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Why did Americans put their country in such a terrible location?
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Shame on you white people!!!
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huomenna -painos
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Foreign Food

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What is your favourite foreign food?
My favourites are Curry with cutlet, Ramen and Sandwich. Today's lunch was Ramen ($5.7) at
my favourite Ramen shop.
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Which of these US cities is the best to live in: Sacramento, Miami or New York?
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Which city would you rather live in?
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Here's your semi-regular reminder that C*nadians are inferior to United Statesians and they will ALWAYS be cucks.

Pic related, PM of C*nada watching bashedly while his wife prepares for Superior USA BBC.


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uskoro će noć izdanje
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/balt/ + /aunz/ - /neetlith/

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Lets not reach image limit in 200 posts edition
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How do genetically inferior uggos cope in your country
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