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post food, guess country

hard mode: region too
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If you travel to Norway just please drive around Bergen on your way through the western fjords.

The city itself is very beautiful if you don't mind mostly shit weather. it's just that the people are so arrogant, cocky and loud its fantasticly horrible.

Immagine if you mix San Fransisco snotty better-than-you liberal with screaming british hooligans and then you get close to the scum that lives in Bergen. One thing you hear constantly shouted out in bars is "We ain't Norway, we are Bergen"
A friend of mine got literally beat up when he told someone casually at a bar in Bergen that he didn't really like Hansa beer (Local Bergen beer. their motto is "brewed in the rain" )

Everytime something shitty happens in Norway and its on the news you can bet your balls that some Bergenfuck will comment "That could never happen in Bergen because we are just so much better than the rest of the country"

So please. If you visit Norway just skip Bergen. If you are so unfortunate as to find yourself there please don't judge us based on the B*rgen "people"
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What do Russians think of us?
Most Finns are very russophobic because our nationalism revolves around beating the Soviet Union, but the soviets are gone now.
I've only seen either neutral or positive attitudes towards us from Russians.
Russia's and it's government's flaws aside, I think we shouldn't be so aggressive towards Russians as a whole.

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Which country do you want to kissu /int/?

My choice is Argentina :3
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Russia in Spring.

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Why is Liverpool such a wonder of a city?

>over 90% white
>great universities
>mix of norwegian and Irish genes to create a strong race
>best museums
>land of poets
>lister from red dwarf
>the beatles and their solo careers
>old buildings and new buildings standing side by side as if time didn't exist
>two cathedrals
>superior football
>ferry rides
>International Airport
>lovely parks

Truly God has created this city for kings.
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So yesterday I slipped into some lingerie and put on a wig and a lipstick and let a black immigrant fuck me senseless. Who knows what crazyness he would've gotten up to if I hadn't been there to relieve his manly urges. I consider myself a true Swedish patriot, doing my part for integration and democracy.

What have you done to help your country today?
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Cargo ship carrying sheep from Romania sinks Russian military vessel

sorry ivan
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If you have a rare flag, please reply. I'm a newfag and need some good shit for my collection.