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>ur cunt
are you an incel that cries over his waifu not being real?
of course
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>your cunt
>do you hate the illegitimate state of Israel?
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
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Just came back from a 15 day (originally 30) site-wide ban for flooding /int/ with soyjaks.
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How many percent of the British politicians are descended from English aristocratic families?

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psst...hey you, protestant
fuck you
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I wish we never moved to the US
I should have lived and stayed in russia desu
I forgot everything, most of my russian language is almost gone and my russian accent is shit. Any other immigrants here? I have money and a job in the US but no russian friends, gf or anything else
Just a slave for a major corporation

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183 khv edicija
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How is she seen in your cunt
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What's the most forbidden act in your country?

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