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Fuck unitedstatians

Who were you in high school?

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The jock? The loner? The bandmate? The stoner? The nerd? The troublemaker? The teacher's pet? The party animal?

Or something specific to your country?
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hilo latino /lat/

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Hilo latinoide
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/dixie/ - Southern US & friends

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fuck macon and fuck georgia edition
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What is the sexiest traditional clothing, in your opinion?
>pic related, German girls with milkman braids give me the boner

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What is the best country in the anglosphere for a Latino?

I want to do "work and holiday".

I'm not going to be killed by a neo-Nazi group?
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>Just beat up an annoying European tourist
Making them proud my boys.
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1. Your language
2. What type of dragon your kuntry has ?
3. Describe your ethnic's dragon.
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Are they bad guys?
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