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Come take our women, European men.
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we dem chedlads edition
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منال edition
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Edição da Melissa Cavalgada
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Hello, I'm the Pepík seeking asylum from the week earlier. I went to the police and it's mostly fine, well mostly. I am forced to visit a psychologist. I've hurt my family and have been kicked out of the house. I'm writing this in a library on a free computer. I beg in a small town but people don't give me food or money anymore. I'm going to starve soon. I seriously need someone to take me to Poland and let me live in their house. I offer you learning the guitar, English, German or Czech. I'm really good at history and geography. I can also clean your house and make you food. Please anons, don't let me die.

My email is f[email protected] I will reply every day because I can't sleep at the library
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Imagine having a useless mother tongue language like estonian, hungarian, romanian, norwegian, icelandic, Zulu or Xhosa.
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>you will never experience what it's like for a girl to be attracted to you
it hurts that a girl like pic related would never even care to smile at me unless it's a smile derived from her making fun of my subhumanity
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