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ask a Japanese anything
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Well /int/, what would that world look like?
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hilo /lat/ANO

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hilo pensante
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This is the last thread I ever make here... In English.

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Why the fuck should I be forced to speak this language? I couldn't give two flying fucks about here being an American website. First of all it belongs to a Japanese guy now then i don't HAVE to make efforts to speak a language to interact with you faggots. From now I will speak and make every single threads in French ONLY. Whoever want to interact with me will have to speak French as well. This is a language board, YOU should make the efforts to learn the native language of whoever flag you want to interact with, not this poor bastardized Franco-German rip off that is English. So I encourage every other posters on this board that isn't British, American, Canadian, Australian, Irish or Neozelandese to do the same.

Reclaim YOUR language.
Let's kill English off /int/.

NIQUE LES Anglo-Saxon
NIQUE LES Américains
NIQUE LES concierges
VIVR LA France
VIVE LA Francophonie

Merci. Et à demain.
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>Ik haat normaaltjes
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I am Irish and very proud of my Celtic heritage
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Tough pills to swallow edition

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/lat/ hilo latino

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zumer edicija
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fio /luso/

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Edição de descrédito ao eterno brasileiro.
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