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>Welcome to the Garland Public Range
>That'sll be $40 for an hour
>No rapid fire (one shot every 5 seconds)
>Nothing larger than 5.56
>Oh, and any brass that lands on the ground is property of the range, if you damage or take any of it we will press charges.
>Enjoy your time!
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Are civilians with handguns any use in a mass shooter/terrorist incident? I know people will post the recent church shooting but that was an armed and trained guard, not your average 2nd am. bloke.

Pic related. Kinda makes me think the french terror attacks couldn't have been stopped with concealed carry
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>better sights than a glock
>better trigger than a glock
>better grip angle than a glock
>better grip texture than a glock
>better looking than a glock
>safety option unlike a glock
>more affordable than a glock
>doesn't fail due to limp wristing like a glock
>is otherwise just as reliable as a glock
Imagine paying more for a worse gun and then buying a bunch of mods to make it as good.
>ummm... the trigger is shaped weird!
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arg ar general ar thread ar thread general ar general thread

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the past was better
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This might be a long shot, but can anyone id the knife in this picture?
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In Komiefornia a man is charged with ASSAULT WITH A FIREARM for pointing gun at hostile tresspassers on his property. How is that illegal? Are you supposed to wait until BLM "protestors" actually break into your house to take out your gun?

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Fucking WHY
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/brg/ - Battle Rifle General #82 - BR and DMR edition

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Post your BRs.
Post your DMRs.
Post your budget and range for optic recs.
Post tips and tricks for installing locking shoulders.
Post ammo deals.
Post wood floors.
Yes DSA is g2g. No Century is not.
Buy a PTR91 and steel case if poor.
No traps, no intermediate cartridges, no airsoft, no trips,no complain about pastebin.

This is a nice thread. Be nice.

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Concealed Carry Optimization

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This is a thread for discussing finer detail of concealed carry. I'm going to post a list of constraints below and open it up to recommendations. Feel free to post your own questions for discussion as well, but keep it to the topic. No general "what's the best concealed gun" questions.

1) I live in FL, and we cannot have obvious printing of guns in our concealment.

2) I refuse to wear luau memefits.

3) I'm very fit, and my shirts are not baggy.

4) I have an OZ9c, so same size roughly as the G19.

5) I prefer an appendix carry.

6) Most of my casual shorts / pants do not have loops

Given these constraints:

1) Should I purchase an EDC belt to wear and hang an IWB holster, regardless of lack of belt loops?

2) Is a regular slim IWB holster optimal for concealment, or would the larger curved ones with additional mag conceal better? *think trex sidecar or qvo wingman*

3) Any best practices for wearing non baggy clothing and concealing a standard compact?

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Is it really the best tank in the world?
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