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forrige: >>100155391
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/danmarktråden/ 2.0

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Nathygge udgaven
Forrige tråd: >>100127856
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Do Japanese guys look gay?
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>Just argued for 20 minutes straight that Belgium shouldn't exist and the entire landmass should be razed

Hate that bitch at the fruit store so goddamn much
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Do you eat challah bread in your cunt?

You may only post ITT if you have Right to Hunt.

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super sayan morocco

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super sayan morocco

She could be your wife, why aren't you marrying a Nordic girl?

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She is cute, nice, can cook and clean and will take care of you and protect you at all costs. Morever, she is a great nymphomaniac fuck and breeding her will provide you healthy superior Scandinavian kids. Just imagine the heavenly life you'd have with her...
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How do I make a Russian laugh?
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