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Rolling coal

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Your country
What country do you want bf from?

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Malay lesbian edition
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trio maestro edicija
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Gjør det for Yukika-utgaven
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If you were given the chance and supposing you have a stable job secured, would you move to the Netherlands?
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I hate white men, you are representation of losers for any men with self-esteem and now with pride in their masculinity for not being
this loser representation of a man who the women of own race are representation of fuck meat of blacks, and not only this, this reputation and things only increase the sex appeal of black men and remove even more the sex appeal of white guys who need to work more to compensate their lack of sex appeal as a male after everything of losers related to themselves
Seriously, you white men are pathetic, even more than asian men because you never will see videos, porn of losers, nothing against asian men, you never will see commercials, is very rare compared to thousands of commercials, porn, movies, all this culture of loser males who white guys have and young white guys are learning their reputation and culture of loser men in their race.

No normal men would want to be "white" now because for men their masculinity and fuck or have women is the most important thing, sex, women is the most important thing, pride, self-esteem is important to have confindence and a healthy life and nobody would want to be a white representation of loser men or asian men, and everything related to white men everybody say that white men have no qualities, no accomplishments, white men are only white privilege, shit, the losers, the losers of white women of blacks and doesn't matter if is true or not, what matters is the image of losers that you white guys already have, doesn't matter the quantity of white women, but we have thousands of white female celebs, white disney girls for blacks, thousands of rap, hip hop, porn, and is only white women, no women of other race make the same things of white women against the man of their own race, white guys are the representation of fucking pathetic losers now

In porn, comments, internet, celebs, commercial, culture of losers
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2.are you scared of China?
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>post yfw W*stoid "civil"izations are being anally molested by the BLACK BVLL while your country rapidly flourishes into a superpower.
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/ita/ il filo americano

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Edizione /sp/
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