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Bravo Estonia!

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These stronk norwegian womminz only needed 36 days to row over the atlantic

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Americans voted a reality tv persona as their president and now they're unironically thinking of voting Oprah in 2020
How do we fix America? How did they get to this point?
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What's the difference between Mexico and Romania?

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How do I find a boyfriend who's into feet worship?

I asked the guy I've been chatting online for a long time if he likes feet and he said they're gross

t. girl
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1.your shithole
2.Do you praise the sun?

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>German engineering

Now that the lie called germ industry has been debunked, can we all take a moment and ponder
What are germs useful for?
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How do we fix this cringy piece of shit lads?
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Feet of /int/

Let's compare our feet
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post your ideal man
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