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Is it just me, or have military uniforms and equipment gotten a lot less cool looking since the 1980s? That was the best decade for weaponry.
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Have one on order. Looks like a fun little range toy. Anyone have one of these? Any issues?
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Let's try this again.

Welcome one and all to The Eternal Gunny thread, formerly known as the Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread, Thread.

So, starting question, holy jesus, what is that, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?
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Silencerco Saker 556

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Does it matter how these things in red line up on these cans? I took mine apart to clean it and when I tightened the two parts together they lined up together, kind of like this picture but more so, when before I cleaned it they were not lined up.

Also what is the best way to clean a silencer? I dipped mine in a sonic cleaner for a few hours then blew it out with an air compressor.

/sgg/ Shotgun General

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Post your shotties, questions about them, stories about them, pictures of them, and everything else about the most patrician of firearms.
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AR thread /arg/ tripfag containment

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/arg/ - Overweight DMR edition

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What gun is this, /k/?

This was being used by brazilian drug lords in a slum.

Can anyone identify it?
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Are they good or not? Any complains? What is your opinion about it?
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Limited resistance loadout

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> You have woke up a Law abiding South African citizen.
> Then CUBE has let all South African /k/ommandos know of when the purge is coming
> For some reason you can only acquire weapons legally

Here are the gun laws for relatively easily obtained firearms:
1: You may only have 4 firearms
2: You can only have a maximum of two handguns (semi-auto allowed)
3: You can only have manually operated rifles and shot guns ( no semi or full auto - you can get semi automatic but hard)
4: 200 round limit in ammunition (2000 primers for reloading, all other components not restricted)
5: Military and police use 9mm, 5.56 and 7.62 for small arms

> what is you load out /k/ommandos

Here is mine.

1: Glock 17L in Roni chassis, for spare parts and access to 30rd mags (pic related)
2: Glock 19 or CZ P09
3: Mossberg 590 - 12 gauge
4: Bolt action .308 musgrave - possibly would change it for a Ruger precision.

Any better Suggestions?