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Post /k/onstitutions pl0x.
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Need help with more information on a k98 bayonet

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Can someone tell me more info on this k98 bayonet that I found? What's it worth/rarity ect.
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So I'm trying to come up with a way to reduce costs in a competition. It's basically reduced power 12 gauge slugs, shooting at tiny 10m targets.
Right now, we're using cast lead bullets, about 35g (540gr) at 200m/s (660fps). Since effect on target is largely irrelevant, how about using plastic bullets? Would those overstabilise, given the same powder charge? How do I figure out the stabilisation factor?
It's be a massive reduction in cost, environmental impact (we're shooting into farmland in a Euro nanny state), and of course manhours.

Colt Python

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I really want a Colt Python but the prices seem to vary so wildly. What do I really need to know? I will be honest, I just really like the way they look.

Jobs of /k/?

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You guys actually have jobs, or are you all just professional traps? How does /k/ bring the bread home? I guess it doesn't matter if it's illicit or not, just how and if you bring money in.
>pic barely related
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Guys we need an update on the /k/ommando that may or may not have killed himself yesterday with the gas attack.
We were able to confirm he was a leaf yesterday, has anyone looked into leaf news? Any leafs able to do something useful for once?
We need closure.
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What's the gayest gun a man can own?
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/k/angaroos - Ausguns general

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David Shoebridge is a cunt edition
>Farmer confronts armed intruders with unloaded .22 and has his license suspended
>Australia 6th largest arms importer, Lee and Alpers triggered
>Draft of new ACT laws is a garbage fire, includes magazine size restrictions. Single action cowboy shooters possibly fucked.
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If it were just North Korea vs South Korea who would win and why?
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Why is China's military so shit?

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