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This is the best modern IFV. Prove me wrong.
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Cloverfield Edition
>Thread #1305

Old thread here >>48953532
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canada general

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/cangen/ making friends edition

>New here? Want a firearms loicense?

previous >>48962616
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Florida Thread

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Post about florida. Local ranges, possible meetups, publix subs.
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KANYON / poseidon

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so uh what does this do exactly that a normal missile doesnt?
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/BPG/ black powder general

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/k/ help me pick my first colt
iv kind of narrowed it down to either the colt 51 navy or the colt 1862 pocket police what do i get?
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Why are british so much better than burgers in warfare bros?
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Battle Rifle General /brg/ "BUT CAN YOU DO THIS?" Edition

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Previous: >>48937898

Post self-loading small arms chambered in full-power rifle cartridges. Sporting rifles can play too if they acknowledge their untermensch status.

Do not reply to tripfags/namefags. Defend M14 to your dying breath outside of /brg/, booli eternally inside /brg/. Bonus points this thread goes to posters with a winter trigger or folding trigger guard.
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/msg/ - Military Surplus General (Firearms)

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Unplesant Surprises Edition

Post surps that seemed fine on the outside that turned out to have an unplesant surprise like sewer pipe bores, hidden cracks, severe pitting under the wood, etc. Recently saw a M48 where the outside looked fine but the bore was covered in rust (pic related).
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> Property is never worth a human life.

Why is it the people that say this shit, have almost nothing to lose.

I have so much gold and silver bullion, as well as crypto rhat would take me decades to crawl back from.

God damn I fucking hate duty to retreat laws.
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