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Who here sap cap?
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PSOs or OKP 7?

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I have a 74 I got from arsenal after I sold my kidney.

After getting sick of irons, I want to know, does anyone have any experience with dovetail mounted optics? I'm debating between a PSO and an OKP-7. I can drop $500 on either/or at the moment.

Beyond experience, it looks like the dragonuv ones also fit on the 74 dovetails, but I can't actually tell.

pls enlighten

Typhoon submarines

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Why are they obsolete?
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Why do they call it the "ejection port" if it's on the right side of the rifle?
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Can you identify these range targets?

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Hey /k/,

Can any of you fine folks identify any of the targets being used in pic related?

It's a screen grab from the latest "Call of Duty" moneygrab. Period is from D-Day to VE day ('44- '45).

Location is a US established allied beach headquarters, presumably northern France.

Thanks in advance!!

/k/ apparel

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What do
/k/ommandos approve of when going in the woods or in a shtf situation?
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How many more children have to die before you support gun control /k/?
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/arg/ AR General

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AR general
Tripfag containment

Grendel a shit edition

Old >>35911649
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Continuation of general knife thread >>35830710
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I’m off tonight, and I’ll answer your questions.
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