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This is the person I think of when I think of Spain
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A typical American makes $2,000,000 in their lives. This can be found by multiplying the typical $50,000 salary by the typical 40 year career.
$2,000,000 is all the money the average American ever gets, and republicans expect us to spend $800,000 of it on COVID-19 treatment.
Why isn’t their party classified as a terrorist organization yet?

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"Ivan the Terrible was married no less than seven times. But he was also attracted to young men in female attire. One of the most ruthless chieftains of Ivan's political police, Feodor Basmanov, rose to his high position through performing seductive dances in women's clothes at the tsar's court. The nineteenth-century poet A. K. Tolstoy (1817-1875) wrote a historical novel, Prince Serebriany (1862), set during the reign of Ivan the Terrible, where he described with great frankness the paradoxical character of Feodor: a capable military commander; the scheming initiator of murderous political purges; the tsar's bed partner; and an effeminate homosexual who discussed in public the cosmetics he used to improve his complexion and hair."
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This kind of riots can be happen in France or England where so many black people live?
I’m really scared.
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/lat/ - hilo latinoamericano

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Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド

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Is America great yet?
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/fr/ - le francofil

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Édition de homme français moyen

Ancien: >>124096495
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Why is American culture so confrontational?
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What is your favorite language to hear music in?

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What language do you think sounds most beautiful when singing? For me it’s Spanish
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