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calle calle -painos
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anglos need not apply

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>write sentence in own language
>need that one word you only know in English to tie it all together perfectly
>look up translations for it
>not a single fitting equivalent, only less potent ones that ruin the whole thing or some word that hasn't been used in 150 years
Can we just make English the first language of the planet already? It's already the perfect mix of European languages.


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Den neste generasjonen med nordmenn-utgaven

Forrige: >>84679526
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When will China and Pakistan nuke them?

How will you party when it happens?
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Post the one country you hate the most
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Thougths about cajuns and others french in the South of USA ? These pieces of shit ass faggots who disgrace the French people ?
The French in the North of America have kept French language (Quebecois and such) at least but not in the South of Louisiana.
What is their excuse ? A real French would have fought anglo ennemy until death after the sale of American territory by Napoleon. I think they were not french after all, the real ones returned in France.

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favourite euro movie

pic unrelated
it's actually a non-USA movie thread since /tv/ is only about drumpf and capewars
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1. You're a cunt
2. Are you a hairy guy?

1. Polan
2. not so much
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Uma delícia accents

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I'm curious about how all you pronounce "sopa de macaco uma delícia". Can you record a Vocaroo? I'll rate your accents.
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