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Anyone in DFW wanna buy a Glock 19Gen3 with a Zev ultimate kit and a bunch of other nonsense with it?
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North Korean Defector thread MkII

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Previous thread >>35914342 [Embed]

Some nice NK operating going on here, check out those 74's

quick rundown:
>starving NK trooper gets in a NK vehicle and speeds towards the border
>his gook buddies are like 'wtf dude' and sound the alarm
>he crashes 15m from the border and looses a wheel
>gets out and runs
>a bunch of his NK buddies are right behind him and start shooting
>he gets hit five times, ouch
>one NK soldier briefly steps across the border - whoops
>NK defector bro is on the verge of death; SK troops use thermal imagers to locate his body
>SK troops and one US Army dude rescue him by crawling towards his body
>He's airlifted in a Blackhawk and gets medical treatment
>The SK doc operating on him finds 11+ inch long worms in his intestines plus a slew of other parasites; it's nothing like he's ever seen before
>The doc also finds corn in his stomach, indicating that the NK troops are being fed with the corn that was sent as aid
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Help anons shoot better thread
Pic related is my first time shooting my new m&p 2.0 9mm and my first time shooting pistols. I found myself jerking the trigger, and flinching. What could i do to prevent this from happening
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Looking for information on this alleged Benelli clone. Worth the money? Should I save my pennies? Would a Mav88 serve me better?
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no official statement about this

seems that one hour ago the American P-8 Poseidon detected a thermal signal at S 42° 18.9
W 058.0221 and 70 m deep, ships are traveling to the site at full speed and the rescue submarine is being loaded on board the Norwegian Skandi Patagonia, also the Comodoro Rivadavia Hospital is in emergency protocol
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back in the day

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am I the only one who miss the time when battle were more honorable because now its basiccaly staying at 5 km of distance of each ther while shoooting artillery

Story Time

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>be me
>7th or 8th grade
>ugly and no gf af
>see sort of hot 7.5 half white half asian emo girl sitting by herself at lunch
>tell friend I think she's cute
>he says he knows her and that she's kinda funny
>he says I should ask her out
>gather up courage of one thousand men
>say I'll do it
>he's my wingman
>"dude I'm really doing this haha this is great"
>"I'm totally gonna get a gf now"
>walk up to her
>she's sitting on top of the folded bleachers
>I'm literally below her physically speaking
>lean my elbow on the bleachers
>she looks at my friend
>back to me
>back to my friend
>gives me an awkward smile
>"yeah they're okay I guess"
>ask her out
>she says she'll think about it
>never see her at lunch
>learns a short time later she switched schools
>tfw no gf
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Someone busts through your door RIGHT NOW, with what do you defend yourself?

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pic related
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milshit thread
you know what to do
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/K/ related arts and pics, a new one after the previous for this time...

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Not the OP of previous thread: >>35874014

But I wanted to make new one since I made a request for any willing drawfag: >>35886668 >>35890173

And one willing artist responded:

So willing drawfag from previous thread, hope you see it and deliver that request here.

And just like the rules in previous thread.

>Post your best /k/ arts and images
>Can be from Videogames, TV shows, movies, real pics or fictional drawn ones
>Post some music you think also fits in a combat or /k/ situation as a bonus too
>Artists and drawfags are welcome
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