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About to test out this gas mask
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Gun control? Just enlist!

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You've all heard of it, practically all of you anyway, GUN CONTROL.

"aarrrgghhh they're gonna take our guns and whatnot", but see, what they fail to realize is that this rule only applies to civilians.

We all love guns here on /k/, so what I'm about to suggest should come as no surprise at all.

If you live in a country that bans all firearms, yet you are DYING to get your hands on a firearm even for 5 minutes to feel what it's like, JUST ENLIST!

Every country's military has firearms, there is not a single military in the world anymore that doesn't use firearms.

You want to touch and use some firearms? Join the police force, join the military, join anti-terrorist task forces.

They're all there, just call them and set up an appointment, "hello, my name is _________ and I want to join your line of work because I want to shoot some guns, but they're banned for civilians, SIGN ME UP NOW PLEASE!" It's that easy.

You'll have all the firearms you want, and you'll use them practically as much as you want, you'll use them so much you'll get tired of using them, you'll even get bored of shooting high powered automatic firearms.

Who cares about the firearm ban?

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You are teleported into the world of the last anime/manga that you watched/read as the protagonist of the series with only your EDC.

How fucked are you?
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/akg/ AK General

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AK General /akg/
Pile On Edition
>Thread #43

Old thread here >>31062907
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because the other one died, post your crazy autistic fantasy aircraft

does anyone know how the hell to use all the GPS guidance and laser guided stuff in BDArmory? I can't figure it out for the life of me.
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Which viral/bacterial agent would be the best to use as a biological weapon?

>Hardmode: No smallpox.

I think ebola it's pretty fucking great as a weapon. While it might not be as much of an airborne threat as the common cold, or the flu, it compensates by it's high fluid transmission rates, resistance without a host, and pants shitting terror that would play a HUGE part in psychological warfare.

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You are sent back to the middle ages. What weapon do you take?
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Vietnamese female warriors throughout history and their weapons since 39 AD to 1979 AD

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What do you guys think of pre-20th century Vietnamese weapons?

Chinese men have been defeated, tortured, executed, chopped up alive, beheaded and humiliated in four different wars by Vietnamese women throughout history.

The first was by the Trưng sisters and their 36 female generals in 39-43 AD who defeated the Chinese in 65 strongholds when fighting against Han dynasty China. They recruited many female soldiers, chopped up Chinese men alive by hacking them and also beheaded Chinese men en masse until their bodies were soaked with Chinese blood.

The second was by Lady Triệu in 248 AD who won 30 battles against the Sun Wu dynasty in southern China.

The third was in 1788-1789 when the five female generals of the Tây Sơn led all female Vietnamese to defeat and massacre Chinese men in the Battles of Ngọc Hồi-Đống Đa. They also hacked Chinese men alive until their bodies were soaked in blood. One of the same Vietnamese female generals also beheaded Thai men at the Battle of Rạch Gầm-Xoài Mút in 1784 against Thailand.

The fourth was in the Sino-Vietnamese war of 1979 and the Sino-Vietnamese conflicts from 1979–1991 when all female Vietnamese militia units defeated, captured & killed many Chinese males.

All of these wars were against Han Chinese men. All these Vietnamese women generals and soldiers were trained in martial arts and weapons by their families since they were girls. They mostly used swords and spears but sometimes also were archers and used polearms.
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Vietnam Indochina wars

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Pictures of the wars.
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