>Born half british, your mother is literally born on that island, yet pretend your the perfect specimen of your nationality
>so much that yellow people are going to take over the world you work yourself into a hysteria and that a confrontation with the East is imminent.
>live in one of the most jew friendly countries in the world. some of your greatest industrialists, scientists and cultural producers are jewish. even have jewish friends yet you harbor antisemitic feelings.
>your father is a naturally gifted leader who is skillful in everything he does. you're not
>unprecedentedly given exposure to workers' condition as part of your upbringing. consider yourself their leader yet a few moment of power you turn on their movement.
>huge behavioral issues growing up. many express worry that youre mentally unfit for the office years before you take power.
>obsessed with military, surround yourself with generals and LARP as a militarist
>alienate the british, hope to make russia a friend but your military and intelligent establishment prevents you
>dress yourself, design clothing for yourself, wear ridiculous hairstyles despite receiving public ridicule.
>obsessed with spectacle, endless festivities and state events, but do no actual governing
>said by ministers to be incapable of hard work, conscientiousness. cannot read ten pages without tiring.
>talk endlessly and repetiviely so people cannot voice their own opinions. start to find themselves having to agree with you to get you to stop talking. live in your own bubble unaware of the world outside it.
>has huge kitchen staff at your disposal, but you end up not using them.
>Be Donald Drumpf
pic unrelated, except that the two are part g*rman

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Why did she have so much sex with other men? Was it because Napoleon was a fat balding swarthy manlet with a small penis?
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Was he an exception to German autism, or just another victim of it?

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I need more /his/ memes
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Seriously, what would Africa be like if it was never colonized?
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