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Did he get what he deserved?
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Is there a more historically irrelevant region in Europe than this one?
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How developed could the Americas and Africa have been if they had contact with each other?

Richest kingdoms
Full-fledged metallurgy
Useful animals

Written language
Efficient and productive crops

The day I lost faith in /his/

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Someone posted this pic yesterday and it spawned a long thread of people saying shit like
>surprised at how accurate this is
>tfw tier 5 ;)
>i killed my ego when i was 15
How are so many of you swallowing this stale New Age horseshit? It's literally the normiest "alternative philosophy" imaginable.
Are you all secretly retarded? Or are there just way more teenagers on this board than I thought?
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what are some /his/ recommend books for
a fairly new /his/torian?
it can be about the Babylonians all the way to the
Third Reich.

The 90's

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Yo dude, the 90s were fucking radical man.
Can someone from the up top give me a down low on this radical period of time?
Cha, check it, and hit me up on the tubular interwebs when ya get anything brah.
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Theistic Evolution

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What are some big reasons this can't work?
>inb4 "muh compromise"
I want serious answers, not Gish gallops and slander.
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>listen to episode 6.02 of Revolutions
>Mike finally did it and inserted his politics into the product
>Charles X's actions and character are talked about in such a way as to draw obvious negative parallels to Trump such that even the commenters on the episode notice it
Really disappointed. I won't drop the podcast but I've always liked how he's maintained a politically neutral tone in his stuff. I guess it's just inevitable at this point for peoples' twitter accounts to bleed into their works.

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In their prime, was there anything the Mongolians couldn't take on?
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Haile Selassie

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Why is he worshiped by blacks?
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