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Who hell could this be? Is it? Is it? It's... it's Bomber Harris. Bomber Fucking Harris! Based Bomber Harris.
Arthur "Ignite the Reich with Thermite" Harris
Arthur "No Tears For Krauts" Harris
Arthur "German? Burn 'em" Harris
Arthur "Denazification requires a conflagration." Harris
Arthur "My kill-count of civilians is in the gorillians" Harris
Arthur "Whirlwind Wonderboy" Harris

>Wehraboo: Ach nein its ein annuda Dresden! Remember der 500 thousand juden!

Jerrycucks BTFO!

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Where and when is the worst time in world history to have experienced?

My vote goes to the trenches of WWI on the western front
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What if Austria won the Austro-Prussian war and took over Germany?
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Draw your favorite battle

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Hardmode: No flags or caption allowed.
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Why so much hate on poor old Ireland?

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Ireland dindu nuffin to no one. /fa/ as fuck and cool culture.
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The Function of the Soul

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What exactly is the soul meant to do? What would demonstrate the presence of a soul, or lack thereof? Is it art, advanced tool, or something else?
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Fuckin Rad African Wars

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What was the weirdest (i.e. coolest) African war.

in b4 pre-zimbabwe bush hotpants
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Where does the concept that atheists have the intellectual highground in comparison to religious people come from? Why are they seen as more intelligent when a significant amount of atheists just follow their pop-science idols who preach of atheism without even bothering with religion/ spiritualism/ mysticism on another level than just physical empirical science? Did I miss the definite proof of an abscence of some kind of god?
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Why do many people today want less liberty?
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So why has there never been a white supremacist version of Wahhabism? It seems like Wahhabism and Nazism were ideologies made for each other
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