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why yes, I am Canadian

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how did you know?

/lang/ – Language Learning General (embed)

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international frenship edition

>What language are you learning?
>Share language learning experiences!
>Ask questions about your target language!
>Help people who want to learn a new language!
>Find people to practice your target language with!
>Participate in translation challenges or make your own! (embed)

Learning resources:
First and foremost check the /int/ Wiki. (just one (embed))

/Lang/ is currently short on those image qts, so if you can pitch in to help create one for a given language, don't hesitate to read the OP; nobody embeds anyway and yet here we are embedding!

Mega link with books for all kinds of languages:

>How do I learn a language? What is the best way to learn one? How should I improve on certain aspects?
Ideally take a class, otherwise buy (torrent) a well-received textbook for your language, google any grammar you have trouble with and no matter what do lots of translation exercises but post an apu if you actually read this but I doubt it
>Will I learn a language by using Duolingo five minutes a day while taking a shit
depends how many shits
>I'm going to use Duolingo anyway
If on your phone, use the mobile site and NOT the app; the latter lacks many important features and doesn't let you turn the word bank off which should always be off. In addition don't copy-paste or memorize answers for the sake of completing lessons, as above, google anything you don't understand
>Should I learn X to get a qt wife/gf (male) etc?
>Should I learn X because of my heritage
learn Y instead

>What language should I learn
>I just want something easy and somewhat useful
>I want a language that's useful and fun but not too hard
>I want a language that's useful and embrace a challenge
I want a GF
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>Logger på 4kanalen
>Ingen Norgetråd

Dette holder ikke, folkens!

Forrige: >>97480120
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Whay country is the best country to move as a k*rean male? god i hate this shithole so much.
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Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド

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This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily life, etc. of Japan.
Let's tark at randam in Japanese and English. Take it easy!

Previous Thread:>>97461520
Learn Japanese Thread: >>>/int/djt
過去ログ: http://desuarchive.org/int/search/subject/日本語スレッド/

Please declare when making a new thread and post its link.
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Do you love Serbia?

/fr/ - Le fil hon hon hon

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Édition je rate tout.

ancien : >>97493481
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Guess her nationality ~~
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DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2079 v2

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DJT is a Japanese language learning thread for people interested in the language, anime, manga, visual novels, light novels and Japanese video games.
Japanese speakers learning English are welcome, too.

Read the Guide linked below before asking how to learn Japanese:
Check the Cornucopia of Resources before asking where to download X or Y:

Archive of older threads: https://desuarchive.org/int/search/subject/Daily%20Japanese%20Thread/

Previous Thread: >>97413924
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/cp/ - Culture Pals

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Really ded edition

Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here autistic sperg losers can meet equally autistic thots from developing nations like Russia(ew) , China(yawn) and India (loos) for relationships so autistic even >>>/r9k/ wouldn't bother with them.
Seriously this shit is more of a bitch than debugging pointers in C using vim with no scripts. Want to discuss argentina? Want to discuss philosophy with an overweight Brazilian who got 0 on www.freesites.gratisiqteste.com.br? Want to get dropped by turks with English so atrocious they make toddlers seem fluent? Want to be given the basic gestalt on boobs and soy by the resident mammary expert titman? Want to talk with/share qts with the Taliban?
Want to banter koreaboos?
Sign up at:

Website with pastas and scripts:

Mega with the memes all the cool kids use:

https://pastebin.com/h5A30AW7 (embed) (embed)

javascript, tampermonkey/greasemonkey extension for the betas

Old thread:>>97404856
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