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My fucking sides

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explain yourselves now
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pissatauko -painos
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There a 20 something yo mexican playing anime on his phone out loud on the bus.
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What is the "Candle Cove" of your country?

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In Turkey we had a game show called "Hugo". I'm sure you're familiar with it. Anyway on this tv show, if you were lucky, you could play as Hugo using your phone or remote control and there were different games. So one day in 1993 (lately confirmed) one kid was trying to play the game with a fucking rotary phone (as people claim). So obviously he couldn't play and he lost the game. He couldn't even do something about it. The kid was upset, and he was about to cry. The guy on the left (he was called 'Tolga Abi' which means 'Tolga Bro') who presented the show tried to calm him down. He said "it's okay it happens" etc. But the kid said "Fuck Hugo". The guy was petrified. Then the kid said "fuck Tolga Abi too" and he hung up the phone.

This went viral. in 1993 everyone was talking about it. People swearing on TV wasn't really common. But there's no video evidence of it. The guy strongly denies what happened. Even in 2016, on an internet forum there was a huge thread about this Hugo incident being real or myth. For almost 1 month, people were trying to gather evidence to prove this happened. At last they found some columns talking about it. Columns were written in 1993. Literally thousands of witnesses say it happened and they witnessed that shit. Tolga guy denies everything but the producer also said it happened on twitter. Still we got no video evidence. Some people also claim it's mandela effect and false memory. OR even worse mass schizophrenia. A myth that managed to make people into thinking that they witnessed it but they didn't. Human brain is capable of producing false memories. Our brain might think we actually were there when that happened but we weren't.

Still an interesting unsolved case though.
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What is the best country in the anglosphere for a Latino?

I want to do "work and holiday".

I'm not going to be killed by a neo-Nazi group?
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What the heck I thought you told me China's social credit system was going to be a bad thing?

By the time this thing has been implemented for a decade westernoids are going to look totally subhuman by comparison.
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Why would Russians do this?

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How is she supposed to cook, clean or give back rub?

With her teeth? No, this is wrong.
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>Your country is Caesar
>Name your country's Brutus
I can't think of one
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