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Legit History Documentaries

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What are some legit (i.e. actual good history and no extra drama added for effect) documentaries? Anything up till the 20th century (otherwise it will be filled with WWI and WWII stuff) that you think is good, please post ITT.

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Now that the dust has settled, what does /his/ view this man?
Is he a hero or a villain to you?

And was his treatment afterward justified?
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Which historical empire in your opinion provided the most "liberty" for it civilians in history? My top 3 would be

1. Mongol Empire
2. Achaemenid/First Persian/First Eranian Empire
3. Roman Empire under Marcus Aurelias

Worst Times in History To Be Alive

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Saw pic related on Facebook, and I thought I post it here, and ask the experts about what happened to my ham and cheese.
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Hammurabi’s code is the best legal system ever created, prove me wrong

>Kill someone, you are killed
>Blind someone, you are blinded
>Cut someone’s hand off, your hand is cut off
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What did the nukes do to Nippon culture?

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What were the cultural consequences of the atomic bombs in Japan? Is it possible to identify them independently of the surrender?
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Why is history so eurocentric?

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Who were employed in the brothel of Auschwitz and who enjoyed these services?

Book Thread

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Can we get a good book thread going? I miss these
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Am i really supposed to subscribe to beliefs that don't benefit me in any way?
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