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>Nazi Germany: "Japan my son, the year is 1941 and you can either invade the USSR creating up a second front and ensuring our victory in the war or attack a neutral superpower that will certainly be the end of both of us if enters the war, which do you pick?
>A little while later (pic related)

One question. Why?
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Bronze Age Collapse

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What happened?
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What do some of you think of a family tree thread?
Here's mine. Grandparents went through a fuck ton of divorces and craziness leaving me with around 12 people I consider to very close grandparents. Most of the divorce-grand-parents are american. Seems to be a lot of drug use scattered like all over my family but that explains me desu. Tell everyone about your family tree y'all
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Which point in life did Muslim leaders and aristocrats typically go to Haj in Mecca?

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>Modern Egyptians are actually Arabs
>there is actually 0% Roman dna in Italians
>Modern Greeks are just Turk rape-babies
Why is there so much butthurt over other people's heritage? is it because it ruins the romanticized fantasy that ancient people acted differently than normies today??? ?
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Any Mexicans here? What can /his/ tell me about the Mexican Revolution?

ITT: Phrases that trigger you

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> "x was just a bad as y"
>"They fought for [abstract concept]"
> "right side of history"
> "free country"
> "free society"
> "human rights"
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Who was the most /fa/ civilisation and why was it the Babylonians?
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Texas objectively has the most interesting history of U.S. states.
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What if Trotsky took over the Communist Party instead of Stalin? How would Russia have fared in WW2, how would the Soviet Union and Communism overall be seen today?
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