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Sverigetråden - Kung Erik Magnussons upplaga

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I'm only 57% E*ropean.
Happiest day of my life now that 23andme downgraded me from 80% E*ropean.
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What is your honest opinion on Germany?
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There are two types of Finns
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Post things that make you proud of your country

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I like the Hun past of my ancestors, when they raped blonde wh*te women and killed all their men.

Live in Austria now, and fuck their blonde daughters!

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I want to learn spanish to move to uruguay but I find quit hard to find material to learn it in my language and I do not really want to learn it from english material

America is a WASP nation

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Irish, Italians, Poles and other Papists get out
>pic related is my ancestry.

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Why yes I am German, how could you tell?
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This is one of the better threads on /int/.