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Thoughts on the M92?
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Virgin SuperSoldiers Edition
Old : >>44110082
Arg # 104
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Are you a Makarov or Walther PPK sort of guy
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Which army has the best hand to hand regimen for soldiers or special forces?

t. nogun country and doesn't trust combat sports or fairytale martial arts

When did you realize the "militia operator look" is the worst when it comes to protests and boogs?

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Guess who they will find and hunt down first

Just having some normal hiphop, workman or metal fan outfit is probably so much better
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Did I just commit a felony

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>unpacking truck in driveway after shooting as neighbor pulls up
>20ish year old Mexican dude
>Walking inside, breaktop single shot 12ga in one hand, black powder pistol in the other
>Glance over make eye contact w neighbor
>Say "howdy" and simultaneously wave with black powder pistol
>Guy says hey back doesn't seem to give a fuck
Are my dogs gonna get magdumped. Is this considered brandishing? I can't stop cringing at myself I want to die. I don't deserve guns. Fucking autismal jackass ahh fuck. We are in the gun friendly deep South and me and neighbors are on good terms but Jesus Christ what the fuck is wrong with me. It was an accident. Just waiting for the cops to come now
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Fuck poland and fuck europe

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can you imagine that in Poland I have to have pepper spray because firearms for self-defence are practically unavailable? Even the knife is useless because if I damage someone too much, I'll have bigger problems than the attacker, this is some fucking European comedy. In this shitty America you can have niggers, you can have socialism and shit, but you'll always have the right to guns and that makes you free to fuck Europe.
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This is a real poster they hang up in military bases.

Where You At?
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Whats the consensus on binary triggers? Are they meme tier garbage, or a useful upgrade?
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Why are most people who compete in matches overweight basement dwellers? It seems to me beeing a fit person with reasonable stamina would vastly improve your performance.
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