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Very big and thick... sword
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Water quality edition.
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Question to Europoors

Pic is a girl who goes to uni with me.
Would you date her?

She's mostly amerindian with some negro blood too
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Do Native Americans in the US and Canada feel a kinship towards Native people south of the border? What do they think of Aztecs, Incas, Mayas and the other pre-Columbia civilizations that existed in this general area?

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Does anyone else miss /int/craft?

post your hometowns

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rate that hometown thread
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>We have to save the white race
>But i don't like girls because they are all whores, i prefer to masturbate to chinese drawings


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nintendo uitgave
Welkom: Nintendo consoles, Nintendo spelletjes, Nintendo liefhebbers
Niet welkom: /v/ miems
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/luso/fio lusófono

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Edição como eu uso 4chan?
Edição anterior>>>84691797

Sejam pacientes eu tenho autismo
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your cunt
do you like average chink guys?