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MFW we just lost our beef exports market share to australia.

Fucking chineses, I thought we were BRICS broes. When we needed them the most, they give up on us and sign a contract with australia.

Fuck you china, fuck you hong kong, fuck you europe

And if you want to be down with them, then fuck you too
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>that opinion of atheists

Why the fuck is USA considered first world again?
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/tr/ - anasını sitkimin t*Rk köpekleri edition

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ona buna domaldınız şerefsiz piçleri
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What do you think about Japan?
I wanna your honest opinons.
I think this country is beginning to ruin more and more....
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What is it like being American? Having the whole world follow your politics and culture must be so weird

Pic is pretty in pink because America rules
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Do Indians really descend from Australian abos that got gang raped by persians?
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>at least you live in america


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Det er lordag
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Paraguay-Croatia friendship thread

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fellow Croatians will always be welcome to our nation
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What is your most honest opinion about Colombia and Colombian people?
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