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The Troubles

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I'd like to talk about the Troubles.

These threads often devolve into people definitely stating things with and reducing everyone else's opinions to nothing for no reason.

I looked up as much publically available information as I could-in terms of who killed who, why, when, dates of events and who was behind them, etc.

The conclusion I've reached is that while the pro british people seemed to initiate the conflict/were the ones who first practiced violence, neither side can argue to be the "good" side

While I guess the nationalists had a just cause, they didn't seem to get on better than the pro british guys.

The British army seemed to make a right mess of it too.

Its all a very muddy conclusion but people seem to harp on about the Irish being the terrorists when the facts state that if you take out british soldiers-the official combatant enemy-they weren't that different from the pro british guys.

What's the deal?