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Why is it that Japanese people don't adopt a western name but many other Asians do?
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G7 thread

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invited: Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and Japan
not invited: Russia and third world countries
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>white people expect the captain of a ship to die for no reason if it sinks

Why are they so psychopathic /int/?
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What do South Americans think about Spain and Portugal?

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>be American
>elect a Congressman who believes people shouldn't retire, because Noah built the ark when he was 600 so 70 year olds are totally capable of working
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i want a cute mexican gf

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Moscow is the greatest.
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Will Botswana make it?

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>poorest cunt in the world post-colonialism in late 60's, literally living in huts w/ zero infrastructure
>given almost no help to build but saw their neighbors chimping out and decided not to follow their lead
>strategically planned capital city for max logistical efficiency
>invited foreign investors and focused on financial sector
>political parties based on what's best for Botswana rather than left/right ideology, according to CPI has less govt corruption than half of Europe
>very low ethnic tension, govt doesn't make decisions that might affect natives without approval from native representatives
>kids going to college abroad are fully funded to invest in future
>HDI on par with Moldova despite terrible life expectancy due to HIV
>one of the highest GDP growth rates in the world
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this is my hometown

post yours
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