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45-70 gov

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Thinking about pic related for new rifle. What is /k/s thought? Henry h10b. And advice for anything else?
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Look up reviews on Google for your sheriff office.
Post good ones.
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Back pocket .380

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Looking to get a little .380 to carry in my back pocket on campus. I will sell it once I graduate. Any ideas on what I should buy that will hold its value for 2 years or so?
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Let's say I want my collection to be relatively stable in value, and to hopefully go up in value as time goes on, so I won't be a poorfag. What should I be looking at?

Pic not related
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Revolver general: Biker fashion edition

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get in here
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I'm making a bug out kit and was wondering what is the best pistol to put in it. I'm looking for a no frill reliable gun that jams the least often and is easiest to clean. I know nothing about weapons which is why I'm asking you guys.
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This is my favorite rifle. whats yours?
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What if, instead of tilting a pistols barrel down to unlock from its slide, you moved the slide down to unlock it from the barrel? See pic for what I mean. As the barrel moves back, the slide is moved down and unlocked. Seems like it'd have all the simplicity of a tilting barrel, with all the other advantages of a tilting locking block pistol.
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Haven't seen one in a few days

Still looking for an AK in south Alabama. Gulf Coast Guns has failed me
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africa edition
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