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Are we agreed? Where should your cunt fall in the rankings?
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I want to start by saying that 1) this is going to be a very casual thing and 2) I understand how big of a commitment this is.

That being said, I want to learn a language. I have narrowed my choice down to three and I've placed them on a difficulty/sound/usefulness scale.

Swedish- I only speak English so this one is very low on the difficulty scale, and it sounds great. Not very useful for me in the States though.

Russian- this is higher up on the difficulty scale (how hard I don't know, if you are learning this fill me in). However, it sounds better than Swedish IMO and is/will be very useful due to it being spread all over the world by the USSR and its large number of speakers.

Farsi (more specifically Dari, the Afghan dialect of it)- I don't know too much about Dari, but from what I know its difficulty is somewhere in between the first two. My paternal side of the family speaks it, and having a native speaker to converse with greatly lowers the difficulty. Sounds awesome IMO, probably about as good as Swedish. It kinda useful, in that I can converse with my family as well as be mutually intelligible with Iranians and Tajiks, but not very.


Swedish: + simplicity, + sound, - usefulness

Russian: - simplicity, + sound, + usefulness

Dari: +/- simplicity, + sound, +/- usefulness

I know sound is personal preference, but the purpose of this thread is so I can get some input in the difficulty and usefulness departments. Once again, this is going to be very a casual thing for me and something I do on the side. I feel like Swedish is best for a more casual learner like me, but I really want more opinions than just mine.

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Opinions on the EU? I only get meme answers on /pol/, so I want to see what you guys think.
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nice edition
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I am a White Protestant Male. I am superior to you by default. Hence, My natural position is above you (Master) and your natural position is beneath Me (servile).

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do you all really see us as subhuman vermin or is it just memes and banter?
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bu tirad en fazla 80 post alıp geceye doğru ölecek edışın
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Perfect country with perfect people don't exi-
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