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Heh, nothing personal France.

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New Zealand?
more like Old Zealand


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I let my mom go to my house to feed my cat and dog while I was away for 2 days. She posted “cute” photos of them on Facebook. My cousins saw that she was at my unguarded house and called her on the phone. They asked for cool clothes and shoes. My mom grabbed
>2 pairs of my shoes
>4 of my t shirts
>all of my good socks (basically all of them)
>3 dress shirts
>2 pairs of jeans
>my fancy watch which I was planning to sell
>my adidas pants
>my sports jacket
>even some underwear
And sent this to the Far East. My clothes are already probably in Russia, being worn by my cousins.
Her excuse? They’re poor and live in Russia
Is your mom like this /int/?
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BASED Russia

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Who's your cunt's best director?

Spielberg did nothing wrong.
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4chan is banned in EU now

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Good riddance, senpaitachi. Now we can have more colored multiculturals and brexit master race in /int/. Pip pip tally ho!
Pic unrelated. Anime don't care.

/FAG/-Fuck all Gays general

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countries that are based and redpilled welcome
Not welcome- Fags
La-la prancing men
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"Overlever vi mon natten"-udgaven

Sidste tråd: >>97346651
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American names invented by a Japanese video game developer who knew nothing about American names.
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Is your country experiencing white flight? Can't get far enough from the subhumans with dark skin it seems
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