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Former Soviet Union, anyone nice enough to not start a political war here.
Not welcome:
Greasy US shitposters
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best girl edishaan
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My gott...

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>you shee, *sniff* the dialectical contradickshun een nashinalism ish besht documented een the internashinal board of four chan. *tugs shirt*

>My gott, most of the poshters are of very shimilar demographics. Young, childless, lonely, with very much the shame consherns and ideas. *sniffs* But yet there always musht exisht a divide, in which nashitality *tugs shirt* ish no more a shignifier for shimilar culcher, community and sho on, but the akshual barrier to preventsh that.

>you shee? *sniff* thish ish the postmodern conclushion of nashinalism. Its funcshun is entire negated, leaving only a corpshe to be animated with the forshes of capital.

>Increashingly, this is the world we live een. My gott, we are faast heading towards a world with the worsht excesses of chauvinistic ultra nationalism and none of itsh meager benefits. Close ze border to refugees and sho on, open the borders to capital!

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Art Deco in the middle of nowhere

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Fun Fact
The building in the photo is a slaughterhouse


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Mystery of the Coco Bread edition.
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"Papa, why are the British allowed to illegally occupy other countries' territory?"
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