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Why do people join artillery? I don’t get it. Don’t get me wrong big ass cannons are cool and all but the MOS itself sounds boring as fuck. I totally get the appeal of infantry, I get the appeal of armor, I get the appeal of aircrew. All of those can be fairly exciting. I get being a turbo-pog and just collecting benefits while sitting on your ass since it’s essentially just a job. But artillery doesn’t make sense to me. You just load heavy ass rounds and labor all day but you don’t even get to see any real action. It’s just hard ass work with no pay off. Can someone explain what attracts someone to this MOS? It seems like it attracts people want to avoid combat but don’t want to just sit do some desk job and end up with the worst of both worlds. Artilleryfags explain yourselves.
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Patch Thread

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Trade, create, and sell your patches here.

Previous Thread:

>Where can I buy that sweet patch/ find patches?
Newer but not updated
Classic but severely depreciated

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/arg/ Larperator Edition: ARs larping dynamically in dynamic environments

Old: >>46612426
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Is it here to stay?

The premise of 308 level power and ballistics in a regular AR-15 action is cool AF, but does it have enough steam behind it to avoid being thrown in the wildcat AR cartridge garbage bin?
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ITT: actual innovation

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What are some modern autoloading rifle designs that aren't literally just an AR15/AR18/AR9/AK47 called something else?
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/k/angaroos Australia General - Gel Chads Supreme Edition

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schitzo laser as a weapon anon blown the fuck out. Just carry a gun like a normal person instead of a fucking laser
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GIF/WEBM thread

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Lets see some magazi...no wait I do mean clips.
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Any gun rights orgs worth joining?

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Or are they all memes to siphon membership fees into the pockets of the executives?
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If you were tasked with designing a full body combat suit, what materials would you select?
Would you prioritize protecting against bullets or knives?