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Marjuana vs Tijuana

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1. Free unlimited marijuana but you have to live in Tijuana
2. You will never live in Tijuana but you won't get no marijuana. Ever

Which would you choose?
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/FLAG/-Fuck Lesbians And Gays

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Since FAG was an unfortunate name that caused some people to think I was gay
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Why do white people do this?

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Why is the West Coast and New England so staunchly Democratic/Liberal?
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How would he be treated in your country?

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>loves Europe
>loves USA
>loves Japan
>hates Fr*nce

Is anyone else here based & redpilled?
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>tfw a white guy who only fucks black chicks
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Does anyone know what she meant by this?

Whats life like for someone whose half black half asian?

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Whats like being pic related
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>Your country
>your countries opinion about lula?
we love him
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