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big japan
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Poles are asleep, post your real thoughts on them
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African General

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In here we talk about all things African.
Allowed: Everyone nice!
Not allowed: African American hoodrats!
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thank you lidl for this good food
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International wage thread

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post your working type, working time, and a wage in this thread

1. warehouse worker

2. 5 hours

3. $900

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Post underrated leaders from your country
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>one chance at life
>born with native american blood but aren't legally considered native american
>can't participate in native american traditions

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I'm going to be really sad when the Queen and Prince Philip pass away they are all that is left of old royalty the new generations just aren't the same.
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International Tipping

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My wife works for a multinational and showed me this spreadsheet her company keeps on file. How accurate is it?

What surprised me is that Kiwifags actually DO pay tips, they just don't get a say in how much since shitty service is included in the bill.


>tfw American masterrace

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I am paralyzed and i have dementia yet i rule the biggest country in Africa AMA!