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White males over 50 make up the predominant number of suicides by firearm .
Don't contribute to Gun crime statistics.
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Protection from the protectors.
Since is very unlikely that a bulglar will actually brake into our houses, ITT we discuss what to do against the this very realistic and more dangerous menace: the police

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Why do modern armies put so little emphasis and funding towards artillery and specifically SPGS.

Artillery has always been the king of the battlefield..
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what was this plane intended for?
>too big to act as an effective fighter vs things like 109's and fw190's
>too weak of an armament to take on bombers (except paper-thin jap ones)
>compresses badly

It disappoints in both ways.
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Handgun General - /hg/ - #256

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Americans, how often do you worry about being part of a public shooting event? Is it something you think about when you leave the house?
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What are the most sinister looking weapons of all time?

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How come are US professional soldiers outperformed by bunch of conscripts from various nations every time they participate in exercises? Arrow comes to my mind
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