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Hi /k/. Noguns here. Not a /k/ommando or a guns guy at all really, although I do strongly support 2a and all our rights.

I want to buy a first gun. I think I'll get an inexpensive 22lr pistol because cheap rounds for target shooting and I'm a bit of a poorfag.

I'm aware that 22s are less than ideal for stopping an upstanding African-American student who may be attempting to steal from you to afford books for class.
My question for you is this- would a 22lr hollow point do some damage, even though they're small? Are 22s being equivalent to a bb just a meme? Are there any other styles of 22 that might be more lethal?

Thank you in advance

tl;dr noguns, can i kill marauding nigs with a 22? how bout a hollow point? ty
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Why do you hate them so much?

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It's better for the 2A to have more people using and enjoying it.
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Pistol shooting Australia

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Can any Australian shooters RP on how to get a Pistol license and Pistol in NSW??

Join shooting club + apply for license??
Anything anal retentive about the process I should know?

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What happened /k/? Are there no traps threads anymore, got sick of dressing up ?
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because the other one died, post your crazy autistic fantasy aircraft

does anyone know how the hell to use all the GPS guidance and laser guided stuff in BDArmory? I can't figure it out for the life of me.
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calling you out Noor

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Thats it you man faced twit i'm callin you out and your fake operator LARP comin here and saying yer guns are better than ours BULLSHIT
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Tell me fuc/k/ers.
Am I correct?
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Chinese glock clone?

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What's the best <$600 workhorse shotgun?

I'm helping my girlfriend's mom go gun shopping tomorrow; she owns a farm and wants a general purpose gun to help protect her animals/home, so I recommended a 12ga because of versatility. Unfortunately, I don't know a hell of a lot about shotguns.
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Your primary and secondary weapons if SHTF on election day
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