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/fr/ - Le fil français et de la francophonie

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Édition, en l'honneur de Renoir, de la générosité des coteaux du bar-séquanais et du Bar sur aubois, en ces jours lumineux d'un été encore jeune.
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>be walking out at night
>suddenly, black man starts running towards you
>wat do?
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Which languages sounds best to you?

I like how people who are emotional speak Spanish, like the football casters who get hyped as fuck.

I like how Italian sounds in general.

German can sound intimidating at some rare moments
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Sacred War

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Why is commie music so badass? I mean look at these lyrics

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the final verdict.
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/sag/ - South Asia General

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Cosplay edition
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/cum/ Cambodia Uganda Macedonia

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Leftist pussy NOT worth it Edition
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>the average Australian poster

damn... ;)
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Wtf turks what do you put in these things I'm addicted
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Satanic ritual edition.

h*ld h*nds to summon those you miss.
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