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Why/how did the English overtake the Spanish in America?

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By the 15th century the Spanish had an empire superior to the Roman empire. How come the Spanish didn't achieve hegemony in America?

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I've heard people say that the American accent was the original accent of English lower classes and that the British accent came about because of its association with the upper classes, but is there any evidence for this? Where does this view come from? Is it a misconception?

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Is there any reason why a "war economy" that was geared to produce capital and domestic goods rather than weapons to blow the armies of other nations up with wouldn't work? Normal war economies seemed to work pretty well for the World Wars.

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How many people in Neutral Moresnet were Esperanto-speakers in the 1910's?

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Nobunaga did nothing wrong.
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How big were the forests in europe?
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ITT: Favorite speeches from history
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What is the state of modern Christian theology? Or theology in general?
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>germs break non aggression pact, treacherously attack your country
>they kill 27 million of your citizens, mostly women and children
>they raze 3,000 cities, 17,000 villages to the ground
>they kill your son

>exact no collective punishment on the germs whatsoever
>convince FDR and Churchill not to punish Germany too much
>create a party for ex-Nazis in the GDR (Socialist Reich) so they don't feel so despondent

What kind of a man is free from the base instinct to seek revenge after the most brutal war in history?

He could've easily deported most Germans to the Soviet Union to help rebuild what they destroyed, but he didn't.

He could've gloated over the victory, but instead tried to establish friendship between Germany and the Soviet Union.

He could've supported Churchill and Roosovelt in claiming Germans are an inferior, inherently barbaric nation that should never again have industry or military, but he didn't.

Can you imagine any other WW2 leader showing the same kind of mercy?
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Does god really exist?

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I'm in doubt, I have reasons to believe, and reasons for no believe, religion have made nothing good for humanity i know, but i just mean about god, what do you think god means, why do you believe or why you dont believe
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