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at least you live in a first world country

/ex-ussr/ general

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heh mda edition

everyone welcome except butthurt whoresons
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Comfy Landscape (and also city) Thread

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ITT: Post comfy landscape/city pictures from your country, and enjoy others'.
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Is being 29 too old to change your life?
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/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends

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How old should be marriage allowed by law?

Little girl (18) "It's been 12 years since that. It was so long."

I (38) "I feel like I was in a blink of an eye"

My daughter (12) "Mommy! You are wearing a wedding dress!"

Little girl (18) "How is this?"

My daughter (12) "Pretty! Don't you think, papa!"

I (38) "Yeah... beautiful..."

Little girl (18) "You are also nice. Very much."

I (38) "Is..that so..."

My granddaughter (6) "Dad's face is turning red!"

Great Grandchildy (0) "Babble babble."
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>decide to learn my a second language (monolingual burger here)
>pick russian

Why am I such a fucking idiot? Russian is hard as fuck to learn. Learning the alphabet only took a couple hours but its all down hill from there.
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