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% speakers of English as a first language:
Ireland: 93
UK: 92

How cucked do you have to be to speak another country's language first instead of your own lmao no wonder the Irish are so bootyblasted


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london edition
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Daily Japanese Thread - DJT #1918

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Discuss the process of learning Japanese.

Previous thread:

I'm afraif I have some bad news for you, anon
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Gay male sex slaves are becoming common in Western countries.

In Scotland they are kidnapping Senegalese men to be gay sex slaves

I hope this become a trend.

>adult men
>disliking sex
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Winter is coming and the polar night is coming for all of us, with its coldness. Darkness falls upon us and takes us to deep waters of our own mind.

>How are you getting ready for winter
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Post movies from your country
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Has anyone else noticed that people from this land, are all very butthurt about every single one of their neighboring countries?
What's their problem? Do you think a priest touched them while they were little or something?
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dead inside
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