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/k/ humor

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Garand thumb spotted
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The fuck happened to /k/?

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I was looking through the archive at posts from around 2014, and my lord the quality here has dropped. It's depressing. Maybe I don't know what it was really "like" coming from a newfag, but it seems that way to me. Also, I guess I'll dump a couple battlefield photos so this thread isn't a waste. This one is from the Battle of Antietam, 1862.
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Backpack General /bpg/ #7

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Post packs. Day packs, Assault Packs, Rucksacks. All packs welcome.
A general thread for showing off your packs, questions on choosing a backpack, what to pack and what not to back, sleep systems, and other related things.

Some common and some less common definitions, fully approximated:
Daypack: 25L
3-day pack: 35L
1 week pack: 65L
2 week pack: 100L

You will want to consider no frame, soft frame, internal frame, external frame...

All of the above is fully debatable.
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/GMG/ + /GQ/

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It fields it seals.

Old >>49693027
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/k/ Designs a Gun Store

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An empty store has come into the possession of a group of /k/ anons who reply to this thread and have decided to (obviously) turn the place into a gun store. What items do you stock? What guns/items are on the walls/counters? What other shelves/furniture do you add? etc. I will draw/paste them in a few at a time as the thread gets replies. Dubs allows the addition of non-firearms-related elements.
I see a lot of complaining about how absolutely garbage in-person stores are nowadays, especially compared to online stores, so I'm curious as to what you people will think of.
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I'm standing in line this morning at a big box chain,

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For a box of 250 9mm Federal that may or may not be there. Life is good.

Dick Bong Thread

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This thread is Dick Bong. This thread is for Dick Bong related posts and only Dick Bong Related posts.
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*squeek squeek*
What'll it be today anon?
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Turkey tests super sea-skimming, +250 km range Atmaca Anti-Ship missile

Former USS Safeguard (1944, Diver Class) sank after hit with live warhead
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Canada General - escape the zone edition

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Escape the zone
Want a firearms license? Read this:
>wanna help firearm rights?
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