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>optimistic nihilism
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I fixed Europe
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Why are there people here who are against public schooling?
Why do they assume that schooling has a different function than educating a new generation of workers?
Also what benefit would schooling bring if wasn't meant to educate the next generation of workers and specialists?

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where does evil come from?

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Why exactly were the French such shitty colonial overlords?
>inb4 "haiti only sucks because it's black" meme
The Dominican Republic is majority mulatto, and the majority of Dominican mulattoes are majority black, it's still orders of magnitude better than Haiti which is literally located on the same island.
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What's /his/'s opinion on him?

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ITT: worst dads in history
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Excuse bad English, I am Russia. What is your favorite layer of history?
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*ruins middle east*
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What's the closest thing history has seen to a pure direct democracy? How well did it go?
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