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Franco's muslim soldiers

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>Slimane Betmaki smiles at the memory of the terror he inflicted on Spanish villagers on behalf of former dictator Francisco Franco.
He and many of his comrades recruited to Franco’s cause still cling to a belief in the rightness of the fight against suspected sympathizers of Spanish communist “Rojos” (Reds), whom Moroccan conscripts saw as the enemies of religion.

Now 98, he recalls children, women and the elderly fleeing at the sound of the Islamic prayers he and his fellow soldiers chanted while attacking and destroying their settlements.
“We spared nothing and no one. We uprooted everything and killed everyone we encountered,” Betmaki said with pride.
“We chanted an Islamic prayer to praise the Prophet Mohammed before launching raids. Horrified Spaniards attempted to flee as soon as they heard the words of our prayer.”



>In the actual conflict, the Ejército de África played a decisive role in various crucial battles that lead to the dictatorship of Franco. The first group of soldiers arrived in Cádiz in July 1936, and was the beginning of what would total 80,000 Moroccan soldiers fighting in peninsular Spain. These same men were instructed to terrorize villages upon arrival of the fascist forces. This was a deliberate decision by the fascist forces to relate the barbaric side of the war with the re-emergence of the mythical image of the “maligno moro” (dangerous Moor) of the re-conquest period of Spanish history. While the Moroccan soldiers committed war atrocities, the fascist army planted fear in Spanish citizens’ hearts and demonstrated its power without staining the reputation of the government that would emerge following the war.

So these were the vaunted catholic crusaders?