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bet you cant guess who this is
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>There is no hero like Ali; There is no sword like Zulfiqar
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>tfw you will never be a conquistador
Post conquistador story
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Warfare has reached levels of absurd

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Hypersonic missiles that can strike any target on the planet in an hour shit has gotten to ridiculous and absurd, are we at a point where navies will be obsolete and war will be dominated by air power and speed
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Why Japanese never used portable shields like literally everyone else and sticked to pavises?
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What was the breaking point for Roman Empire when the degeneracy went rampart?
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/his photos/

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German SdKfz 251 captured by Poles during Warsaw Uprising 1944
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>wake up
>you suddenly realize you're a sparrow in Maoist China

wat do?
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War is only idealized by the people who have never experienced war or its effects themselves. War should never be as a good or a cool thing, and the people who experience it are the first to say how awful it really is.

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What was her fucking problem ?
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