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Fully automated dictatorships

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We've discussed before how all governments are partially democracies because people allow rulers to rule. A king is nothing without a kingdom, you need people to do work, and to fight for you, that means that up until now you need to have some sort of support from someone in order to be able to rule, whether it is the majority of the people, or only a minority to keep the majority in check. And in turn, this also means that people who's slogan is "destroy all humans" have a hard time finding any kind of support, even from the dirtiest of mercenaries.

Enter robotics: A lot is say about what will happen as robots slowly take over jobs, including the military. This has a broader implication tho, it means that in the future it might be entirely possible for a company, a rich individual, or simply a very skilled madman to create their own armies, and sustain them, without the support of many people, or any at all. And that's kind of crazy and concerning to think about; You don't need the support of the people, anyone who protest can be eliminated, and replaced by a robot, and potentially you could do this with the entire human population if you are bold enough and it comes down to that.

tl;dr It could be possible in the future for some madman to declare himself King of bumfuckhill, take it with an army of robots, and then kill everybody, and have the robots do everything from farming, to mining, to fighting, and essentially be truly a king of that land, even with no (human) subjects.