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So what herbs are smoked other than Tobacco and cannabis?

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Is it odd that only these two are used? Has that always been the case? What's the history behind smoke-able herbs? And who did what?
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>Childhood is being a burger boo
>Adolescence is being a wehraboo
>Adulthood is being a ouiboo

Is this true /his/?
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Imagine being a citizen of this continent. Your ancestors built the first civilization, complex buildings and pyramids. Then one day, some fucking barbarians come and say "ur subhuman cuz u black" and KILL your people, ENSLAVE the survivors and CUT OFF YOUR HANDS FOR NOT SPEAKING THEIR TONGUE AND COLONIZE YOUR CONTINENT FOR CENTURIES TO THE POINT THAT YOU'RE STILL POOR AND NOTHING LIKE YOUR NOBLE ANCESTORS.

This is the story of Africa.

Also African Colonial History thread.
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Alexander the Grate

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This guy was a brutal conqueror but was also supposedly irresistible as a person. Would you submit to him if you were his contemporary, or would you defy him?
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Is it safe to assume that pre-modern populations were more "purer" than modern peoples even in fairly homogenous European countries today?
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I <3 her ; - ;

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I'm looking for a religious where
a) I convert it to and not alter my life style
b) I can feel morally superior to other people: ideally in a way I can flaunt it.
c) It's not so unpopular that I'm a hipster but not so mainstream that I'm a normie: I want to be unique and stand out.

Best religion for me?
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