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>look up spear hunting videos on youtube
>massive dislikes every time
>think it's just spear hunting videos but all hunting videos have lots of dislikes

Is this PETAfags or what? I mean how could you not appreciate a couple of chaps spear hunting boars in renaissance attire?
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Normies are fucking pussies

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>Be me
>Be in high school
>have 5 lego bins
>Like guns
>Build lego guns
>Eventually make an ak
>Feel proud
>Feel really proud
>Show small group of friends
>Normiefags are like
>"are you gonna shoot up the school?"
>Mfw I was called to the principals office a month ago because people are taking advantage of me because I'm too nice
>Mfw I have to look happy every day so nobody thinks I'll shoot up the school.
>pic related the ak I made
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If /k/ is a sfw board then why do I still have an ad of a woman fingering herself on the bottom of my screen?
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Gun Owners: Pro-2nd Amendment White House Petitions - Sign them all here

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The deadline to sign the petition to repeal the Hughes Amendment is fast approaching! Sign and Retweet:

Needs 24,651 signatures by February 19, 2017 to get a response from the White House

All petitions are listed below.

Repeal the 1986 Hughes amendment
Repeal "The Hughes Amendment" of the FOPA
Repeal the NFA
Pass the H.R.38 - Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017
Repeal the new 2016-2017 unconstitutional gun bans in California and restore the people's 2A rights.
Remove Regulations and Unconstitutional Tax on Short Barreled Rifles (SBR) of National Firearms Act of 1934
Allow Americans to own a piece of history. Undo Executive Order 13637
Repeal the Russian Arms Importation Ban (Executive Order 13661)
Repeal all unconstitutional gun laws in the state of New Jersey. Laws banning mag capacity, stocks, barrel length etc
We the People want to see Constitutional Carry in America
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What does /k/ think of the MiG 23?
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/k/ related YouTube channels that are actually good.


Name some more.
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Fallout Loadout

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If there were to be a nuclear disaster, or any type of disaster where humanity would struggle to survive, what would your armor/ weapons be?
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Milsurp thread

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Milsurp is love, Milsurp is life.
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Does /k/ still talk about archery? What's a good starting bow?
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What is /k/ reading?
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