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François de Grossouvre edition.

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Our princess is planning to study in Leeds UK from this Sep.

How is this place? good or bad?
Who is gonna protect her during her stay in the UK?

Judging from comments from English several newspapers, it seems speaking Yorkshire accents is subhuman tier in the UK.
How would she be expected to encounter criticism when she speaks horrible English accent after studying there?
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kurva anyátok
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>Russians call Hitler Gitler

Why is that? I've seen several other words where they inexplicably change the H for a G.
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american """"houses""" vs wind
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/ita/ - il filo

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Edizione rumena
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1. you're country
2. does ananas belogn to a pizza?
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What the fuck is wrong with slavs? Are they all dead inside?
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How well is your country prepared for a nuclear strike and its aftermath?

There are bomb shelters in most Finnish schools and I hear that in Switzerland houses built post-1960 are required to have a nuclear bomb shelter.

I know that Russia has its reinforced metro system. Maybe most disturbingly the U.S and UK have little to no protection for the public.

Also, how do you feel knowing you are simply collateral damage to your politicians and the powers that be holding the reins of your country's leadership?