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Swiss Boating Accident

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Question for fellow Swiss anons.

Assuming we accept the EU gun law, I‘m quite sure my FAL would become illegal then, both because it‘s semi-auto and the 20-round magazines.

1. Please don‘t talk about the political aspect in this thread, we all know it‘s a crappy situation.

2. Are my assumptions mentioned above correct?

If yes, what would you do about it?
Go full „from my cold dead hands“ or „tragic boating accident“?
What‘s the most convincing excuse for not giving up your gun.

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>Haven't been involved in a war since 1847
We all know Swiss guns are fucking fantastic, but how the fuck would anyone know how good the Swiss army is if they haven't actually fought in a single modern war?
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AR thread /arg/

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AR thread
D list tripfag containment thread

How short is your vfg edition?

Old >>39191389
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Chezkov (?)

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Alright /k/ I should probably know this but, I’ve heard about this comrade chezkov (?) from several things refrencing him on or related to /k/. Specifically with an sks. I know he did not make it, so who is he and how is he related to the simonov rifle or innawoods?

Gun range stories?

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So this just happened to a gun range in AZ... LOL
What would you do if you were the owner?

Also, let's hear some stories from your gun range!
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
5.56×45mm edition
>Thread #691

old >>>39157206
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/gq/ - gear queer

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Crye BTFO by WAS Edition

>General information



>Radio and communications

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Lever gun thread

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Post any and all lever guns you own
Does anyone know how well the mossberg lever guns hold up?
Pic related
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Have you ever met a genuine fudd?

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