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>yfw you realized the middle class is just a historical anomaly byproduct of cheap fossil fuels and now humanity will go back to being 0.1% aristocracy and 99.9% serfs and you have MAYBE 10 years left until the next financial crisis and the 0.1% pull up the ladder behind them dooming you and your ancestors to a life of drudgery and oppression for the next 100,000 years
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Just caught part of an old documentary about Teddy Roosevelt on PBS and is it just me or was this guy a fucking psychopath?

Like he seemed downright HAPPY about a bunch of his Rough Riders dying in battle in Cuba and he regretted not getting a gruesome war injury. Dude was fucked up and probably orchestrated McKinley's death.
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ITT: cutest facts and moments in history.

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>the earliest recorded named cat lived over 3000 years ago in egypt and was called ‘nedjem’ which means sweetie or pleasant
>the pet cat of prince thutmose was called ‘tai miuwette’ which means ‘little mewer’
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Why did chariots stop being used in Europe after the Romans? Nothing changed about geography and they don't require complex infrastructure to build.
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Islam in America

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Why did black Americans largely abandon islam upon arrival to the new world?

Pic related is Mahmoud Yarrow, a slave turned business man.
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Hi /his/, I have a problem

As we learn about past events, one may start to emphasize more and more with a certain historical fact, a person, an era. More and more time spent reading or hearing about that event. Detailing, as much or as little we know about that time.

Hi /his/, I have a question

could this be a problem?

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How worried were Americans about Spanish domination of much of North America in the early days of the country? Were the Spanish ever a credible threat?

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What do you guys think about changing the year to 12,018? Kurzgesagt think that it would give us the proper perspective when we look back on human history since the current calendar makes us think human history is much shorter than it actually is

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Who is the real Stalin?
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