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>you will never die for ethiopia
>you will never industrilize ethiopia
>you will never modernize ethiopia in XIX century, just like Japs
>you will never create masive railway connecting far points of ethiopia
Why it hurt so much ;_;
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How can one man be such a wise philosopher?

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>Be in fierce rivalry with Britain for hundreds of years
>Start joining their side in wars

>Get invaded by Germany twice
>Become their sidekick in the EU

What is wrong with this country?
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boo thread

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gimme those rare boos
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What was the Imperial Japanese Army's turning point?

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Been reading up on the history of the Empire of Japan, and I'm a bit confused.
Despite war crimes a-plenty in WWII and noteworthy barbarity, in the Boxer Rebellion and WWI the Japanese were extremely respectful and noble, more so than their Western allies in the Boxer Rebellion.
I often hear how the Japanese would be appalled at Anglos raping Chinese women, and then you have them treating German POWs with the utmost respect and decency in the Bando POW camp.
What caused their military to turn from what was essentially gentlemen at war to fucking screaming lunatics? Was it the depression alone?

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Why weren't revolver rifles mass produced for the civil war or later wars?

The rate of fire would be dominating in line warfare.
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/his/ vidya

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TOAW IV got released a few days ago, anyone been playing it? Is it worth it?
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Do nihilists believe there is a human nature?
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