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Why don't people like Christian gnostics
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Why is it so hard for people to accept that this manlet commie revolutionary wannabe was the one that killed JFK?
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ITT Attractive men and women of history. We'll start off with Hermann Rorschach, famous for developing the Rorschach Test used in psychiatric settings (though not as much anymore).
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/his/, in Reflections on the French Revolution Burke mentions "Old Jewery" a fuckton of times. What the hell is he talking about?
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Why didn't they put up a fight against the Germs in WW2?
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Why are Tibetans so successful in spreading their culture and their form of Vajrayana Buddhism all around the world?

They're literally everywhere in Europe, America, they are becoming popular in China too (as strange as it sounds), Chinese youth are no longer interested in Chinese Buddhism like Zen and prefer Tibetan/Tantric Vajrayana.

And Europe - I see them everywhere. They're spreading, and they're mostly a good influence from what I can see. Everything has positive and negatives but the Tibetans seem mostly a force for good.

What is their secret?

Other then Islam, Tibetan Buddhism seems to be the only other tradition that has the potential to spread quickly.
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*violates the US Constitution*
*gets BTFO by the US enforcing the Constitution*
*whines eternally about "m-muh states rights" when what they did was explicitly illegal*
Why are they so retarded to think that they could get away with it, and when they didn't, they had to chimp out for all time like the niggerbloods they are?
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