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Rising Storm 2/ Vietnam addition
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Why isn't 7.62 tokarev more popular?

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What gives?
It's a flat shooting cartridge with less recoil than 9mm and much better penetration making it good for armored opponents.
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Why don't firearms and military weapons get effected by exponential growth?

I'm pretty sure I could create a handheld minigun that weighed ~20 pounds and had 1000 round magazine using hybrid ceaseless ammunition and was cooled with lead or something IF I had the money.

We should be seeing seriously advanced and powerful projectile weapons an order of magnitude above what they had in the last century.

Why aren't we seeing that?!


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forest ranger edition

old thread >>33792120
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Gun gripes

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Things you hate about guns you love. I have an argie hipower I bought for pocket change. Bulletproof pistol but the frame to slide tolerance is sloopy goopy. Rattles like a wasr.
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Operator as fuck

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Always looks super cool when you mix the top and pants' pattern
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What does /k/ think of asians handling firearms?
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Paul Harrell

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Thoughts on Paul Harrell?
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Fucking Ramp

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Why are ramps on aircraft carriers so looked down upon?
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If power armor ever became viable how would one go about making a .50 BMG (12.7×99mm) "Assault Rifle"?
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