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When you book an Italian cruise
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i'm a 23 year old virgin
sounds surreal huh? well, not for me
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Mutt & Monkey Supremacy Thread

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How much does it bother this board that the mutt nations of America and Brazil are the most free nations on Earth?

God Bless America & Deus abençoe o Brasil
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Russians, what are these locations like in your shithole?

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1 : ur cunt
2 : do u receive gibs
3 : if yes how much

1 : denmark
2 : no
3 : 0

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Here you can apologize for the wrongdoings your country did to Poland and polish people.
Everyone is welcome in this thread
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good morning Ireland
getting ready for work
eat your breakfast. exiting for the Nolan show?
good fer yees
I'll be here
on /int/
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I am afraid that my gf has an incestuous relationship with her twin brother
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why all fun threads disappear
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