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>Slovenia, a god forsaken post-communist country, is above Iberian countries when it comes to standard of living

How will Spain and Poortugal defend this? ? ?
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how are you holding up /int/?
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Are you pro-EU or anti-EU? I want to hear the reason for your opinion. What would make you change opinion? I'm pro-EU btw
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Daily reminder that South Italy is THE REAL Italy even though Italians keep on denying it

North Italians are factually Germanic in their origin and genetics prove this
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What does "acting white" mean?

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What would Spain be like if Franco got his way and Princess Leonor became an absolute monarch?
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Angry chinks edition
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Post weird facts of your cunt.

>Most Finnish homes have a sauna room, there are more than 3 million saunas in Finland
>Every Finnish grocery store has gambling machines
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>his language has dental fricatives, uvular trills and/or voiced sibilants
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hilo español latino hispánico de cojones
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