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Pagan thread

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This thread is for the discussion of pagan religion and culture in various countries

Invited: pagans, pagan majority countries
Not invited: abrahamic religions
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why do the posters from these cunts like to trigger other countries so much?
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Come home americucks you are british clay
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What is the minimum internet speed that can be regarded as decent in the first world in ((2017))?

I need to know how badly we are getting screwed in Canada
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/fug/ - /fr/+/brit/+/deutsch/:

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the lads edition
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American exceptionalism edition
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>it's 2020
>you now know 45 proto-languages
>you are fluent and can shitpost in over 70 languages and 500 dialects
>you make 5000 dollars a day doing lessons for italki in your free time
>you sit back after studying another dead Proto-language language on Italki.
>thank god for Paul Jorgensen
>thank god for italki
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Which country has the best family culture?
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Is it normal for men to marry older in your country?
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will mexibros allow free access of others latin americans when they finally take the control of USA?
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