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>So I ordered up a couple of these. Funny, there was a 14-year old girl named Tiffany that delivered it. Honest, she was pretty smoken' hot in a trailer trash, side of the interstate kind of way. She had that hard look, 1000-yd stare, and a pack of non-filtered Camels in the sleeve of her ripped white t-shirt. It was the best three days of my life as she rode in my Kenworth across Interstate 10 through West Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. It all came to an end in Blythe, CA, just after we crossed the Colorado River and pulled into the Riviera RV Resort. I was looking forward to kicking back at the Cove and hitting up the jet skis on the river with Tiffany for a few days. Well, that's when they came for me. The FBI, the ATF, and a bunch of other alphabet agency types. Knowing they like to shoot first and stomp on the kittens, I grabbed my Glock and this here dang Airsoft Pistol Accessory. It fell to pieces in my hands. All along Tiffany was just lounging in the sleeper, all stretched out in a god-awful sexy way, with a bright light in her eyes. The last I saw of Tiffany was when they pulled me from the cab and she had just lit up one of those Camels and was blowing a thin line of smoke towards the door. She tilted her head back, stretched that sexy body of hers and said, "here's another one for you Horiuchi..."
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Hi Point officially has my attention.

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>tfw you'll never cram into your standard issue assault sled

ITT: weird military tech
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Can I carry an airgun in my pocket on the streets? There has been a few motojacks in our city so I've been thinking about buying a PO8 CO2
In case if you're wondering I cannot carry a weapon because of the law
Pic related
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Do militaries place age limits on recruits because they can't easily indoctrinate older people as easily?

> t. disgruntled oldfag who kinda wished he served
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/k/ why do arabs loose wars?

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> have access to huge amounts of money and resources
> have backing of western and eastern allies
> constantly loose conflicts with goat herders and barbarians with outdated weapons and tactics
> why??
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Arsenal Plane?

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When is the US military going to get a new assault rifle? These things are getting pretty old.
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Nostalgia thread

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It's been a long time since I've gotten to shoot surplus out of my Mosin, /k/. Is the last of it actually gone for good, should I just bite the cost and get new production stuff?

I enjoy these little combloc shooting sticks so much, and I'm having serious nostalgia for 2011 before all the panic buying and this extreme price increase in all things gun related.

Post your experiences and 'garbage rods'

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Alright /k/, you're able and physically fit enough to join and fight alongside any military unit throughout history. With whom do you cast your lot and when do you die?
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