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why cant socialists complete college /his/?

stalin - failed out of religious school
pol pot - failed out of engineering school
mao - failed out of police, soap, law, economics schools
minh - rejected from colonial sdministration school

are they dumb? lazy? they are not strong enough to succeed so they have to destroy everything? they cant produce anything themselves so they have to create a slave state to support their incompetence?
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When I was a kid I always thought

>when Hitler would've done X he would have won the war

but today I think he already lost the war when he was elected.

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Why is killing civilians in wars bad? And what's so bad about war crimes? I'm not /pol/ seriously why is it bad? They should get the fuck out of the way if they don't want to be killed by the soldiers. I mean the holocaust is different thats a full scale genocide. War crimes are different.
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>voice of a grandma
>literally insane
Why do communists have such a boner for him?
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What's the point of marriage if you are unattractive?
Do you just LARP as an happily married husband who is attracted to his wife?
Is that really moral to take the risk than maybe your wife is being genuine and you are leading her on?
A bit like when you have a genetic disease, is that moral to reproduce when you are likely to inflict them with such a disadvantage without guarantee of really offering them a compensation while normal people can produce children without that risk?

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When was the last time this part of Italy was relevant to history?
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>he literally doesn't understand that "little kids get cancer" suffices as a refutation of an omnibenevolent god
>he spouts some catholic gobbledygook or somesuch in a completely misplaced and unwarranted smugness about his culturally inculcated views on theodicy which have no grounding in anything that actually matters
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What happened to Soviet animation? I love things like Vinnie Pooh, Nu Pogodi, and of course Cheburashka. Whatever happened to the studios and people who worked on them after the fall of the USSR?
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Is the history and times of the British people not the most glorious and important in all that of this green Earth?

Wherever you're from, Britain has doubtless featured quite prominently in your own national or regional history in some way.
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ITT men throughout history who got the last word

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