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Would you feel safe with a 10mm auto against a grizzly?
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What does /k/ think of this?

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Lets say we have two cartridges, they share the same bullet and the same amount of propellant but the other one is necked down to the bullet and the other uses a discarding sabot. Lets also assume that the added weight of the discarding sabot does not matter.

What differences in muzzle velocity and chamber pressure would these two cartridges have?
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Why dont school shooters use ear pro? Obviously shooting anything in a hallway would deafen you and leave you in alot of pain.
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A grizzly is charging you from 100yrds away

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All you have is a Browning M1919 .22lr and endless ammo. Can you take it out before it eats your asshole?

Canada General

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Join the Conservative Party of Canada so that you can vote for Maxime Bernier:

***** You must buy a membership by March 28 in order to be eligible to vote for CPC Leadership on May 27. *****

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights & Maxime Bernier interview:

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Are Star Forts effective in modern combat?
How much bigger would they have to be than existed historically to allow things like barracks, tanks, etc?

Would it require large underground facilities?

If such is the case, how would they protect it from shit like bunker busters or mortar fire?

If they're ineffective for modern combat, what's a better fortified position of equivalent capability?

Shitty Armslist Threads

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>search your local armslist
>post the stupidest things you can find

pic related, found 10 mins ago
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MEG Thread

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Continuing the old one
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Donald Trump and Guns

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How has the shooting community and firearm industry changed since the election? Has Trump done anything good or even bad for gun owners?
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