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Can we get a 80's military thread going?

I'll start by posting some Falklands stuff
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/k/ollection thread

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"I have to clean my room " edition

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Why don't you have one? Are you poor or something?
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Off-Center Iron Sight?

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how ya doing /k/
just wondering how those off center iron sights can even hit the target.
tried to search for it but only to find some 45deg ar sights.(sigh)

so tell me /k/, how do they work? links to some good readings would be appreciated
pic is ptrd rear sight if anyone wondering
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Blades for defense as a poorfag

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So first of all, I live in Mexico and getting a gun legally isn't that easy and I'm a poorfag so I can't quite buy a gun on the blackmarket.

Any blade that could serve as a self defense weapon meanwhile?
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They banned my thread on /diy/ for being off topic. I guess they want me here.

This shit is hard as fuck to cut. I damn near died on the angle cut, I tried the smaller part and that wasn't so bad.
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The woods is calling

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Tell me hunting stories. Swap tips n tricks, tell me about your favorite critter to hunt/luv

Hunting general;
Sweaty doe edition
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/ak/ Thread

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Solid AN Edition
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Is it worth the money to join the NRA?
Do they really fight for your freedoms?
Have any of you joined before?
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Why do guns need triggers?
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