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Lets settle this. How gay is /int/?
1. cunt
2. rate yourself
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1. Your country
2. Your country's closest ally

I'll start

1. America
2. France
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do you love Japan?
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I like country rock music

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>going to have a german test
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Japanese women are obese.

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Japanese women wear relaxing clothes to hide the fat body.
Because of that, Japanese women get fat more and more.
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hey can you please just tell me you love america
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>this terrifies and enrages the north american
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Why do people talk about Canadian women?
What do you think about Canadian women?

1. A lot of them are athletic. They all did sports at least in high school and continue in university
2. Liberal but not seriously interested in politics outside of headlines
3. Down to earth
4. Independent

I think they are among the top females in the world. 7-8/10 overall score


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Şehitler öldü vatan bölündü burası t*Rkiye anası da sikildi