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The British in Oman

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Okay, can we talk about the British involvement in Oman?
Apparently they were there to fight communism, but many people asked why they bothered sending in the SAS and hiring mercenaries when they already had "advisors" who were supposedly training the Omani military personnel. Not to mention every time a reporter asked about SAS involvement and their need for mercenaries, they got shut down pretty quick.
Some have speculated that the Dhofar Rebellion was a false flag or a small futile communist revolt that the British used to justify slaughtering anyone and everyone that refused to cooperate with the petroleum companies who's plan was to grab untapped reservoirs in the regions that, up to this point, were under sheikh rule. Of course this theory also suggests that the sultan of Oman was in on this too and helped cover it up in order to remain in power.

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>lose control of pesky rebellious netherlands and flemish people
>southern territories break away and start larping as italians
>dreams of middle frankish empire gone within 50 years
>inherited by france after bad line of succession

rip burgundy a fate far too many to all who neighbor the Valois

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What was the first year that governments began keeping detailed records of economic data like Per Capita GDP and unemployment rates?

Clickbaiting History

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>Okay, class. Now for our next assignment, we're going to take a historical event that happened prior to the 1990s, and describe it like it were a clickbait title.
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Why exactly did we invade this place?
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Nazism: Left or Right wing political movement?

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Which is it, fellow /his/torians?
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'Memeber when guy with mental illness was POTUS
Good times
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Has there ever been a time in history when communists were not completely fucking retarded?
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Is pic related a modern burst or is ancient?
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