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ITT : We celebrate the beauty of the Latin American woman
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Have they done anything noteworthy in the last 100 years?

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What is objectively the best Italian region?
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why don't you travel to turkey anon?
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France is great

Why do you love France?

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Uh WTF Ireland?
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>During the wars the Commonwealth lost approximately one third of its population as well as its status as a great power due to invasions by Sweden and Russia.[8]
>According to Professor Andrzej Rottermund, manager of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the destruction of Poland in the deluge was more extensive than the destruction of the country in World War II.
>Rottermund claims that Swedish invaders robbed the Commonwealth of its most important riches, and most of the stolen items never returned to Poland.[9]
>Warsaw, the capital of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, was completely destroyed by the Russians[citation needed] and Swedes, and out of a pre-war population of 20,000, only 2,000 remained in the city after the war.[10]
>According to the 2012 Polish estimates, financial losses of Poland are estimated at four billion złotys. Swedish and Russian invaders[citation needed] completely destroyed 188 cities and towns, 81 castles, and 136 churches in Poland.[11][not in citation given]
why are poles so butthurt?

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>be right wing
>promised to allow people to own firearms
>gets elected
>changes the law
>changed shit, it's the same impossible requirements from before but moderately different
>the left and the media are crying and saying people will suddenly kill each other in a country with 60000 murders every year
>the right is sucking his dick like something amazing just happened
>in the end, you can't get a gun without spending 20.000 reais with permissions, tests, ammunition, classes and the gun itself
>the minimum wage here is 12.000 reais/year
>72% of the population earns the minimum or less
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No /asean/ thread? Whats wrong with you boiis?

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>I suffer in Brazil
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