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/arg/ assault rifle general armalite rifle general argalite rifle general

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/brg/ Battle Rifle General #236

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feels like the first time edition

DO post your rifles, parts kits, bayonets, loadouts etc.
DO help us find the Most Ancient G3 Magazine
DO post booba after bump limit
DO get fit to sling your slayer like a boss
DO go shooting and post results
DO get better with your rifle
DO be fren
NO trips
NO traps
NO airsoft (airsoft G3 front grips proven too fragile for range use)
NO drama
NO booli (M1A is comfy and users are too)
YES booba (after 310, lest we turn into the land of lost milkers)

Do not acknowledge tripfags in any way. If someone asks a question and you have an answer but a tripfag has already responded, RESPOND ANYWAY. If a tripfag responds to you, ACT LIKE NO ONE RESPONDED AT ALL.

>New Pastebin - Please give feedback and suggestions

>Previous Thread
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Canada General - china fun and china gun edition

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New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

Tired of jannies not doing their jobs?
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>"Now go home and get your fuckin' boresnake."
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Worth buying a nugget?

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I was actually planning on getting a Mosin this Summer but then the Russian ammo import ban dropped and I figured there’s be no point because 7.62X54R would just dry up forever in a year or two. Am I right thinking this or would I still be able to get ammo for my rifle if I picked up a Mosin soon?

i want to watch an anime tonight

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what do you recommend, old or new
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>buys another batch of
>45 Eurofighters
>30 F/A-18
>15 E/A-18
>no 5th gen
>doesn't elaborate
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Modern Minuteman

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ITT: We post what we think the modern minuteman would look like in the US - Eurofags need not contribute.
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How effective would this tactic be?
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Edc thread

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Post em
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