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Why is Bolivia so much better than Argentina?
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Why are pacific islanders so fat?
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Latin American Music Thread

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I need more music to listen on my iPod and I got sick of reggaeton

What's your cunt's music scene like?
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What is a legitimately good reason to attend a university and get a job? I'd much rather play games and watch TV for the rest of my life
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Aryan women in wheat fields edition
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Help me out /int/, which country is the best for a young handsome Australian man to live in for a year? I might study, I might work, I might do both, I'm not sure, but I'm thinking 2018. In which country/city are the people, women in particular, most naturally impressed with someone from Australia? I speak English and German.

No third world shitholes please, only cities/countries with at least half-decent living standards and entertainment.
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Our girl
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>went to Mexico for spring break
>came back with 15-20 mosquito bites

Apologize, Mexico!
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