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Venezuela thread

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Venezuela thread
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Sock edition
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>one chance at childhood
>i didn't grow up in a big comfy american suburb
>no big suburban house to play hide and seek in
>no pool parties
>no big wide roads to ride bikes in
>no close woods to play in
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>this triggers the American
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Anyone here dated a black woman? How was it in comparison to other women?
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>tfw no Japanese gf
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/ita/ il filo

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Edizione ancora fuori dell' Europa
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I am high as fuck right now and I just realized something insightful.

I have been working in the past 2 years on a night shift with the same 3 other people.

We're all in the night shift because we're insecure/stupid people that can't compete in the race to improve themselves.
They all think I'm a smart guy because of some wikipedia quotes i lash out here and there.

I just realized how much I have been brain washing these poor poor people with my negative/pessimistic way of tought.

I feel like I changed one of the guys way of thinking in life and made him realise there is no hope.

I made 2 of them anti-semitic and I subtly made a single-mother make herself think as a bitch and it worked.

Holy shit they were so normal when they joined. What have i dond
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Why do Americans refuse to understand what socialism is?

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"O lord our God arise
Scatter her enemies
And make them fall
Frustrate their knavish tricks

On thee our hopes we fix
God save us all"

Happy Brexit Day everyone!