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>be me
>be eating a Del Taco burrito
>scratch my nose with the hand that was holding the burrito
>intense sexual memories rush back to me in an instant
>I know this smell, oh GOD DO I KNOW THIS SMELL
>smell the burrito, it's the tortilla smell on my hands that I am smelling
>suddenly them memories coalesce

>it is the smell of a Mexican ex girlfriend's butthole I used to eat out

Dios mio, it all makes sense now

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Too many fucking Venezuelans at the supermarket today
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Die Nachtschicht
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canada usa mexico
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Do you love your grandma /int/

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Is it true they have southeast asian dispora?
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Post your ancestors' achievements

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I shall start
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Mexicans/CHI’s explain pls you always be selling these what are they
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What are your unironic thoughts on New Zealand?
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