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Any EOD fags want to take a guess at what explosive was used in manchester, I'm very confused atm because police ain't saying shit and are being all hush hush about it which is unusual so I'm gonna get the ball rolling

At first I assumed TATP because thats the explosive of choice for muzzies in the west but then when I was watching news coverage I saw several witnesses talking about smelling smoke like on bonfire night as if fireworks had gone off which then made me think that it may have just been a basic IED with flash/black powder from fireworks mixed in ala the boston bombing

this so far seems plausible but with the number of victims and the media saying that it was a "powerful" explosive used casts doubt on it just being black powder type explosive aswell as the high number of victims and the fact that the bombers torso was said to be blown 30 ft away which seems ridiculous considering the bomb has now been confirmed to have been in a backpack and not a suitcase thus limiting its capacity(mind you this could all just be media fuckery)
in the article I just posted it talks about a victim being treated for burns to their face, now this would not be possible with something like TATP as they do not cause burn injuries black powder/flash is more likely to do that (if you don't believe me you can look up various bombing done by both and see the types of injuries)

fuck ok I've rambled enough will someone please just tell that I'm not the only one that finds this suspicious or is it really just my autism
pic related is the leaked blast mockup that was leaked to give you an idea of what I'm speculating
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air raid sirens and securing the populations in disaster situations

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Dane here

does you country test their air rad sirens?

ours are tested on the first Wednesday of may 12:00

does your country still have operational air raid bunkers, we do.

would be interesting to hear from bigger countries like the US
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Diy bread
Post DIY infographs, ask/answer questions, etc.
Dumping my collection of infographs
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Flying boat thread

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>ywn restore a Sunderland and live in a literal flying mansion
why even live
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When will this type of handgun go away?

It's 2017.
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My dream gun is currently on gunbroker, but I've never used it before.

Should I wait until the auction is almost over to bid? It has 36 hours left and one bidder.
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Glock Perfection
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Was there any question that the UK was going to be targeted with police like this? A bunch of unarmed, wide-eyed women? Would arming their police force have any measurable effect on terrorist deterrence?
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Oy Vey: The Movie

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Hey /k/ i live in a rural area where attacks from bikers are an everyday occurrence. What weapon would be best to defend myself with while in my vehicle. It is a truck if that makes a difference
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