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EMA editie
welkom: Amsterdam
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/luso/ - Fio Lusófono

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Edição sistema solar
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/ibe/ || /esp/ + /tuga/

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Hilo peninsular
Edición windows XP
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Why are civilized societies so rare in Africa? Is it really the fault of colonialism?
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Where is it safest in eastern europe to live in isolation?
Will the gypsies and other undesirables come to my log cabin at night and rob me blind?
What reputable sites can I buy land in eastern europe on?
Where do I even find where the cheapest land is listed?
I constantly hear about cheap plots in eastern europe but I never see where you go to hand in the dollaroos

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Do Japanese like black?

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1. your country
2. why arent you helping us to find our lost submarine you lazy fuck? theres two more days left before they run out of oxigen, its a critical moment
why dont you move your ass asap goddamit
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What's the funniest word for poop (in any language)?
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left or right?