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Christmas Idea Thread

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What you gettin your parents or relatives for CHRISTMAS my niggers!
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U ever just look at a broken aifsoft ak and be like, ye this gon be a .22 lr rifle
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Camo/Milsurp Thread

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Redpill me on waco

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Did any of you cheeky niggers shoot at kayakers in Ohio while wearing a Gestapo uniform?

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>tfw no Air Force Defender gf
why even live bros?
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because the other one died, post your crazy autistic fantasy aircraft

does anyone know how the hell to use all the GPS guidance and laser guided stuff in BDArmory? I can't figure it out for the life of me.
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/arg/ - Gone Swimming Edition: Post wet rifles

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If the Second Civil War breaks out, what would it look like?
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What are the most impractical, bizarre, and useless firearms accessories you've ever seen?
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