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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Ribbed And Sanctioned Edition
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/k/ Patch Thread - "First for Ai delivers"

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AR General

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/k/ what have i done

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Is the Century C308 a gun worth having?

Classic has a deal on them, which would make the gun about $530 after the cost of shipping and transfer fee, but then it has a $50 mail in rebate as well. Is it a good deal for the price I'm paying? I've really been looking to pick up some more guns that aren't the same old bolt action rifles I've had forever.
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Reloading AP rounds

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I'm getting into reloading. I have a bench, some powders, a press, lead, etc the whole nine yards. Nothing too fancy or expensive, but I'm reloading some 9mm bear defense rounds next week since Glock 40s are too damn expensive right now.

Anyway, enough with the blog, how hard is it to reload some AP bullets? I know buying selling some rounds is supposedly illegal, but what about BUYING just the bullets and reloading them yourself? Anything wrong with this? Can you even buy solid copper / tungsten / superfuckinghardandheavy bullets from anywhere online?

>For the bear rounds, I'm planning on loading 147gr Hornady XTP at 1200fps with Universal powder. 90% energy at 2-3 inches, bullet expands to about .50cal at the 3 inch mark and will over penetrate to 18-21 inches.
pic related when I'm hiking and encounter a bear
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Should I become a police officer or join the military?
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InRange TV

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Karl has a wonderfully abrasive personality. For some reason he really seems to hate the forward assist without even knowing how it works. Pic related.The funny thing is that the forward assist can engage the BCG cutouts as soon as the bolt contacts a round in the magazine.

They seem to get a lot of interesting and somewhat unique topics on point and seem to just completely fall flat when bringing up others. I like how they are using red dots on pistols and trying it out. The seem to really hate the forward assist, though.
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clean edition

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Suppressors make guns more accurate. It's basic physics. Longer barrel means the bullet fires faster, and therefore less bullet drop, which makes the shot more accurate.