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Regarding American (from US) women to calling their male sexual partners "daddy":

Is it some kind of pretend incest? If it is:
1) why doesn't the man call her daughter?
2) why is pretend incest so common there as opposed to other western countries
If it is not:
3) why call him daddy in the first place?

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American modern medias (TV shows, Films) often tell that racism and homophobia are a past thing "what the hell ?! You live in the wrong decade bro" or something like that but racism and homophobia have never been so high in recent years thanks to immigration from third world countries which increase racism and homophobia.

Explain. Thanks

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Is it true modern Ashkenazim aren't actually from Israel, but rather from Khazaria and are tribal Turkic converts to Kabbalistic Jewish Gnostics m?
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This is the future we all gonna get thanks to you


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Are we european?
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Do Latina women know that they're goddesses?
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