Planned outage this weekend.

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Why do Asians work themselves to death?
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barring islamic countries, which countries are you most likely to find a virgin girl who's interested in marriage?
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edycja bycia pszczola i dostania gf albo bf jak sie jest homo
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>local girl killed herself because she couldn't find a bf

This is her.

You could've stopped this /int/, why didn't you? You monster, that's despicable, you make me fucking sick

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"going to the gym is useless for getting a g-"

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>We weren't defeated, we just left

Do americans actually think this? or is it some sort of twisted logic fueled on denial?
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Post the hottest politician in your country.

Pic related: She wants a referendum on Finland leaving the Euro monetary union and go back to our own currency
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Why are Black women so superior??

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/fr/ - Le francofil

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Edition paysagère et du au revoir

Ancien fil: >>81964073
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Why do you hate Israel?
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