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Tic Tac recorded in Wichita, Kansas

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Is this the same Tic Tac aircraft that the Nimitz strike group intercepted back in 2004? It looks somewhat similar to the FLIR pod footage that was released recently by the DoD, but I'm not certain. I know McConnell AFB is near where the footage was taken, but it is surprising that there wouldn't be media coverage that such an object would be flying in daylight over a somewhat populated area.

Maybe the DoD is showing this technology to deter Iran and other aggressors from acting to the detriment of US policy, or simply going to use them to monitor/attack key infrastructure and say we didn't do it (doubtful).
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I'm a bit drunk and I'm looking at handguns. Talk me out of it before I spend too much money.

Hardmode: has to be califailnia compliant.
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Is he /ourguy/?

webm thread

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Post /k/ related webms ITT
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Battle of the Budget 1911s

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G’day cunts,

Between these two US-made 1911s, which would you consider?
>Auto Ordnance 1911BKO
>Springfield Defender 1911

>Quality of construction and components
>features (grip safety or lack thereof etc.)
>fit and finish

Both come with pretty sparse accessories (cardboard box and 1 mag)

Gsg mp40?

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Thinking of buying one of these just for a fun range toy/memes.

Does anyone here actually own one? Are they any good? They're only like 450 so I'm not really sure about the quality. But it is technically a pistol so truck gun meme?
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/arg/ Based Jim dabbing on Boomers Edition

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>ah Hodge, now THAT is a rifle
Prev >>41797556
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Canada General

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New here? Want a firearm license? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu

Previous thread: >>41787023

Sorta warm out there edition.
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Lmao look at this absolute shit that the frogs and krauts are trying to flog

They didn't even pay for a good fucking model
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/PCC/ Pistol Caliber Carbine General:

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