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Canada General

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New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

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/arg/ AR General

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Global Offensive Edition
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So is he a tranny or a glowie?

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Possibly both?
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Blonde Workshop Edition
>Thread #1532

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What if you could only own three guns? Which make and model of each category would you pick and why?

>one pistol
>one shotgun
>one rifle

I’ll go first.

>beretta 92fs
>Remington 870
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Handgun General /hg/ #616

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.380 is for women edition

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Knife general

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Post what you carry/think is interesting, I'll start
My bucks are my main carry, I just switch depending on if I need to conceal
The 2 slipjoints are cheap but are purely for utility
The SAK is my buddies first knife, he gave it to me after I gave him a skinning knife
The old timer skinning knife there is one my buddies grandpa found on his property in the 70's
And the balisong is chink shit that I got with a trade
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/brg/ Battle Rifle General #222

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Got Wood Edition

DO post your rifles, parts kits, bayonets, loadouts etc.
DO help us find the Most Ancient G3 Magazine
DO post booba after bump limit
DO get fit to sling your slayer like a boss
DO go shooting and post results
DO get better with your rifle
DO be fren
NO trips
NO traps
NO airsoft (airsoft G3 front grips proven too fragile for range use)
NO drama
NO booli ('cept M1A users, but defend them elsewhere)
YES booba (lest we turn into the land of lost milkers)

Do not acknowledge tripfags in any way. If someone asks a question and you have an answer but a tripfag has already responded, RESPOND ANYWAY. If a tripfag responds to you, ACT LIKE NO ONE RESPONDED AT ALL.

>New Pastebin - Please give feedback and suggestions

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Mass shooting in moscow

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Student shot 8 dead and wounded 24.

Got wounded and captured in the end.

Shotgun was legally owned and registered.
Russian gun laws are already pretty fucking totalitarian, now they will get even more restrictive.
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/ak/ Thread - Finland Edition

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>Image Limit Reached
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>Screw that Albanian Sewage Puss tripfag

"Ruotsalaiset sotilaat seisovat lujana" Edition
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