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Movie Guns

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Movies so bad that the waste of a rare gun made you angry.
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newfag here. can we have a retarded weapons thread?
ideally; bulky, underwhelming, homemade, or just guns that shouldnt work
pic is placeholder but it technically counts
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Gun noob here, and im wondering how much an sks like the one on the bottom would cost? Also what brand for an sks is the best one to buy? I heard Norinco is good but thats chinese so that scares me about quality
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What's the best "makeshift" gun?
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Why doesn't a firearm manufacturer chop down a bunch of mosins, market them as obrez's, and then sell them legally as pistols. That way one wouldn't need to go the SBR route to buy one.

You know you would buy one you sack of shit.
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So, did the Chineses buy the GA rail gun blueprints?

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I find it very odd that the chineses from nothing came up with a rail gun.

Probably General Atomics sold the blueprints to the chineses as soon as the congress put all the navy plans to buy them on a shelf.
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Dimensions of parts

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Hey! I'm currently building an ak (Just firing blanks) and I need some advice. I've been trying to find some good parts plans. The receiver is pretty straight forward with dimensions but the trigger group is harder. I need some help with re-sizing the hammer, sear, and trigger. They other stuff, such as the bolt, is easier because I don't need the bolt to rotate because there will be minimum preasure from the blank rounds.

Not New Pistols

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What are some previous gen pistols that are fun to shoot and will hold value?

Not overly expensive please. I don’t want it to be a safe queen.
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>A new fresh thread

Should I trade a Star BM for an Mosin M44?
I have 2 BM's. M44 Would come with Ammo.
It's a matching gun.
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Are Russian MANPADS any good, /k/? How much of a threat would something like the 9K333 Verba pose to a first-world airforce with modern countermeasures?
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