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What is the best weapon for children against bullying?
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Meanwhile, on 1948 /k/...

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Grab your roscoe and help me solve my case involving this screwy dame and her loaded husband. And don't get me framed, you mug, or I'll get the bum's rush right into in the big house, and when I get out I'll give you a broderick.
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Convince me not to buy a poor man's MP5
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can /k/ do any tricks with guns?

I've been practicing throwing shells into my shotgun and then cycling it. I'm still not good at it.
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What are we doing about "red flag" laws which allow police to confiscate legal firearms from law abiding citizen? 11 states have these laws. Where the fuck is the NRA?
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pls help

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uh guys....
Will i get in any trouble for saying i am a citizen when i'm not exactly a citizen? It says agree to the terms below to continue with checkout, then there is a "i'm a legal citizen" box and a "i agree to the terms and conditions" box, i am in the states legally and have live here long enough to have a gun, but this says i have to be a citizen to buy a GG, Do i really need to be a citizen? i wanna make my own dammit, i don't wanna buy one from jimbo at the gun shop.
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/k/ buys a sea fort

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How would you equip it? What would you build there?
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Just went to apply for a REAL ID so I can actually buy a gun and apparently an abstract birth certificate is no longer accepted. Good ol CA adding more and more hurdles for us citizens trying to protect ourselves.
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How much do you think firearms will change in the next 20 to 30 years?
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Medal of Honor - Netflix

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/k/ watch this yet?
Series reenacting and interviewing Medal of Honor recipients.

Honestly feels like they cherry pick the recipients a bit. First guy is a Polish immigrant, both Iraq-Afghanistan recipients were awarded under Obama, an episode dedicated to an African-American in WWII and Japanese-American in Korea. I mean I respect all these guys regardless but I feel Netflix cherry picked two immigrants, a black guy and two Obama heavy episodes on purpose as some kind of agenda.

Also no United States expedition to Korea episodes, which was the first time the Medal of Honor got awarded for overseas service and was awarded to 15 soldiers in a small, forgotten punitive expedition.