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Canada General

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New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread: >>44562948
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If drop-in Swift links like the Yankee Boogle were to become extremely popular, would the ATF make a ruling on ARs with full-auto bolt carriers and low-shelf receivers?
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can /k/ redpill me on Mausers and Lugers? I'm 18 and am starting to think about my first handgun purchase at 21, as a concealed carry gun. Are these guns just gay Axis guns? Are they too inconvenient for concealed carry purposes? Is the technology too old for practicality? If so, what can I buy that doesn't resemble the faggot round plastic cars of these days that will serve me well in times of need?
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What weapon would you use to make Emma Watson apologize for her new car? I’d go with a walther p38
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pick my playlist for the boogaloo

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>boogaloo currently has a 1 out of 500,000. Chance of happening
>the closest we’ve ever been in most our lifetimes
>worry at home about my mother and how im going to get food, the fact i only have a few hundred rounds of each caliber i own.
>think about the toll on human life and the horrors of a societal collapse...
>then i see A fat hipster with a splotchy beard drinking onions with his astral gendered boy friend talking about gay shit on TV
>realize as bad as my chances of survival are these dudes have no chance.
>then a peace falls upon me as i reach the comforting conclusion that “hey maybe mine or my families survival isn’t that important if it means these faggots will be washed away by looters roaming gangs and the US military trying to restore order by any means necessary?”
>”maybe this will be a good time like we always thought”

TL;DR i’ve come to peace with the boogaloo should it happen. Help me create a playlist for it. Ill set it up on Spotify tomorrow so we can all download it and post the link here
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Mini-14 Thread and general A-TM wait seething

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folding stocks aside, should i get an accu-strut for my 16" tactical or are they only useful on the longer barrel rifles?
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DIY Armor Plate Carrier Vests

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Hello German anon here
I bought a Polish plate carrier from ebay for 50 Euros and a 1000x1000x25 Ferrium C64 steel plate from my local metal supplier for 900 Euros and I will cut it into fitting plates with my plasma cutter. Has anyone here experience with makeshift armor? I still need an affordable helmet.
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Why do russians keep doing this kind of movies? At least germans are actually germans actors.
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Based Wolf ammo with the niche low cost piston upper

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any good torture tests of this and can i swap the barrel out easily for a chrome lined one?
Anybody have any experience with one?
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