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Debate me on the JQ

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I am a WN and these are my thoughts on JQ

>Usury Laws meant Christians in Nations could not lend money on interest, to absolve this interest the jews were expelled

>Jews have a higher standard deviation for IQ leads them to positions of high creativity and Intelligence plus tribalism meant they pursued specific industries and thus they are now overrepresented

>Jews were sold a false bill of goods with communism as they thought it would bring them solice from pogroms

>Jews in the US are one of the most reliable voting blocks for leftists except orthodox jews which tend to lean more conservative

>Jews are collectivist which has lead to their long term survival as a people, White Nationalism is collectivist

>Gentile whites—without help from anyone else—have repeatedly shown themselves capable of egalitarian excess. The French Revolution, the Clapham abolitionists, John Brown and his backers, the miscegenist enthusiasms of the Grimke sisters and other radical integrationists are all products of purely gentile delusion
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History Anti-Heroes

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Post your favorites anti-heroes


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> first real empire and had 44% of the world population
>professional army that conquered the strongest powers
>banning of slavery and first human rights charter
>efficient structure of government that allowed so many ethnic groups in a state without fighting and, even the first postal system
>loved by Greeks and Jews

What went so right /his/? Hard to believe that some random horse fuckers overthrew their masters and became kings of the world. I think if the empire wasn't so short lived, we'd all be speaking Persian right now.
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why were these guys so culturally dominant
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What's the CULTURAL legacy of the Black Death?

I've heard enough about the social and economic transformations stemming from the Plague, but what of the cultural impact?
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Is there a pill redder than this?

>Zapffe's theory is that humans are born with an overdeveloped skill (understanding, self-knowledge) which does not fit into nature's design. The human craving for justification on matters such as life and death cannot be satisfied, hence humanity has a need that nature cannot satisfy. The tragedy, following this theory, is that humans spend all their time trying not to be human. The human being, therefore, is a paradox.
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Why didn't Germany convince the Soviet Union to join the Axis? Fuck ideology it would've helped Germany in the long run.
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I don't get it. Isn't Jesus also part of the Father? How can a part of himself be greater than himself?
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Civil War thread

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So we can all agree it was the south's fault now right?

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Religious/philosophical question here. Ive been atheist or agnostic for most of my life. My family was never religious per say, the first time I went to church was when I was 8. Most existential questions I presented to my parents were answered with "gee idk OP". Throughout my early teens I mostly took a hedonistic approach, I thought pleasure was the purpose of life. In my later teens I began to place more importance on the furthering of humanity as a whole, the pursuit of knowledge, technology, health, and overall well being. My beliefs have become much more "conservative" or traditionalist over the last 4-5 years. I no longer relate to the concept of humanity as a whole, Ive lost a feeling of hopefulness and optimism. Instead of identifying myself as human I started to identify myself as solely European. I tried to find purpose through European culture and Germanic/Norse paganism because I felt that it would offer an outlook that most popular religions didnt. I became interested in pagan reconstructionism, research papers pertaining to archeology, and analysis of sagas and Eddic poems/lit. It may be misguided but I feel like Ive attained somewhat of an understanding of their beliefs. Part of me feels satisfied with living a life according to their practices and beliefs. However Im still experiencing existential crises. To live a virtuous/honorable life so that I can die and be buried in a burial mound with my family sounds great. I would live by a code of honor anyway even if there was no reward. The question I have in the first place is "why are we here?" and nothing seems to answer it.

>tldr; Im an Odinist/heathen who wants the perspective of other heathens and non-heathens on the purpose of life.
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