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Weekly Georgia /k/ Thread

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Topic of the week is GUNS. Discuss guns, and how you shoot your guns in the state of Georgia. Discuss your lgs - most in the Atlanta area are cancer. Stoddard’s is the fucking worst. Georgia Firing Line claims they’re getting some Bosnian (???) ammo in the next few weeks and that “At that point, we will re-evaluate our ammo-rationing policies, and likely loosen some of the rations. Bottom line - they are working hard to increase capacity and this shortage will be less of a shortage soon.”
Discuss snow, and shooting your guns in snow. Have any north Georgia anons gotten any aesthetic pictures of their guns in the snow?

Discuss the best places to troll irl for ammo. Has anyone ever been to Sumac WMA? I’m not convinced it exists.
Want to talk more guns and meet people around you who like guns?
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It's entierly possible to give the M1 Abrams a more fule efficient turbine engine.

Honeywell AGT1500 was developed in the early 70s and produced since 1980. More efficiant turbines have been developed in the decades since. Giving the M1 Abrams a more fule efficiant version of the AGT1500 would save the US Military big money in the long run.

Would a new, equally powerful, yet more fule efficiant turbine engine be worth it for the old M1, or does such a thing diserve it's own hull? Any other objections to a more fule efficiant engine?
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/BRG/ #137

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Would you a FAMAE?

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/bag/ Body Armor General: Old School Cool Edition

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What's up Stalker?

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Are you finished playing with your gear tovarish? Did you remember shit wipes this time? How much does all that stuff weight anyways?
Stalkers show me what you bring into the zone
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how can we even compete?
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/cangen/ -- Canada General -- You Will Never Be What You Want To Be

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>New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

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Redpill me on the Suomi KP/31
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SKS General

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Calibro here. What are acceptable mods to an sks, without going full bubba? I was thinking of buying a TechSights rear sight. I also have a picatinny rail (replaces the rear leaf sight) to mount a holosun.

I'd like a polymer stock for more weather resistant purposes, but I'm not a fan of the ATI Monte Carlo stock nor the pistol grip stocks so I'll stick with the original wood stock for now.

Sks general for all poorfags, ban-state anons and leafs.
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/rg/ Revolver General

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This is the Revolver General. A place where Boomers and Zoomers can gather and discuss our shared love for the wheel gun.
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