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Why do some people who know gun safety rules disregard gun safety rules?
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Combination gun store

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So /k/ what store would complement a gun store the best?

Some ideas and names

>gun store and gym "run and gun"
>gun store and jerky shop
>gun store and barber shop "bullets and mullets"
>gun store and climbing/caving store
>gun store and scuba shop "jaws end"
>gun store and cigar lounge "gun smoke"
>gun store and car dealership "boom and zoom"
>gun store and bakery "nagant's croissants"
>gun store and [spoiler:lit] strip club "the field strip" [/spoiler:lit]

pic semi related
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Patch Thread

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Patch thread

>where can i find [patch]

>thread theme
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would you trade your guns for a gf if you could /k/ ?
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Can /k/ redpill me on the T34-85?
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Live in commiefornia so no AR's or excessively scary rifle but I want a .223 caliber rifle that can take a mag and at least looks a little normal.

Local gun store has a mini 14 (580 series) for $800 and a Vepr .223 for $1000 (aka about the same since I have a job). I like the iron sights and the shorter length on the mini 14 over the Vepr but I haven't heard too many good things about the mini 14's accuracy. How does the Vepr compare?
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legally required hourly F-35 thread

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post pictures and shitty opinions
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Hey /k/, /r9k/ here.

Is it wrong to carry a gun so people respect you and are careful around you?
Is that usually what happens when they're aware that you own a gun?
Zero jokes at your expense, no teasing?
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/k/ humor thread

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Pic semi-related
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You can only pick one.

G3 or FN FAL?
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