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$25 5 pack

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So I got these from that one website for $25 plus free shipping. How did I do?

How do I sharpen then? The edge is garbage on them, also which of the squared off ones do you think is higher quality because I will be giving the lower quality one to my friend probably

AR Thread - /arg/ - AR General

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Unfolding Drama Edition

Previ >>33410444
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Have you ever pulled a gun on someone? I Did it this morning and I'm not sure if I made the right call.

>Be me
>Driving down the street in Phoenix with my gun in the console
>Signal and change lanes
>A speeding car with Rhode Island plates slams his brakes behind me
>He proceeds to follow me for two blocks and into parking lot
>I park and start getting out
>Guy boxes my car into the space and jumps out
>Guy starts sprinting full speed around the hood of my car.
>I pull my Glock and point it at him
>He stops and backs slowly away
>I notice he has a little kid in his car
>Start screaming at him that I almost killed him in front of his kid.
>guy drives off

Was I in the right? I didn't see if he was armed or anything, but last time something like this happened I almost got my brains bashed in with a baton, so I didn't want to take the risk.
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Medieval weapons are for autists

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It's the truth. I mean... Who the fuck actually cares about swords, pikes and other primitive shit? Only that weird edgy faggot that was in your class who openly admits to liking anime would, no other normal person.

you could make the ENTIRE medieval world look fucking pathetic with unlimited ammo and any fucking submachine gun ever.

The only thing that you're gonna be hurt by is your shoulder after you absolutely fucking destroy the next dimwitted faggot knight to cross with you.

Hell, i'd try and make it more rewarding by only killing most of the men, and probably take a few of the prettier women for myself, I would also make some of the men become working slaves and I might just become king and have whatever the fuck i want, because medieval arms and armour is so utterly pathetic in comparison to us today, that i dont know why anyone take's it seriously.

Swords are for autistic weebs, guns are for people who don't have social disadvantages and actually get laid...

TL;DR Stop posting anything relating to fucking swords and armour, it's outdated garbage and should be treated as such.
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USA civil war hypothetical

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Curious idea from a comment saying why we have the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government.
So what if the government really started to get rid of the majority of the citizens for some reasons.
Would anything even make a difference. Id imagine itd be a lot like Iraq but a little easier for the US as the USA is very wide open in areas with population.
So how would a war look like.
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/k/ Patch Thread

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Reverse package artwork? Okay!

>Where can I find [patch]??

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Guns are the perfect example of the old saying, "in for a penny, in for a pound."

>buy a gun because guns are cool
>gun price includes federal excise tax
>have to pay taxes and background check on top of that
>rifle is useless without sights, so buy a scope
>scope is useless without mounts, so buy mounts
>need tools to install mounts and scope, so buy them
>have to buy ammo to shoot gun
>ammo is too expensive, so buy reloading equipment
>need a place to shoot, so pay for range membership
>need to buy a gun case and range bag to carry gun and accouterments to range
>need to buy hearing protection and targets to shoot at
>need to buy spotting scope to see what I hit
>need to buy new trigger when I realize how heavy factory triggers really are
>need to buy cleaning equipment to keep gun clean and accurate
>want to shoot a live target, so pay to go hunting
>need to buy knives to gut animal
>need to pay butcher to process meat
>need to buy icebox to transport meat
>can't carry rifle everywhere, so buy handgun
>more ammo and reloading equipment
>pay for concealed carry class required by state
>pay for concealed carry license
>need to pay for new concealed carry license if I ever move out of state
>need to buy holster
>need to buy new holster when I realize old holster is uncomfortable
>need to buy custom handgun grip because factory grip is shitty
>need to pay for training because concealed carry class is a fucking joke where slow fire at still targets is considered proof of marksmanship
>need to buy bulk ammo for training
>need to buy legal insurance in case I ever actually use my fucking concealed carry piece

If only I had known when I saw the price tag on that gun that it was only the tip of the iceberg
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What would be some cool things to write or engrave on a gun?

Pic unrelated
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Nutnfancy Abridged

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On this episode of Nutnfancy Abridged, I cut down a 53 minute review of the M14/M1A down to just over a minute.

Sorry for the delay on this one, guys, I'm a student doing student things.

The amount of autistic rambling in this one was almost unbearable, though I'm starting to catch on to some of his habits, which makes editing easier.
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