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Sverigetråden - Kvälls/nattupplagan

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which one would be more successful in your country?

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If I decide to live in Japan, I'll ever have to worry about Yakuza?
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Post artistic achievements from your country.
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>german students travel to poland to learn about holocaust
>get insulted and spit on for beeing muslim
>police just laughs and doesn't help them
why are poles so racist?
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>find a really good lecture for something I'm interested it
>is pretty good
>mfw he starts using his faggy british words
>mfw he calls the notes minim, crotchet, quaver
>why bongs don't really understand american english is what really matters
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what do you call a soft carbonated beverage in your language and/or dialect

or by whatever flavour the pop is
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which country has the most beautiful people?
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>China is not communist anymo...
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Waar zijn ze toch? editie

welkom: speurneuzen
niet welkom: dommeneuzen

>>76524392 oude
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