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Remind me again on how this is a good idea?

>Potentially get arrested and slapped with a felony for legally purchasing an "assault weapon" through an authorized FFA Class III dealer (like Cabela's, Sportsman's Warehouse, etc) from an earlier point in time, because some faggot pacifist group wants to ruin everything for everyone.

As usual, an idiot group that has no idea about firearms wants to dictate the law for everybody else because of their own beliefs.
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AR thread/ARG/tripfag containment

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Post literally anything but ARs edition

Old >>37251822
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Aesthetic Military Pics Vol.2

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old thread:

Old thread reached limit
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Handgun General - /hg/ - #70

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Help deciding on a new barrel?

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Hiya /k/!

So, after the last panic buy decimated supplies of everything except hornady A-MAX, which the price of rose significantly, I've decided to switch from 6.5 grendel to 5.56.

Only problem is deciding between a 20 inch barrel and an 18 inch. According to some numbers I read, there's a 49 FPS difference with 77 SMK. Now as we know, TMK is significantly better, however I figure they should have the same amount of powder, so that doesn't matter.

Pic related using the numbers for SMK. I already have an 18 inch barrel I could use, but I'm worried it wouldn't be enough (that and my god spiral fluting is hideous). Thoughts, /k/?

gear queer thread /gq/

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How do we counter Solid Soy, guys?
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Where were you when the antis won?

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>gun control legislation sweeping across state governments
>(R)s buckling and hanging gun owners out to dry
>average youngster is now anti 2A, because their parents and teachers said so
>gun content and discussions literally getting banned from the internet
>fucking VT of all states is now passing restrictions

It's over.
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Do you own multiple guns? Are you a white male without a college education?
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