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Evening culture thread
Invited: Sverigetråden v4 polska brit balk cum ex-yu norgetråden deutsch asean hilo mämmi NEDERDRAAD tr carib luso mena balt v3 fr japan czsk ita meds lat dixie sino éire
Not invited : weebs and weeb enablers

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>your cunt
>do you want an underaged gf
ofc like pic related

Peace nobel for russia and mexico

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they're loving the love instead of the war
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what happens here
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me and lads edition
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How do you call this in your country?
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Japanese girls

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Do Japanese girls with a western attitude exist at all in Japan? Or is social awkwardness and distant behavior standard for most Japanese girls? Reason I’m asking is because the Japanese exchange students here are tremendously awkward, and it feels like they only present an image of themselves whilst keeping their true personalities hidden. Can someone explain?

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Would you like to swing on a star?
Carry moonbeams home in a jar?
And be better off than you are?

Or would you rather be a Turk

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>xxxtentacion said that he was depressed
>theres a video of him getting his dick sucked by two females
im sad that he didnt suffer enough, fucking nigger larping as depressed
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