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Why do arabs, pakis and afghanis love expensive cars so much?

Me and my sister inherited an old and shitty apartment block from my uncle. We used to rent out to students, but after the refugee crisis, we have been renting out to refugees instead. They are totally okay with three or four young men sharing a two bedroom apartment and then they use like 80% of their welfare benefits to pay for a new bmw or audi
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Edycja antipolska

Poland work against Serbs, Russians and Ukrainians. All Slavs hates you. Just stop working against other Slavs and you will be safe, you will never be our brother again, but you will be safe. With American missiles and bases Poland isn't safe, Poland is just a one easy target to Russian nuclear shield.

You still live in world of American propaganda, but in reality US dosn't care about Poland and your future, they care only about themselves.
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America has no cult-
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>go to school like a good lad
>study many hours
>go to school one day, get gunned down like a bad lad

how do we fix this foreign men?
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Why does he talk shit about Argentina, Brazil and Mexico all the time?

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Is there any desirability to regionalism? I see a lot of regionalism in Americans who put all their faith in their state and nowhere else (even though states aren't all that different). I want to know if there are any actual benefits of doing so or if it is just needless tribalism? Is it better to stick to separate regional cultures or is a large mono-culture more desirable? I say America but this question is globally applicable.
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Anime website
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American Empire edition
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What is life like here?
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