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Jesus fucking Christ

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>The Sneads, who had taken Cruz into their family, described the 19-year-old as having grown up apparently without ever having to perform common chores -- he could not cook, do laundry, pick up after himself or even use a microwave.

>He seemed lonely and badly wanted a girlfriend.

Is this literally the absolute state of most Americans?
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/v4/ + lads

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why there was no /v4/ bread edition
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/extraflags/ + /flag/ | classic BENIS edition

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Previous Edition: >>85699928

Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely spin-off of /flag/ except its a general for users with extra flags to discuss flags, extra flags, and autistic activities while funposting. dont have extra flags? get extra flags :^)

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>tfw you realize most modern day germans agree with hitler and support the holocaust but they just can't admit it publicly

any time you talk to a german online and you egg them on a little bit they start saying some wild stuff about jews and migrants...

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How do you cope with this fact?
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>ywn live in Iceland
might as well just die ahah

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>just go and talk to her bro, works every single time!

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>tfw arab bf online wants me to start taking hormones for him
>tfw used to be a poltard but fell hard for him
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Why are there so many russians suddenly moving to my city? I see a lot of them everyday and saw a lot in Buenos Aires as well