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P99 or CZ 75 both in .40 S&W

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I want a good .40 handgun for home defense, and these are my top two. Which one is the better choice?
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M95 Mannlicher

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what is /k/s thoughts on the Mannlicher M95

AR thread AR General /arg/ Trip Containment Development Group

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Mean, Green and Unseen Edition

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Who would be considered the "Daniel Defense" of the gun industry?

Pic unrelated

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If you're invading a country, what's more important, capturing the population centers, or seizing the oil fields?
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Why is the .50 BMG the best round?

Why aren’t 12g frag rounds sold? Where to buy?

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Why can’t I buy these from th company? Why doesn’t anyone else make these? I want The HEAT version and also he to blow rocks up.. They contain only 1/8 ounce of explosive so it’s not a destructive device so no nfa.
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>be arab
>wanna own guns
>people will think i'm a terrorist

what do
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fud thread
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Now THAT'S a lot of barrels
Post guns with a comical amount of barrels
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