Planned outage this weekend.

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Let’s say that a hypothetical conflict between the U.S and North Korea breaks out. What songs define the war? Think Fortunate Son or Bodies for their respective wars.
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Appreciating Firearms

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Hello I need to launder a shit load of money I got from cryptocurrencies and am considering investing in firearms.

What are some firearms that are likely to appreciate in value over the next 5-10 years?
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Riverside Muthafucka Edition
>Thread #498

Old thread here >>35867176
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/K/ arts and pics

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Its time for another infrequent/occassional /k/ art and pictures thread! And as usual for this type of thread:

>Post your best /k/ arts and images
>Can be from Videogames, TV shows, movies, real pics or fictional drawn ones
>Post some music you think also fits in a combat or /k/ situation as a bonus too
>Artists and drawfags are welcome too, and maybe do some requests too if okay
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What type of bayonet would fit a m1916 Spainish Mauser in .308?
I have tired looking online but couldn't find anything. Could you /k/ommandos help me? I would like to buy one
>Pic unrelated

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Thinking about buying first 22 rifle.
Probably gonna get Mossberg 715T. Looks mean.

Friend says I should buy wood stocked 10/22. Looks like fudd bullshit.

Pic related is exact model I might get.
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Se/k/ret Santa(?)

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Did registration already come and go? I could have sworn there was a thread about it a while back, but there hasn't been anything on it all week that I've seen.

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>muh stolen valor
Only in America is this a thing. The military worship is fucking insane.
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Can anyone offer advice on how to build a full auto mac 10?

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Legal full autos are super expensive and legislated into uselessness. How do i make my own? And i should probably mention i dont know how to weld. I believe it is my right and responsibility as an american to do this, the atf is unconstitutional.
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