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What is the realistic strength and threat level of left wing militias in the US?
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Black Friday

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Where the fuck are all the good deals.
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So how does your girlfriend feel about your love of guns?

Is she a fan too, or does she shit on it?

Knife thread

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>ctrl+f knife thread
>no results
Lets get it going boiz

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How is it that it's a popular opinion that the mentally ill should not be allowed to own a firearm? Having a diagnosis means a person shouldn't be allowed access to the easiest way to guarantee their own safety, and that of those they hold close and love? How does that make sense.
>inb4 mass shootings
Dozens among hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions, and what's funny is that it seems to seen as a universal "fact" that all mass shooters (or shooters in general) are mentally ill, when this is not the case. Explain why, debate why.
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Which state and region would you recommend living in?
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how big is the explosive radius?
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If germany developed it sooner like before Barbarossa in 1941 if every soldier of the wehrmacht had one will this change the issue of the war ?
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Armslist and Gunbroker Cringe

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Post the most bubba’d, over-priced, or fudd lore shit you’ve seen on armlists or GB.

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Didn't see a /brg/

I might be buying a Century L1A1 built off an Australian kit soon, my first FAL. Anything to look out for given Century's spotty history with their in-house builds? The guy from whom I'm buying it said it works fine in the ~500 rounds he's put through it. Pic semi-related, muh PTR
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