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Reality and Perception

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Immigration during Cold War era

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Why wasn't there so much immigration from poor countries to more developed ones during the Cold War era, unlike today?

In the case of alligned countries, was this because the hegemons (USA, USSR) mantained/supported their allies to keep them on their side and there was no need to move? Or is it just globalization+war in the Middle East the cause of mass migration today?

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Hey /his/

I'm doing research on a piece at my local art museum, its a mid 16th century German Wheel-lock gun. Its heavily decorated with horn inlay, depicting two scenes of Hercules, one of which is the Rape of Iolë. I just got home from an appointment I'd made with the curator of the exhibit it's in so that I could look at it more closely in person because its location in its case and the pictures online didn't do its decoration any justice.

Something I noticed while I was looking at it however, was a couple of stamps on the top of the barrel. If I know anything about looking at guns, they're probably indicators of the workshop, gunsmith, or whoever contributed to the gun's construction. Apparently since the museum hadn't taken the gun out of its display since 2004, there was no mention of the stamps in the documentation they had on it. So now I'm kind of stuck because I don't know where to go from here. Most markings on guns are easy to track from like the 1700s onwards but something this old is going to be a challenge to track anything down for.

Any recommendations as to where I might start to look? Pic related is the gun in question
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Armenia and ancient Armenia

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Hi! This is my very first post on this website I've heard a lot of about. I want to have a nice conversation about ancient Armenia and some history. I am into history and know a lot of stuff. I'd love to hear some facts. Share anything with me.
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How is Mary a virgin? Provide evidence pls

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Who was top and who was bottom?

Slaves, sex, food.

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How many of his slaves did Jefferson sleep with? How many black people are descendants of him since he had sex with that black woman Sally Hemmings?

Also did the taking of the name Jefferson and Washington by black people come from them having had sex with black women and thus wanting to associate themselves with whiteness or mulattos?

I mean like the most famous black sitcom is the Jeffersons, that must mean something?

So how many slave owners had sex with their slaves? How many did Jefferson sleep with, and approximately how many black grandkids does he have now?

Final question, during very cold months, in isolated areas say like Monticello, where there may have been a year of harvest famine, did any slave owners resort to eating their slaves like the Dahmer party once did? I mean isolated like freezing death cold isolated like in the movie the shining.
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Why did they have to murder him?

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What does /his/ think of the pre ww2 Japanese Empire
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Can we talk about how some superficial aspects of gender, namely accessories/styles, are hardly set in stone? Men having long hair or wearing the equivalent of a dress has fluctuated throughout different times and places(Greece, Rome, Egypt China). It all seems to be a product of trends. With that knowledge of history, how can anyone really get mad about nonconforming gender expressions in today's culture at least when it comes to clothing? This opposition is still strongest in males for some reason. Seems pretty irrational, wouldn't you agree?
And yes I know pic related is simply an insufferable douche but besudes that.
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