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/Balk/ - Sassy Women Edition

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Any Indian who can explain to me that shit about India's castes?
Is true that Indians not considered persons all the people outside Hinduism (this includes the outcast from India)?
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edycja robożon
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What does /int/ think of Bolivian girls?

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What does /int/ think of Atlin, a small but growing tourist-town in northwestern British Columbia near Alaska and Yukon?
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/東亜/ 春 is here!

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You know I love y'all right?
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/mena/ QT edition

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ITT only post pure QT islamic waifus to taunt the kaffir with our pure virgin QT 3.14 loyal faithful Islamic women while they are stuck with feminist whore >white >wimmens
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>mfw converted all of my German christian friends to Islam
>mfw all of them reguluary pray in the mosque now
>mfw some of them were heavy drug users, lazy, disrespectful to their parents and others, and wandered through life without a direction to go
>mfw now they are disciplined, pious and extremely respectful to others, while following the one true path

When will you finally convert and learn the truth /int/?
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>australians designate Australia a cunt free zone
>every australian is deported