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New here? Want a firearm license? Read this:

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Trade for 6.5CM Ruger Precision Rifle.
No lowballers. I know what I got.
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9mm Vs 45 Vs 40

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I know this subject has been beaten with a dead horse but it's fun so here we go

9mm Vs .45 ACP Vs .40 Cal

Which is better in these catagorues

>Home defense

And for shits and giggles

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I move here and now your governor says this!
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some people still watch these joker for legit information

>Enfield is worst bolt action
>Garand is unreliable
>we manage to jam 2 AK at the same round count so our test must be realistic
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*breaks internally

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(Mossbergs and Remingtons)
>they all last about the 2-4 weeks on average before suffering from parts failure that takes the weapon off the line.

>As for the Benelli, that is the longest working shotgun in our inventory. It has been on the line since day one and after inspecting the records, it actually did suffer one parts breakage. The part that broke was the rear sight and not related to any shooting or over-use (staff member dropped it).

Buy once cry once.

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how come US army after 2008 remained the same and RU army evolved from wearing 1970s equipment to the most advanced equipment wise army in the world?
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/wfg/ Writefag General- pacific war edition

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This thread is for writing /k/ related stuff and the recommendation of books that are /k/ related

Give thanks to Polybius and Archivefag for keeping /wfg/ afloat.

>It's been unscientifically proven that a lack of (you)s for writers can lead depression, alcoholism, story abandonment, and an hero.

>But it's so easy to make a difference in a writer's life. Just one (you) a day can make the difference between a happy writer and a writer on permanent hiatus.

>Please, post now. Help make a writer's day.



Untiled AR healing: Anon gets on a gunshow a bonafide 80s gun and helps her back


Reclaiming the Fallout: A story set before the fall of the nukes and how a guy deals with the last years of civilization

>Recommended /k/ Literature:

>Link to Sticky:

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>Guns... so primitive...
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Grug think rocks are for berrypickers
Stick last long time,rock brittle and break fast
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