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I know this is going to be painting things over with a large brush but what does African architecture look like?
>inb4 huts
That's fine too. Seeing Black Panther spiked my curiosity

Excuse my English

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old flags are always look better.
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Why did europeans steal Africa's ressources?
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Is Eastern Europe the asteroid belt of Europe?
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Was it autism?
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Sub-Saharan Africa

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Hey, /his/
For my history project I have to write about Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically the contributions they made to civilization. I want to know about famous African Scientists, philosophers, mathematicians and what great African kingdoms they were from.

What are some interesting books and/ or websites I could use for my research?
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Are Trojans more closer to greeks or Anatolian?
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>liberates the opressed peoples of the median empire
>respects freedom of religion and culture
why did Persia end up as the "bad guys" in modern pop culture?
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Are cossakc an ideal men society?

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They were christians, brutal and strong warriors, that foungt off the biggest empire in Eastern Europe and saved Polonia from tatars and Muskowy Horde.
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How often are lawyers this sleazy?
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