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Lubbock, Texas

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What happens here?
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> Cross the tourists who visit Paris
> Talking
>Oh, your name is Ahmed and you are French?
> * Yes *
> Look at me with a embarrassing smile


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edycja letniego chłodnego deszczu
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God i fucking love Americans.
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>be Irish from Ireland
>cant speak his own language
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Эх щac бы кapтoхи.
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/luso/-Fio Lusófono

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White people are the hairiest monkeys

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>Stewart W. Hindley and Albert Damon of the Department of Anthropology at Stanford University have studied the frequency of hair on the middle finger joint (mid-phalangeal hair) of Solomon Islanders, as a part of a series of anthropometric studies of these populations. They summarize other studies on prevalence of this trait as reporting, in general, that Caucasoids are more likely to have hair on the middle finger joint than Negroids and Mongoloids, and collect the following frequencies from previously published literature: Andamanese 0%, Eskimo 1%, African American 16% or 28%, Ethiopians 25.6%, Mexicans of the Yucatan 20.9%, Penobscot and Shinnecock 22.7%, Gurkha 33.6%, Japanese 44.6%, various Hindus 40–50%, Egyptians 52.3%, Near Eastern peoples 62–71%, various Europeans 60–80%.
>various Europeans 60–80%
>various Europeans 60–80%
>various Europeans 60–80%

How does it feel to be the apes among races, whities?
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