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The retarded myth of German superiority on the Eastern front of WW2.

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When will this fucking meme die already? Wehrmacht was a shit tier military that basically zerg-rushed all of its oponnents in the early stages of war. They won in Poland due to numerical superiority and Soviet help, and they won in France due to fluke and numerical superiority. (135 German divisions vs 99 Franco-British)

In Barbarossa they outnumbered Soviets 4 million vs 2.6 million, and this is why they were so succesful early on, and also due to catching Russians off guard and in the middle of reorganization. Yet Russians won battle of Moscow despite being grossly outnumbered and Then, when Russians managed to gain numerical superiority, they pushed out the Krauts out of USSR.

Autists screeching about ''muh K:D'' are delusional cretins - Krauts only could get higher K:D on defensive (which was most of the eastern front for them basically).

TIK dismantles this retarded myth perfectly here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7BE8CsM9ds&t=350s