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>too lazy to buy anime
>too lazy to wait until subtitle gets out
>too lazy to understand what *nime waifus saying
>too lazy to study Japanese
btw there is a Japanese exam(JLPT N1) on December but I didn't study at all, I barely understand 70% of anime lmao

How can I get motivated?

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I am 1/64th Cherokee Indian

Please respect my heritage white pigs.
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How's life in Hokkaido?
Seems like a comfy Island.

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"H-HEY STOP, you! Anon, stop!! This is Korean police, s-show me your hands!!"

What do?
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Your thoughts on this country?
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/fit/ girls? [Y/n]



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Mund auf 4 Jahre Schwanz rein, Alman
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/ex-ussr/ general

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pycня cocaть eдишн (клaccичecкий)
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