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>wake up
>still not russian
>no qt gopnik gf with fake jewelry and adidas trackpants
>still not making love to her on the bed in the corner of her commiebloc apartment under a bigass persian carpet to the sound of her neighbors arguing
>still not squatting in a circle with my bratans, drinking jaguar energy cocktail, smoking papirosi and passing a bag of sunflower seeds while we mean-mug at passers by and gaybash effeminate looking men
>still not cruising down the sidewalk in a vintage zhiguli with adidas stripes on it, listening to hardbass
why was i born in america? why am i here just to suffer?
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Do you see yourself in the future getting married and having kids?
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>insult a Brazilian
>they agree
>they start demanding I degrade them more
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>this is the supreme court of canada
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Last night I dreamed that somebody loved me
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Should I go out and get this?

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I'm suddenly craving them and while my enlightened side is telling me it's just disgusting overpriced glucose carb sawdust filth peddled by a corrupt American wheat industry... my lizard brain is telling me they're sooooooooo goooooooooood.

Japan v Colombia

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In spirit of the upcoming QT showdown, who has the hotter qts? Better food? Better place to visit?

Your cunt
Japan or Colombia
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>annex a bunch of land from Mexico
>complain that there's so many spics living in your country

why do Anglos do this?
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Are fantasy anime girls supposed to look asian or white?
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