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Asia megathread: /eag/ /kor/ /sino/ /asean/ /desi/ /sag/ /me/ /tr/ /isr/ /jew/ /rus/

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Asian country reunion thread

East Asia: /eag/ /kor/ /sino/ Japanese Language
South Asia: /desi/ /sag/
Southeast Asia: /asean/
Middle East: /me/ /mena/ /tr/ /isr/ /jew/
Russia: /rus/ /slav/
Central Asia:
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/luso/ - Fio Lusófono

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Edição fofinhas
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Post comfy places from your country

Pic related is the Cotswolds
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now that global warming has weakened the arctic ice and has allowed canada to break through the forbidden waters of the north, will your country try to take advantage this new, possibly soon to be international waterway?
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/fr/ - Le fil de la France et des petites voitures

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Is coffee the ultimate symbol of American imperialism? Every day tea loses a bit of popularity in countries like Bongistan and Nippon
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balt lads and ausnz mates

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Romanians are secret balts
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Daily Japanese Thread DJT #1846

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Last Thread:
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/dixie/ - Southern States and Friends

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the fuck just happened edition

come post a spell, y'all
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Today it's a sunny spring day so I'll take a walk and post some pics
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