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/eo/ - esperanta fadeno

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Demando ĉiutaga: Kiel vi preferas vian kafon?


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Forrige >>76555034
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Some wisdom from the great nation of Australia

It's not illegal to have concentration camps if you do it on foreign soil

You're welcome, rest of the world

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Post Australia
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Daily reminder that Best Korea does not command the whole Korean peninsula today is because worst koreans, american pigs, useless british and french and 13 other useless capitalists couldn't defeat Best Korea

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You did this /int/. Shame on you for making a qt cry! Shame!
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>tfw you'll never live the american dream
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What kind of food do Europeans eat in order to not be fat?
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What would happen to us in a Nuclear War?

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Would the Nuclear Winter just kill us?

In the case that we survive, what can we do?
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are you serious netherlands, USA, thailand and Singapore?!
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