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How can I be a Christian if I don't think that Jesus rose from the dead?

I dig a lot of the philosophy within the bible, I dig that Christianity is great at building social cohesion, etc.

Though, all the paranormal stuff surrounding Jesus, and the Tall Tales in the Old Testament are off-putting, you know?

I'd love to go to church with a chick and shit, but I roll my eyes when they talk about him rising from the dead

Wat do
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Mexishits deserve everything that has happened to them for killing this glorious man
Prove me wrong Aut/his/ts
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Is this accurate?
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Battleship thread.
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What exactly was the economic effect of debasement of a coin? Were coins used based on intrinsic value (ie this coin is always worth five cents or whatever) or was it based solely on the amount of precious metal supposedly present?

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I'm interested in narratology, mainly in the way video games an literature (not saying it's similar) approach narrative. Keywords: Gene Wolfe, Virginia Woolf, Undertale, MGS 2 etc.

Now I've looked up linguistics but the whole studyplan is, and I'm not exaggerating

>go and record some local dialect and analyze it (in this case gypsies)
>anatomy (of the mouth)


So as far as I understand it's only possible to get to narratology after you do 4 years of this crap. Is there a better course to take because frankly I can perhaps take semiotics (though this is also mainly taught on Philosophy post grad) or I can study ANY language and then also go to narratology and the like after that.

But why the hell there isn't a program that teaches this all 4 years? There are so many shit degrees, I'm not looking for a job, I want education regarding this, I already worked at a call centre and similar shit jobs.

If you want to see what I like, read Avatars of Story.

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Can someone explain to me how /r9k/ isn't completely right about women?

romanov thread

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post romanovs
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What was Napoleon's justification for annexing Catalonia, the West bank of the Rhine and the Netherlands?

He couldn't exactly claim French people lived there. It's like something out of an EU4 game.
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Daily prayer time for Humanities to fuck off