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I'm booking a bath hotel in Budapest
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Is it true European don't eat tuna melts?
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How come Mexican-Americans are never talked about as a voting bloc during Mexico's presidential elections? Other countries like Turkey try to get their diaspora to vote but Mexico who has a 35 million strong diaspora in America doesn't? Why is that? Or are people living outside of Mexico unable to vote?

Also, if any CHI's see this for what party would you vote in next year's coming elections? And why?
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Is growing giant veg a thing in your country?
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Post yfw Turks unironically thought over 50 years that this was actually gonna happen
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Are Americans basically human's final form?
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Why do Brits look inbred?
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>americans will defend this

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ur cunt
how do you deal with the fact that you have no gf
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Kino edition
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