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JOHN the Baptist: 13 Revelation 1st beast.
Date of Birth: 6/1/6 BC (d/m/y) Julian.
That's 4 January 6 BC Gregorian.

JESUS the Christ: 13 Revelation 2nd beast.
Date of Birth: 6/6/6 BC (d/m/y) Julian.
That's 4 June BC Gregorian.

Baptist's 5 months older.

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What compels a person to be a Monarchist? Especially in the modern era, where we are accustomed to the liberal virtue of the equality of men before the law, why would someone endow their total faith in a bloodline?
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Tfw thinking of converting to Mormonism
Any Lds/Mormons or Mormon/Lds converts here?
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I would imagined how sad and desolated T.E. Lawrence will be if he know about how middle east are now, fall of Iraq, the rise of ISIS and Syrian Civil War...

prove him wrong

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not defending his regime, just talking about the quote
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What's up with Third Reich and homoerotic aesthetics? Was Gorky right? Are homosexuality and fascism connected?
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Indian partition

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Did the partition need to happen, or was it just an example of malicious imperialism?

ITT false hoods about historical figures that enrage you.

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>never got married but confirmed to have sex with one woman

>ThAT MuST Mean He WAs A gAy CrOsS DReSsEr
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How were Spaniard Americans treated after the anglos annexed america?
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