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FL /k thread

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This is a soulless piece of shit and it shouldn’t exist
It’s literally only used by third world countries but it’s 1500$ for American goyim
The classic Galil is still being used by first world countries and always will be better than this polymer abortion of a rifle
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The Kukri is the ultimate melee weapon, prove me wrong.
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But.../k/ told me this was a good shoot. Have I been lied to?
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Do cops legally have any self-defense (or offense) rights that civilians don't have?

For example, if Drejka had been a cop and everything had unfolded exactly the same way, would he have gotten away with it just because of his profession?
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Italian equipment in WWII

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Italians get a bad rep in WII but mostly this was down to their generals, poor supply situation, lack of training and often abysmal equipment rather than the men themselves. Bur what good equipment did their forces have? They had some decent aircraft like pic related and their navy was respectable though it did not venture out much.
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Hey /k/, what is peshmerga? and what makes you don’t wanna volunteer?
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WRK thread?

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WRK thread.
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Turkish Outpost Encircled By SAA

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The roaches have gone full retard denial mode.
>Speaking at a new conference in the Lebanese capital, Cavusoglu said “our observation point there is not cut-off and nobody can isolate our forces and our soldiers.”
>“We are there, not because we can’t leave but because we don’t want to leave,” he told reporters, adding that the issue was being discussed with Damascus allies Russia and Iran.
>On Tuesday Cavusoglu vowed that the Turkish army “will do whatever is necessary” to defend these positions. The Turkish presidency has also said that it would not abandon any of it observation posts in Syria.

So what will happen with these turks? I guess they could try to bomb around them but it's not like they are going to break out.