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legally required hourly F-35 thread

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post pictures and shitty opinions
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Combination gun store

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So /k/ what store would complement a gun store the best?

Some ideas and names

>gun store and gym "run and gun"
>gun store and jerky shop
>gun store and barber shop "bullets and mullets"
>gun store and climbing/caving store
>gun store and scuba shop "jaws end"
>gun store and cigar lounge "gun smoke"
>gun store and car dealership "boom and zoom"
>gun store and bakery "nagant's croissants"
>gun store and [spoiler:lit] strip club "the field strip" [/spoiler:lit]

pic semi related
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Hey /k/, /r9k/ here.

Is it wrong to carry a gun so people respect you and are careful around you?
Is that usually what happens when they're aware that you own a gun?
Zero jokes at your expense, no teasing?
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Why do some people who know gun safety rules disregard gun safety rules?
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/k/ humor thread

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Pic semi-related
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You can only pick one.

G3 or FN FAL?
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Retro rifles

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What companies offer Retro-type ARs?

Off the top of my head, I know that Troy has pretty faithful XM177E2 and GAU-5 carbines, Colt is about to release a massively overpriced M16A1 with a couple of inconsistencies, and Fulton makes a "Legacy" rifle that looks like they couldn't decide if they wanted to build an A2 or a 601.
Does anybody else offer Retro ARs worth a damn?

I'd be willing to get a pretty decent M16A1 off the shelf, but honestly, I'm really lusting after the three-prong flash hider, and my autismal need for historical accuracy won't allow it to be on a rifle with a full fenced lower. Should I just go build my own XM16E1 on NDS parts to satisfy my autism?

>image related
>y u do dis fulton

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/k/ approved video games
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Is there any model of gun in existence that could reasonably be said to have never been used to take a human life?
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Donald Trump and Guns

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How has the shooting community and firearm industry changed since the election? Has Trump done anything good or even bad for gun owners?
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